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Probate & Wills & COVID-19

COVID-19 may have left your loved one's affairs is disarray. We can help!

The firm represents clients with wills, conservatorships and guardianships including estate closing and distribution of assets. In addition, we provide trust accounting and estate management services. We also assist with estate planning matters. We also attend any necessary court appearances.

Writing a will and designing an estate plan requires thoughtful and experienced advice from a professional because it’s all about preparation for the future, protecting assets and making sure that property goes to the intended recipients. We counsel our clients about the many options available to accomplish these goals to maximize advantages and minimize potential pitfalls in order to devise the appropriate mechanisms to accomplish the intended results.

We help clients throughout the complex process to minimize the time and difficulty in complying with statutory requirements related to asset protection, valuation and distribution. This includes accounting services and management of estate property to ensure an accurate

Guardianships and Conservatorships are two very specific types of probate law that need a seasoned professional to help clients understand the rights and responsibilities involved. There are many complex aspects to the proper management in either case which include proper decision-making for all aspects of the person’s life including financial, medical, and general living situations. There are also issues involved n making changes or ending them, which again require the wise counsel of an experienced attorney.