Exit Sign Hit By Vomit-Covered Drunk Driver

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Exit Sign Hit By Vomit-Covered Drunk Driver In Westlake: Police

WESTLAKE, OH — An exit sign on I-90 was struck by an drunk driver on Thursday. Police said the driver was covered in his own vomit and did not remember hitting anything.

A little after midnight, a Good Samaritan called police and said a vehicle was swerving “all over the roadway” on I-90. The caller said the truck had hit the exit sign at Clague Road.

Officers caught up to the swerving Chevy near Columbia Road. The vehicle had gotten off I-90 and was driving back onto the highway, police said.

The driver was covered in his own vomit, which stained his sweater and pants, police noted. He did not remember hitting anything with his truck.

Field tests were administered and the driver, a 59-year-old from Brecksville, was arrested for operating a vehicle impaired. He took a breath test later and blew 3.5 times over the legal limit.

The man’s Chevy was towed, his license was suspended, and he was given a court date.

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Photo from Westlake Police


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