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Understanding the Sentencing Guidelines of a DUI in Colorado

Being convicted of DUI in Colorado can have serious consequences. To understand what those consequences are, you should learn about the sentencing guidelines and your rights and options in the face of a DUI charge. This guide will help you make sense of DUI law in Colorado.

Overview of Colorado DUI Laws.

Colorado legalizes defines 'driving under the influence' (DUI) as operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content level of .08% or higher. It is important to note that if you are under 21, the limit is .02% and commercial drivers are subject to a .04% limit. If your BAC is found to be higher than the limits listed above, you may face criminal charges and associated penalties.

Sentences for DUIs in Colorado.

In the state of Colorado, the sentence for a DUI conviction depends on a variety of factors, including previous convictions and your BAC level. If convicted, you may face suspension of your driver's license, fines and court costs, and even jail time. Your sentence may include enrollment in an alcohol education program or completion of community service hours. The full consequences of a DUI conviction can vary widely depending on these specific factors, so it is important to understand your rights and options before proceeding with any legal decision.

License Revocation Consequences.

If convicted of a DUI in Colorado, one of the consequences you may face is revocation of your driver's license. This means that for a specified amount of time, usually between three months and one year, you will not be able to legally operate a motor vehicle. You will have to apply for a new license once your period of suspension has ended and provide proof that you have met any other conditions set by the court. To avoid license suspension altogether, consider exploring ways to reduce the charges or get them dropped altogether.

Ignition Interlock Device Requirements.

In many cases, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID). An IID is a device that connects to your vehicle's starter and requires you to provide a breath sample that measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The device will prevent your vehicle from starting if your BAC registers above the legal limit. Depending on the terms of your sentence, you might be required to have an IID installed for anywhere between three months and at least one year after license reinstatement.

Alternatives to Jail Time and Fines for a DUI Conviction in Colorado.

Although jail and monetary fines are some of the more common sentencing guidelines in Colorado for individuals convicted of a DUI, there may be other options. For example, some defendants may be eligible for a suspended sentence and placed on probation instead of going to jail. This can include not only court-supervised activities but also participation in alcohol or substance abuse treatment programs. Additionally, defendants may also be required to perform community service or complete an educational program designed to increase their knowledge about the impacts of drunk driving.

What Happens After An Arrest?