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Colorado Debt Collection and Collection Defense

Does anyone owe you money or are you being sued for a debt? We may be able to take on your case. The members of our firm have collected millions dollars in debts and who have defended thousands of cases.

Often we are able to set a flat fees or contigent fees. It will depend on the the nature of the case, amount of money in question, the amount of litigation required, and other miscellaneous issues.

We invite you to call us and set up a free consultation on the issues involved in your case.

Our debt collection practice has basically four phases.

Phase 1: When you retain us to collect debts, we make attempts to contact them by letter and telephone/email letting them know of our intentions. During this phase, we first try to make some arrangement that is acceptable to you. This usually takes a couple of weeks.

Phase 2: If we don’t get positive results in phase 1, then we proceed to draft pleadings, file our complaint in court and get the debtor served. We make a determination as to trying to negotiate a settlement in this phase. We follow through on any required mediation.

Phase 3: If you case not resoved, we take it to trial and let the judge or jury decide. If we proceed to trial, you can be assured that we have a vast amount of trial experience in this office. Our goal in this phase is to get a judgment against the debtor. Often we need to defend against the counterclaims of the debtor in this phase.

Phase 4: At this point, we have a money judgment. We make a determination as to where the debtor’s assets are. We decide on one or more of the ways to obtain money from the debtor. This could include garnishment of wages and bank accounts.

Finally, you have our word that we will zealously go after the money that you are owed.