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Colorado Domestic Violence Defense

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Colorado Domestic Violence Defense

Few crimes require more immediate intervention of an attorney for the accused than do domestic violence-related crimes. Otherwise, the system takes over and the accused may find themselves without family and employment. An experienced and skilled lawyer is critical to minimize the immediate consequences of a domestic violence (DV) charge. This is true in order to advise the client how best to avoid additional charges which occur due to the accused's lack of knowledge regarding the enforcement of the Mandatory Protection Order (MPO) entered against them shortly after their arrest. Expert advice is needed to detail what steps must be taken to minimize the harmful consequences of a DV charge, and to maximize the chances for a successful result. Missteps at the outset of DV cases are very common and often lead to irreparable damage to the accused's ability to successfully defend himself.

Domestic Violence is any crime committed within an intimate or formerly intimate relationship, regardless of whether violence is involved. The results of a DV charge can be devastating and may include: immediate arrest and incarceration, no opportunity for release on bail until an MPO is issued at your first court appearance, no contact directly or indirectly with the alleged victim who is usually a spouse or other intimate partner, no modification of the MPO until the alleged victim is contacted and consulted (a process which takes precious time), the intervention of victim advocates who usually advise your loved one that it is unsafe and ill-advised to agree to any contact with you, and legislative mandates which prohibit judges and prosecutors from dealing leniently with these cases.

In addition to other substantial consequences, a DV conviction automatically prohibits one from ever owning or possessing firearms or ammunition for the remainder of their life. Any violation of this prohibition is a federal felony.

We will take the necessary steps to avoid making your case worse and to begin taking immediate steps to minimize the effects of a pending DV case. Just as importantly, we begin working your case toward a successful resolution either through jury trial or settlement acceptable to you. Contact us now to begin the defense of your case.