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Cleveland Browns News & Rumors 6/10: OTAs, Remorse, and 4PM Early-Bird Buffets

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The media was allowed in to see OTAs and talk to a couple of players yesterday, and we accordingly have a flood of content in today’s newswire. Plus, of course, there was fallout from the Callie Brownson OVI arrest, which generated more articles than anything else.

I’m not sure how I feel about a full newswire. On one hand, it takes quite a while to find and then link a flood of articles by hand. On the other, I’m not writing about some player’s kid playing field hockey or whatever keeps me busy most days during the Summer. So, I guess we should accept today’s smorgasbord of Browns articles as a plus.

You know, as a soon-to-be-senior citizen, I should familiarize myself more with the word “smorgasbord”. You rarely see them advertised. It’s like a buffet, I guess, just sort of Swedish, and we seniors like our buffets. My wife recently had an auspicious birthday and I spent most of the day alerting her to the nearest local buffets and their early bird Senior hours. There’s also Golden Corral, another true winner. Either way, I’m sure there’s lukewarm meatloaf at 4PM in our happily married future.

I should probably note at this point that my wife is a patient woman, as 30+ years putting up with me will attest. That patience is good from the perspective of not having to dodge thrown objects when I abuse the fact that she’s two months older than me, but it’s a disadvantage when noting that patient people are really good at plotting revenge. A dish best served lukewarm. At a buffet.

Then again, that’s nothing you have to worry about unless I suddenly get my comeuppance. Which I will. Here’s the Newswire…

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