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Katie Price Out Of Rehab After Mother Of 5 Crashed Car While Driving Under The Influence

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Katie Price is trying to make her wrongs into rights, but whether or not that will actually happen remains to be seen. The British television personality and former model has reportedly left rehab and has also reunited with her fiancé, Carl Woods. Here’s what you need to know.

Just last month, Price plead guilty to drunk driving. To make matters worse, she also didn’t have insurance during the time of her crash, too. the former glamour model, 43, appeared in court and pleaded to guilty to driving under The influence while disqualified and without insurance following a crash near her home in Sussex.

Katie Price Is Out Of Rehab – Will She Turn Her Life Around?

After being confronted by officers at the scene, the court was told Price was heard saying: “I took drugs, I should not be driving, I admit it all. I was just going to my friend’s. I know I shouldn’t have because I’ve been banned.”

The mother-of-five has been seen out and about in London this past week, with one source close to the situation telling The Sun that she wants to put the past behind her and focus on her future instead.

The tipster said, “She’s committed to the treatment she signed up to and is still at The Priory undergoing their programme. Things are much better – she has had an awful lot to deal with but things are calmer for her and she’s making good progress. It’s very reassuring for those who love her.”

Price was told that her sentence would be deferred until December on the condition that she have treatment at the Priory Center, and not commit any further offenses. Currently she is in the process of bankruptcy proceedings, so her house may be repossessed.

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