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If You Refuse To Take A Chemical Test In Colorado, Here's What Happens

If you refuse to take an alcohol or drug test, you could face consequences that include losing your license for two years and nine months or an interlock license for two years after two months. You need to take steps to toll the two years after nine months.

The officer will serve you with an Express Consent Affidavit And Notice Of Revocation

After you sign the affidavit, the officer will give you a copy of the notice of revocation. This document explains why your license was revoked and how you can appeal the decision.

You have 7 days to request a hearing at the Department of Revenue

If you do request a hearing within seven days, your driver's license will be extended until the hearing. At the hearing, you will have an opportunity to present evidence and witnesses to support your case.

If you don't request a hearing, your license will be revoked for two years.

If you fail to appear at the hearing, your license will automatically be revoked for two years. After that, you must apply for reinstatement.

If you drive under revocation, you will face another criminal charge, a possible $10,000 bond and 10 days in jail.

This is a case that is separate from your DUI. If you are on probation, you would face a violation of probation.

You could qualify for a two year interlock license after two months.

Once qualified, you would be able to drive an interlock vehicle anywhere at any time. Operation of a non-interlock vehicle could lead to another criminal charge.

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