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Colorado DUI Attorney Fees, Costs

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Fees and Payment Policies: Reasonable flat fees. Payment plans for misdemeanors to fit most budgets. The Denver-Boulder case flat fee is $2,000.00 for DMV Hearing, Arraignment, Pre-trial Conference & Disposition. Payment of $500.00 to start, followed by three monthly payments of $500.00. We also have options for low income clients. Under the new felony law, the stakes are now much higher if you have three prior lifetime convictions any where in the US. These cases will most likely go to trial, but we will keep our fees as low as possible.

When we talk, I'll also tell you about my fees and payment plans. I understand that the cost of an attorney is an expense that you weren't planning on. So I offer fees at a flat rate to assist you with your budgeting. You may also pay me by the hour.

Of course I accept cash or checks. But you might be interested to know that for your convenience, I'll also gladly accept payment by credit card.

In any case, the initial phone consultation with me is free, so there is no risk on your part-and you will learn just what your rights and options are. When we are finished, if you're not convinced that I will be able to protect you to your complete satisfaction, then you can simply decide not to hire me. I won't trouble you again . . . and you'll owe me nothing.

Some individuals do try to defend themselves without legal assistance, but this is usually risky because the penalties can be harsh. Good legal representation can decrease many of these concerns. See what your DUI may cost.
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