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First Time Offender Domestic Violence Charge Colorado

A first time offender may receive a sentence that includes probation, community service, fines, in home detention or even jail. The judge will consider the circumstances surrounding the offense, the defendant's criminal history, and any other relevant factors in deciding on an appropriate punishment.

What Is a First Time Offender?

A first time offender is someone who has never been convicted of a crime before. Especially if he or she has not had a previous conviction for any type of violent crime, such as assault, burglary, robbery, or murder.

What Are the Penalties for a First Offense?

If a person is charged with a first offense domestic violence charge, he or she will likely face one of two penalties. These penalties depend on whether the victim was injured during the incident. If no injury occurred, then the defendant may receive either a deferred judgment or a diversion program.

If an injury did occur, however, the defendant may receive a sentence of jail or in home detention along with probation and community service. In most cases, the court will also order the defendant to attend counseling sessions.

What Happens When Someone Commits a Crime for the First Time?

A first time offender who has not been convicted of any other crimes may be eligible for probation. This means that the judge will decide whether or not the defendant should serve jail time. However, if the judge decides against sending the defendant to jail, he or she will typically place him or her on probation.

The length of the probation period depends on several factors, such as how serious the crime was, whether there were injuries, and whether the defendant had prior convictions.

What Can You Do About a First Time Offender's Record?

If you are charged with a crime for the first, then you may qualify for an alternative sentence. In some cases, the court may choose to send you to a treatment program instead of jail. In any event, you should retain an experienced attorney.

If you are facing a domestic violence charge, you may also qualify for diversion programs. These programs allow people to avoid criminal records by completing certain requirements.
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