Springfield man jailed after crashing, confronting citizen, fighting with troopers

SPRINGFIELD  — A 39-year-old Springfield man is in jail on charges accusing him of driving while intoxicated and fighting with state troopers after he crashed his truck, then again at a hospital, the Ohio State Highway Patrol said.

Steven Toms was taken into custody the first time on West Possum Road after he hit a utility pole about 3:43 p.m. and was stopped from leaving the scene by a concerned citizen who had called the state patrol to report a reckless driver on South Yellow Springs Street. 

The concerned citizen, who noticed a small child in Toms’ truck, was able to prevent the man from getting away. 

Troopers arrived and determined Toms was very intoxicated and irate. They tussled with him at the crash scene and tended to the 1-year-old child, who was properly restrained in a car seat. He suffered minor injuries in the crash. 

Toms and the child were taken to Springfield Regional Medical Center, where the child was released to his mother and Toms engaged in the second fight with troopers. 

Toms was taken to the Clark County Jail from the fight, where he’s being detained on charges of operating a vehicle impaired, failure to control, a seat belt violation, child endangerment, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, resisting arrest, driving under license suspension and drug possession (marijuana). 

A records check shows Toms, in 1998, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and attempted involuntary manslaughter stemming from an alcohol-related offense in Clark County. 

He is scheduled to be in Clark County Municipal Court on Monday, according to the state patrol. The concerned citizen, who was not identified by name, called 1-800-GRAB-DUI to lodge the initial complaint against the driver later identified as Toms, according to the state patrol. https://www.whio.com/news/local/springfield-man-jailed-after-crashing-confronting-citizen-fighting-with-troopers/YXMjGaaU2HB2IYdN4G5z6H/

Police: Woman Sexually Abused Officer After OWI Traffic Stop

Jameshia Nevills (WHO Channel 13)

WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa – A Des Moines woman is facing a third-degree sexual abuse charge after officials say she groped a Windsor Heights police officer following an OWI stop early Sunday morning.

Nineteen-year-old Jameshia Nevills is being held in the Polk County Jail on charges of sexual abuse, operating while intoxicated, and several traffic-related offenses.

According to a criminal complaint from the Windsor Heights Police Department, Nevills was observed turning the wrong way onto the off-ramp to I-235 at 73rd Street and once noticing her mistake, reversed in a “very fast and unsafe manner back onto 73rd Street.”

Nevills then took the on-ramp to I-235 and was followed by an officer from Windsor Heights. The officer observed her driving recklessly and reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour prior to making a traffic stop.

Nevills did not have a driver’s license and the vehicle was not registered. The officer noted she smelled of an alcoholic beverage and admitted several times she was very drunk. A container of soda and Crown Royal whiskey was found in the center console.

During processing, Nevills allegedly grabbed an officer’s crotch “in a sexual manner against his will.” The complaint also alleges she had made prior comments to the officer about how she was attracted to him.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Nevills on March 25th. https://whotv.com/news/police-woman-sexually-abused-officer-after-owi-traffic-stop/

Study: Motorists using Apple CarPlay are more distracted than drunk drivers

Driving while impaired is often vilified as the most dangerous thing to do on four wheels, but a recent study suggests using infotainment software like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay reduces a driver’s reaction time more than booze or pot. United Kingdom-based road safety advocate group IAM RoadSmart wants the government to take action.

The group pointed out the average driver’s reaction time is about a second; that means when the car in front slams on its brakes, it’s going to take a full second for the person following it to do the same. That figure increases by 12% when someone takes the wheel after reaching the legal alcohol limit, and by 21% when a person drives after smoking or eating cannabis. Using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay increased the reaction time by 53% and 57%, respectively.

Researchers discovered motorists who incessantly poke their car’s touchscreen to access a feature buried deep in either software increase their car’s stopping distance by between four and five car lengths, and they can take their eyes off the road for up to 16 seconds at a time without realizing it.

