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Do you know everything you need to know about DUI in Colorado?

Take the test. Answer true or false. ANSWERS):

1) If I test over .05, I should plead guilty?

2) Detox centers are permitted to keep a person charged with DUI or DWAI locked up until they are sober?

3) I will lose my license for a year, if I refuse to blow into a hand-held breath tester during my roadside stop?

4) I will lose my license for a year, if I refuse to blow into the breath machine or have my blood drawn at the police station or detox center?

5) I can "fool" the breath machine and keep my license by not blowing hard enough to make it work?

6) I am entitled to talk to a lawyer before I decide to take a test?

7) Police are allowed to stop me anytime they have a "hunch" that I may be DUI or DWAI, such as when it's 2 a.m. and bars just closed?

8) If I am convicted of DUI or DWAI, I must undergo an alcohol evaluation and attend classes at a certified treatment facility?

9) If I am convicted of DUI or DWAI and have a prior alcohol conviction within five years, I will go to jail?

10) Prosecutors will plea bargain to a non-alchohol charge?

11) If I have my license revoked by the officer, I can not drive for 90 days?

12) If I lose my license at Motor Vehicle, I can appeal to District Court?

EXTRA CREDIT Is a fourth lifetime impaired driving conviction a felony?

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