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Weekly DUI News

March 28th April 3rd in the year Two Thousand and Twenty and Twenty One & Two

Stories of the Week

  1. Mar 14 Mar 27 Suspect in crash that killed 2 troopers, civilian appeared to brag about drunk driving on Twitter
  2. Mar 14 Mar 20 Bentley’s Law Would Make Drunk Drivers Pay Child Support After Fatal Crashes
  3. Mar 7 Mar 13 FHP: Trooper stood 'as the last line of defense,' used car to stop DUI driver, save runners
  4. Feb 27 Mar 6 State Rep. Georgene Louis won't seek reelection following DWI arrest
  5. Feb 20 Feb 27 Florida Highway Patrol pays $500K to settle lawsuit over trooper running over, killing woman near DeLand
  6. Feb 14 Feb 20 Study looks at impact of strictest blood-alcohol driving limits in the US
  7. Feb 7 Feb 13 Railroad crossing barrier damaged, driver arrested early Wednesday
  8. Jan 30 Feb 6 Stoned drivers are ‘significantly’ impaired for up to 4 hours after cannabis use: study
  9. Jan 24 Jan 30 Police: Drunk driver crashed into 16 parked cars in Denver neighborhood
  10. Jan 17 Jan 23 Arizona, New Mexico Get Best Grades on Ignition Interlock Laws
  11. Jan 10 Jan 16 The tragic life of lawyer who smuggled cell phone into jail for Art Schlichter
  12. Jan 2 Jan 9 Britney Spears' Ex-Husband Jason Alexander Arrested for Stalking
  13. Dec 26 Jan 1 One household, two very different DUI tragedies: Tallahassee family shares drunk driving’s devastating toll

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