“Participants underestimated by as much as five seconds the time they thought they spent looking away from the road when engaging with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay via touch control,” the study alarmingly found. It added using voice instead of touch commands significantly reduced distractions, but not to acceptable levels; reaction times nonetheless increased by 30% and 36% for Google and Apple’s software, respectively. To add context, talking on the phone increases reaction times by 46%.

The results are startling, especially if you regularly bike, run, or walk on a public road. Researchers conducting the study witnessed drivers swerve out of their lane by up to 21 inches while trying to use Android Auto’s navigation function. Those performing the same task using Apple CarPlay moved out of their lane by up to 20 inches.

“We’re now calling on industry and government to openly test and approve such systems and develop consistent standards that genuinely help minimize driver distraction,” IAM RoadSmart concluded. The British government hasn’t commented on the study, though, to be fair, it’s juggling Brexit negotiations and a global pandemic.

British firm research firm TRL conducted the study on behalf of IAM RoadSmart, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (which organizes the 24 Hours of Le Mans, among other events), and the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund. It asked participants to drive the same simulated test loop three times: once without using either system, once while using only voice commands, and once while using only the touchscreen.


A New Jersey woman allegedly coughed on police officers and told them she had infected them with coronavirus after being arrested.

Lea Piazza, 28, was arrested on on suspicion of driving while intoxicated on March 12 after a car crash involving a single vehicle in Hanover, NJ.com reported.

She allegedly coughed on officers from the Hanover Township Police Department as they tried to process her. Piazza grew belligerent as officers tried to question her and breathed on an officer despite being repeatedly asked to stop, Capt. Dave White told NJ.com.

While she was being processed at the police department, Piazza again started breathing, he said. According to the outlet, she coughed on one officer and told him, “Oh by the way, I have the coronavirus and now so do you.”Ads by scrollerads.com

Piazza told police that her boyfriend had the virus and was in hospital, White added.

Three officers who had come into contact with Piazza since she was arrested were told to self-quarantine. But after investigating, police determine that everything she had said was “100 percent false,” White told NJ.com.

New Jersey
Police tape indicates the closure of playgrounds on March 15, 2020 in Hoboken, New Jersey.GARY HERSHORN/GETTY IMAGES

The man Piazza claimed was her boyfriend told police he had gone on one date with her and was in hospital for an unrelated dental issue.

Piazza, of Wayne, was charged with driving while intoxicated, careless driving, reckless driving and refusal to take a breath test, the website reported. She was also charged with causing a false public alarm over the comments.RELATED STORIES

White said Piazza, who was released from custody after being charged, later called police to apologize for her behavior. But he said that police “are not taking this stuff lightly.” He added, “If anything, this sets an example. Don’t screw around.” https://www.newsweek.com/new-jersey-woman-arrested-deliberately-coughing-officers-coronavirus-1492917

Newsweek contacted the Hanover Township Police Department for additional comment.

New Jersey had 267 confirmed cases of coronavirus as of 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, according to the New Jersey Department of Health. The state has had three coronavirus-related deaths.

In a news briefing on Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced he was ordering the closure of all indoor shopping malls and amusement parks. A day earlier, he activated the National Guard, and urged all residents to stay home after 8 p.m.

“This is not a curfew, but it is strongly recommended, and travel is strongly discouraged. If you don’t need to be on the roads, you should not be on the roads,” he said.

“If alternatively you are a healthcare worker or other employee essential to our response, we still need you to get to work and to the vital jobs you are doing. And from the bottom of our hearts we thank you and recognize that you are the frontlines in this fight. But for those who do not need to be out, please, please, please just stay home.”

Also on Monday, Governor Murphy announced that all casinos, racetracks, movie theaters, performing arts centers, nightclubs, and gyms would be closed to curb the spread of the virus. All other non-essential businesses must close by 8 p.m. starting Monday.

The state has also banned gatherings of more than 50 people.

The new coronavirus has infected more than 198,000 people around the world and killed almost 8,000, according to Johns Hopkins University. More than 81,000 people have recovered.

In the U.S., 6,496 cases had been confirmed as of Wednesday morning and the death toll has climbed to 114. Seventeen people have recovered so far.

