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Weekly DUI News

April 6th thru April 12th in the year Two Thousand and Twenty

Stories of the Week

  1. Mar 30- Apr 5 Charged for a DUI Four Years Later, Woman Faces Prison After Turning Life Around
  2. Mar 23- Mar 29 Ind. paramedic charged with driving ambulance while intoxicated
  3. Mar 16- Mar 22 Study: Motorists using Apple CarPlay are more distracted than drunk drivers
  4. Mar 9- Mar 15 Man faces 6th OWI after suffering fall in driveway
  5. Mar 2- Mar 8 More than 50 people were injured when the driver of a silver Mercedes mowed down a carnival crowd in Germany
  6. Feb 24- Mar 1 Veteran surprises fellow veteran with help reinstating driver's license
  7. Feb 17- Feb 23 Colorado Man Loses Sentencing Appeal On Carroll County Drug Charges
  8. Feb 10- Feb 16 Cops say he drove high on ‘whippets.’ He’s going to prison for running over lawyer, family
  9. Feb 3- Feb 9 Breathalyzer Giant Accused of Fraud Won’t Come Clean About Booze Tests
  10. Jan 27- Feb 2 High school principal charged with drunken driving
  11. Jan 20- Jan 26 Police officer dies after fellow cop crashes while driving intoxicated
  12. Jan 13- Jan 19 Lorry driver who fell out of cab on to motorway was three times over drink-driving limit
  13. Jan 6- Jan 12 New York Republican lawmaker Brian Kolb charged with DWI days after condemning drunk driving
  14. Dec 30- Jan 5 DUIs from prescription drugs rising as DUIs from alcohol decline

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