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Englewood Divorce Representation

The firm represents clients in cases of uncontested divorce by affidavit as well as contested proceedings, temporary restraining orders, temporary order hearings and permanent order hearings.

We understand that the issues involved in family law cases are particularly difficult ones for all parties involved, putting them in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations that can cause anxiety, stress and fear.

We will work diligently for you to address the often challenging problems that have arisen in a marriage with an eye toward resolving areas of contention and foster communication and cooperation in devising solutions that serve the best interests of everyone involved - husbands, wives, children and extended family members.

Division of property, spousal support and child custody being the bottom-line outcomes are often the most contentious aspects of a case, and we will aggressively advocate on our client’s behalf to achieve a fair and balanced long-term workable resolution that will minimize or eliminate the necessity to revisit those issues in the future.

The ultimate goal of our representation is to help our clients navigate the court system and devise workable real-world solutions to reach the most favorable outcome in a timely manner in every situation and help all parties move forward with their lives.

Jim Forslund and Gary pareja have 20 years of experience successfully representing clients in family law matters throughout the Denver metro area counties.