Accused of DUI, Mercedes driver flees scene of accident after victim wants to involve police

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Photos: Jared Koh / Facebook

A man’s new year unfortunately began with a literal bang in the wee hours of yesterday morning. Facebook user Jared Koh shared how his car was knocked into from the rear by a Mercedes sedan just hours into 2019.

According to Koh, the collision caused him to slam a cab right in front of him, which resulted in an injured taxi passenger who was conveyed to hospital for treatment. What made it worse was how the Mercedes driver apparently panicked when Koh decided to get the cops involved and drove off. But not before getting confronted when the driver, who had three other passengers in the car with him, had to stop at a red light. Watch below as the Mercedes driver casually waved off the suggestion that he should stick around.

Koh accused the man of being a drunk driver, claiming that he smelled of alcohol and didn’t have a “steady gait” while walking. But at least the Mercedes driver did pass him his personal particulars, so Koh is free to lodge a police report. And he should, considering that he claims that he and his wife were injured from the crash.

Netizens pointed out that the Mercedes driver saved himself from bigger trouble if he waited around for the cops — now there’s no way for Koh or the police to prove that he was drunk when the accident happened. The matter now lies with the police, who’ve taken the Mercedes car’s license plate that was dropped and left behind at the scene.

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