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Store clerk watches as driver plows into donut shop

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AUBURN, Wash. — A driver suspected to be under the influence of drugs crashed into an Auburn donut shop in spectacular fashion narrowly missing two customers Friday morning.

Surveillance video shows a white truck southbound in the 900 block of Auburn Way where there is a curve. The driver veers off the roadway and crashes into concrete barriers that surround the front of the Donut Star just after 8:30 a.m.

At the same time, two customers try to enter the side door of the store, right there the truck would have crashed into the building. The concrete barriers prevented the truck from hitting the store and a female customer.

“She was so frighten, she was just shaking,” says May Poy, a clerk at the family owned business who was behind the counter at the time. “She said she could have died, she saw it coming right at her.”

Remarkably, Poy says no one was injured in the crash including the unidentified woman who was between the crashing truck and the store.

“It sounded like thunder, big giant thunder,” says Poy.

Auburn Police arrested a 22 year old man on suspicion of driving under the influence of something “other than alcohol”. Police also believe he may have been responsible for a hit-and-run accident seconds earlier a few blocks away.

This is not the first time the store has been hit by a vehicle. Police have recorded 5 incidents of vehicles hitting the donut shop since that started keeping records in 1998.

“Since we took it over three years ago, there have been a couple of times they’ve been missing the building,” says Poy. “There’s a light post right there that’s been replace five times.”

The pole has yet to be replaced.

She says several years ago, when her aunt ran the shop, their insurance company required the installation of the concrete blocks. It prevented an SUV from plowing into the shop in 2009.

“It’s kind of scary, people drive fast around the corner, but this is the first accident we’ve had during the day,” says Poy.

This time the concrete blocks saved more than the store, it saved a life.

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