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Driver License Compact States - What Are They?

The driver license compact was created in order to standardize the exchange driver license records between member states. It allows state driver license authorities to decide if they will issue new licenses.

The Interstate Driver License Compact (IDLC) is as an agreement between most of US states.

This means that member states can use other member states' driver license records when determining whether issue an applicant a license..

The purpose of the IDLC is to keep drivers from avoiding their driving history by moving to another state.

The IDLC allows states to share data with other states regarding driving records, criminal history, and motor vehicle violations.

The compact requires that states not issue driver's licenses to residents of other states who are currently revoked or suspended.

In addition, the compact requires that states deny issuance of a driver's license based on an applicant's failure to comply with any provision of law relating to the use of alcohol or controlled substances.

The compact also requires that states share information about their drivers with the other states.

The compact also requires states to cooperate with one another when issuing driver's licenses. It also requires states to exchange information regarding the licensing of commercial drivers.

The compact does not require any changes to the laws regarding driving privileges.

Each state has the authority under the US Constitution and law to pass its own driver licensing laws.
Driver License Compact