Meghan Markle’s half-brother claims he’s homeless in Oregon because of her fame

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‘The problem is I’m known as Thomas Markle, Meghan’s crazy brother now’

While Meghan Markle looks after her new royal baby in her mansion on the grounds of Windsor Castle, her older half-brother claims he has lost his job and his home.

In a new interview, Thomas Markle Jr. reveals that he has reached the “lowest point” in his life after being evicted from his modest rental home in Grants Pass, Oregon. The 52-year-old, who reportedly has long been estranged from the Duchess of Sussex, said that he, fiancee Darlene Blount, her son and their two dogs are living in a small hotel room.

Remarkably, Markle Jr. blames his sister’s global fame for starting him on the downward spiral that has left him unable to find a new job or lease a new house or apartment in this southern Oregon community.

“And it’s all because my life suddenly got catapulted into the spotlight – through no fault of my own,” Markle Jr. complained to The Sun. “The problem is I’m known as Thomas Markle, Meghan’s crazy brother now.”

Thomas Markle Jr says his every move has been “put under the microscope,” since his half-sister Meghan got engaged to Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle’s half brother reveals he’s homeless and at the ‘lowest point’ of his life
Thomas Jr says his every move has been “put under the microscope,” since his half-sister Meghan got engaged to Prince Harry.

But from Markle Jr.’s accounts, as well as from news reports, it doesn’t appear that he’s all that blameless for his downward spiral, which includes health problems, work problems, landlord problems and run-ins with the law.

Ever since the Los Angeles-born Meghan became engaged to Prince Harry in 2017, Markle Jr. claims he has been forced to live “under a microscope” with no help or support from his famous sibling.

“I’ve gone from being a private person to having everything I’ve ever done in my life out there for everybody,” he added.

The former TV actress and her half-brother share a father, Thomas Markle. Markle Jr. and his sister, Samantha, are children from Thomas Markle’s first marriage.

Meghan is the product of Markle’s second marriage, to Doria Ragland. It’s well known that Meghan and Ragland, a Los Angeles yoga instructor, enjoy a close bond. But it’s also known that Meghan has fraught relations with her father’s side of the family.

For example, Markle Jr. and Samantha Markle used news of Meghan’s engagement to Harry to criticize her for being an ambitious social climber and to claim she turns her back on family and friends if she believes they are of no use to her.

However, Meghan’s fans have called her half-siblings opportunists who are exploiting her fame to grab headlines and possibly lucrative opportunities for themselves.

Prior to her May 2018 wedding, Meghan and her 74-year-old father appeared to be getting along well enough that she asked him to walk her down the aisle. But their relationship famously fell apart when the retired Hollywood lighting designer was caught getting paid to pose for paparazzi photos just before the globally televised wedding.

Markle Sr. soon began to give interviews in which he also criticized his daughter’s new royal life and alleged that she had stopped returning his phone calls or texts.

The May 6 birth of Meghan and Harry’s son, Archie, has done little to heal the Markle family rifts. Indeed, Markle Jr. responded to the baby news by once again criticizing his half-sister.

“I’m hoping that becoming a mother will open up her eyes and shed light on what family means,” Markle Jr., said in an interview. “Maybe she will see the importance of family now — and open up to my dad and let him be part of the baby’s life.”

At that time of this interview, Markle Jr. didn’t mention being homeless. In his new interview with The Sun, Markle Jr. also failed to mention his legal troubles.

It’s possible that his run-ins with police contributed to residents in Grants Pass having an unflattering view of him.

In January 2017, Markle Jr. was arrested on suspicion of holding a gun to his fiancee’s head during a drunken argument, The Sun reported. He subsequently apologized and said he was “seeking help.”

But this past summer, Markle Jr. and Blount got into another fight while under the influence that resulted in Blount giving Thomas a black eye, USA Today reported. Blount was subsequently arrested and charged with two counts of fourth-degree assault.

In November, the couple told the Daily Mail they had quit drinking as part of a deal that would get the assault charges against Blount dropped.

But in early January, Markle Jr. was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence by Oregon State Police, USA Today reported. He was “visibly intoxicated,” failed field sobriety tests and drew a blood-alcohol level of 0.11 percent.

In his Sun interview, Markle Jr. focused on people and circumstances that he believes have done him wrong. For example, he said he had to leave his job as a glazier because of health problems.

Despite explaining his situation to his landlord, Markle Jr. told The Sun the landlord issued an eviction notice. Markle Jr. and the landlord went to court, but he agreed to vacate the property without an eviction. He also said he left the property in good condition.

But the landlord had a different view of his ex-tenant and gave interviews in which he called Markle Jr. a “lowlife” who owed him back rent and who trashed his property, according to The Sun.

Markle Jr. told The Sun that the landlord’s accusations made it difficult for him to find a new place to live in the area.

“I had a really nice place lined up where I was going to live out in the woods and I was going to do work on the property but I lost that because of all this,” Markle Jr. said.

Living in a small hotel room is taking a huge toll on his relationship with his fiancee, Markle Jr. added.

“It’s very uncomfortable and expensive — we don’t know how we are going to afford it,” he said.

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