Mother accused of crashing into multiple cars near middle school released from jail

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A woman is facing charges after she was accused of crashing her vehicle several times while dropping her son off at school in Anderson Township.

Parents and students at Nagel Middle School said they were shocked when they saw Ellen Craven, 50, crash into multiple cars Tuesday.

“She hit several cars and she is leaving the parking lot,” the person who called 911 said in the call. “Right now, she is off the curb in the grass.”

Police said they arrested and charged Craven with operating a vehicle while impaired and child endangerment for having her son in the car.

Craven appeared in court for the first time Wednesday.

“No one was injured, which is a plus. She did blow a point .000, she complied and gave them a urine sample. We will know the results of that in six to eight weeks,” said Craven’s attorney, Hal Arenstein.

Arenstein told the judge Craven called off work sick Tuesday for flu-like symptoms.

The prosecutor said Craven was barely able to get out of the car and stand, so they couldn’t complete a field sobriety test.

“She is not a drug user of any kind or alcoholic. She never operates a vehicle under conditions like that. We are concerned as to why this happened,” said Craven’s husband, Kenton Snowball.

“She admitted to taking a prescription medication that causes your pupils to dilate. However, she had very constricted pupils,” said prosecutor Dave Wood in court.

Snowball said Craven’s family is concerned for her well-being and he would like to get a doctor involved.

“She does have prescription medications, but they are not opioids. She would never abuse them,” Snowball said.

Craven was released on her own recognizance.

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