World Health Organization advice for avoiding spread of COVID-19

Hygiene advice

  • Clean hands frequently with soap and water, or alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Wash hands after coughing or sneezing;
  • When caring for the sick; before; during and after food preparation; before eating; after using the toilet; when hands are visibly dirty; and after handling animals or waste.
  • Maintain at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching your hands, nose and mouth. Do not spit in public.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or bent elbow when coughing or sneezing. Discard the tissue immediately and clean your hands.

Medical advice

  • If you feel unwell seek medical care early and call local health authorities in advance.
  • Stay up to date on COVID-19 developments issued by health authorities, follow guidance.

Mask usage

  • Healthy individuals only need to wear a mask if taking care of a sick person.
  • Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing.
  • Masks are effective when used in combination with frequent hand cleaning.
  • Do not touch the mask while wearing it. Clean hands if you touch the mask.
  • Learn how to properly put on, remove and dispose of masks.
  • Clean hands after disposing of mask, do not reuse single-use masks.

‘Sorry babe’: Wichita woman kissed goodbye in back of sheriff’s car in ‘COPS’ arrest

A sheriff’s deputy allowed a Wichita woman to get a goodbye kiss from her boyfriend as she was arrested during a “COPS” television episode that aired last month.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs after a traffic stop went into the parking lot of a south Wichita bar.

clip of the arrest, titled “Stand By Me,” was shared to the “COPS” Facebook page and posted on the TV show’s website. It comes from season 32 episode 23, “Not Up for Debate,” which aired Feb. 24 on the Paramount Network.TOP ARTICLES    ‘This is absurd’: Parents, students angry over Kansas closing schools for coronavirus

Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Tim Myers confirmed the episode featured the July 23 arrest of Crystal Lee McKee. Jail booking reports show the arrest happened at 1602 S. Meridian, the address of A & J’s Music Room.

She has not been formally charged in connection to the case, Sedgwick County District Court records show. A spokesman for the district attorney’s office said law enforcement had not presented the case for prosecution.

In the episode, Deputy Kaleb Dailey said he observed a driver “cross over into the intersection” before coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. He “lit her up,” and she pulled into a parking lot, where she got out of the vehicle to meet her boyfriend.

The deputy told her she was the subject of a traffic stop and asked for her driver’s license. She denied that it was a traffic stop and refused to provide her identification.

Dailey suspected she was intoxicated and warned her that she would be arrested if she didn’t comply.

McKee was then arrested. She resisted, yelling with slurred words:

“Let me give you my ID. What the hell is wrong with this? Why are you grabbing me like this in front of people?”

“Baby get him off of me,” she said to her boyfriend as the deputy took her to the ground. “Why are you doing this to me?”

After the struggle, Dailey noticed glass shards falling out of her pocket, which he suspected were from a broken crack pipe. A search of the vehicle turned up a Crown Royal whiskey bottle in the green “regal apple” bag. It was open and “kind of spilling all over the place,” the deputy said, tightening the lid.

Her purse contained a crack pipe and a switchblade knife, which was illegal for her to possess due to prior felony convictions. Kansas Department of Corrections records show McKee, now age 45, has several prior convictions in Sedgwick County, including aggravated battery, DUI, flee and elude and drug possession crimes.

She also had $200-$300 in low-dollar cash denominations at the time of her arrest, which Dailey said was “consistent with drug proceeds.”

McKee, who was intoxicated, had driven to the bar to pick up her boyfriend, who was sober, according to the episode description.

As she sat in the back of the patrol car, she asked to hug her boyfriend.

“She wanted to say goodbye to him,” Dailey said. “He seemed pretty emotionally upset, on the verge of tears almost. I asked him what he was doing hanging out. He told me that he didn’t want her to see him drive off because he didn’t want her to feel like he was abandoning her in that situation.”

The boyfriend was allowed to approach the patrol car.

“Get me out,” McKee said.

The boyfriend leaned in, and they kissed.

“I’m sorry, babe,” she said.

“She said that he was her life,” Dailey said. “They both talked back and forth like they were deeply in love for each other.” https://www.kansas.com/news/local/crime/article240816916.html