Work Release to IHD?

How easy and likely is it to have a work release sentence changed to in home detention?

Not easy. The law does not allow it on a 3rd offense or higher for the minimums.

License Back Without An Interlock

I was charged with a DUI in 2012. I went to trial in 2013, I was found NOT-GUILTY by a jury of my own peers. I refuse to jump through the hoops the state of Colorado wants. I was found not guilty, I really need my license back. How can I do this?

After the revocation period is over, you need to file a a form stating that you will not drive in Colorado for the next two years. The two year period does not begin until you file the form.

What Should I Do?

This is my 3rd dui the last one occurred in 2015 the officer said i was goin to slow but i was stopping at a stop light just getting off the freeway i have a bad back and knees he gave me the test and i failed it when i slightly stubbled when asked to lift up one leg i did the breath test and failed as well i cant goto jail due to my job i have a court appointed atorny what should i do

Come in for a free consult. I am here all morning, as I am on every Saturday except for major holidays.

License Revoked in New York

  • Haven’t had license in years from coming home from war in Iraq I went back to NY got couple DWIs

  • Been 10 yrs
  • 7:27 pm

    Have good job now family and company wants to give company truck but by revoked license 10 yrs ago

    We can get you a license in Colorado.

I feel very hopeless.

Hi, I was charged with a DUI the other day. I have 2 prior dwai. I did a blood test so I dont know what my bac is. I have read that there are many flaws with blood tests. I’m very scared. I feel very hopeless.

You did the right thing by contacting a defense attorney. Please call. We will call you if you leave contact informaton.

Colorado License In Spite of Oregon Hold

Hi Jim. I am currently suspended in Oregon for a third DUI offense. The suspension is lifetime here. Can re-apply with the court in ten years. I have not driven since 12/13/16. Can I get a license in Colorado?


Actual Physical Control/Proof of Impairment Without a BAC

My boyfriend was arrested for a dui while we were in the garage lot of our hotel in central city the car was not running keys were in ignition my door was open his window was down car wasn’t running he didn’t receive a breathalizer nor bac.

It is for the jury to decide whether or not he was in actual physical control of a motor vehicle. The prosecutor can attempt to prove impairment by the officers’ observations.