Cincinnati Police officer to spend five days in jail

A judge orders the police officer who prompted a gun scare at a local theater to immediately be taken straight to jail. Cincinnati sergeant Shauna Lambert will spend the next five days in jail.Lambert’s attorney asked for a stay until Friday so she can wrap up a situation at work. Judge Jason Nagel denied that request.After she serves her jail time, Lambert will spend another 54 days under house arrest with an electronic monitoring device. Lambert pleaded no contest to inducing panic and using weapons while under the influence. Lambert was intoxicated when she dropped her weapon at the Rave Movie Theater in Milford. Nobody was hurt.She apologized at her hearing and said she took full responsibility for her behavior. She had a previous OVI arrest before this incident and said she was getting help through rehab and continuing care. “I want to help myself, I don’t want to be like that.”As part of the plea, Lambert had explained that she had taken the gun with her to the theater out of concern for her safety, after there had been a shooting at an airport in Florida.Judge Nagel told her that’s not why she was there. She had decided to drink alcohol and not properly secure her weapons. “You’re a police officer. A waistband is not a way to have a loaded weapon secured. It’s one of the main reasons why that weapon ultimately fell on the floor and was grabbed by another patron of the movie theater.”Lambert will also serve two years probation and serve 80 hours of community service. Judge Nagel told her if she violated her probation she would serve all 180 days in jail.Lambert has been on desk duty since her arrest and her police powers remain suspended. She will undergo the department’s disciplinary process. Judge Nagel did not order her to give up her weapons.She is banned from consuming alcohol or illegal drugs and going to bars. She’s been ordered to stay away from the Milford Rave Cinema.

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Pizza delivery driver arrested for OWI after crashing into pole

A pizza delivery driver is accused of driving drunk in the city of Oconomowoc.Police arrested the driver after he crashed his SUV. We’re told the driver was out delivering pizzas when he veered off the road and ran over a utility pole. When police arrived, he told them he had not been drinking. His blood alcohol content, however, said otherwise.What started out as a Saturday night pizza delivery ended less than a mile from Rosati’s Pizza as a 21-year-old delivery driver smashed into a utility pole near Oconomowoc High School.When police arrived on the scene, they say the driver’s “speech was slightly slurred and his eyes were bloodshot.”A police report says the man initially told officers he had not been drinking but later admitted to drinking “at some point earlier in the day.” His blood alcohol content clocked in at .108, well above the legal limit. That driver was arrested but has not been charged so we are not naming him. So, how long had this driver been drunk on the job? The owner of Rosati’s Pizza did not want to comment but told us that the driver has been fired from his job at the restaurant.Because this is that driver’s first OWI, he’s only receiving a citation and a $1,000 ticket.We went to his house this afternoon where his mother told us they have no comment on the incident.

Source: CBS58 | Pizza delivery driver arrested for OWI after crashing into pole in Oconomowoc

Seattle mom arrested for DUII, assaulting an officer

A Seattle mother was arrested for driving under the influence and assaulting a police officer, according to the Portland Police Bureau. Police said on May 15, they received a report of a vehicle with flat tires weaving in and out of traffic and scraping the jersey barrier on Interstate 5 near Jantzen Beach in Portland.

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DWI charge dismissed against daughter of former Niagara assistant DA

A judge apologized to Rachel Winter on Tuesday as he dismissed a drunken driving charge lodged against her by the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office after an internal process that Winter’s father, a prominent Niagara County attorney, said was politically motivated.Winter, 21, was pulled over by Deputy Timothy Caughel in Lockport Nov. 24, and Caughel wanted to charge her with driving while intoxicated and reckless driving.Undersheriff Michael J. Filicetti said last month that the DWI charge was not brought at the time because Caughel’s supervisor that night, Lt. Steve Broderick, was doing a favor for Winter’s father, Ronald J. Winter, a former assistant Niagara County district attorney. Filicetti said the ex-prosecutor came to Sheriff’s Headquarters that night and talked to Broderick.Broderick, who is also Town of Lewiston supervisor, was the subject of an undisclosed internal administrative action, as was his commander that night, Capt. Jill Herrington.”Persons in the Sheriff’s Department viewed Steve Broderick as a potential candidate for sheriff and sought to discredit him, and used this case to do it,” charged Ronald Winter, the law clerk to State Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr.Broderick, who said he couldn’t comment, is a Republican whose family has long been prominent in politics. Sheriff James R. Voutour, whose term runs through 2020, is a Democrat.”The assertion that this was done to discredit Lt. Broderick is absurd,” Voutour said. “The actions of (the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office) were to do the right thing when no one else would. That is what the public expects.””I feel we did the right thing. I have no control over what the court does,” Filicetti said. “I’d rather get faulted for doing my job rather than be accused of covering something up.””I never asked for a favor, and certainly my daughter didn’t,” Ronald Winter said. “My daughter and I are going to explore what options we have as far as recourse.”The Sheriff’s Office added the DWI charge against Rachel Winter March 5, but Niagara Falls City Judge Robert P. Merino threw it out Tuesday, along with the reckless driving charge, finding the evidence of each was legally insufficient.Rachel Winter then pleaded guilty to failure to keep right and an equipment violation. She was granted a conditional discharge and was not fined, although Merino had to impose state-mandated surcharges totaling $146.”The court issued an apology to my client on behalf of the justice system,” defense attorney Theresa L. Prezioso said.Orleans County District Attorney Joseph V. Cardone didn’t fight Prezioso’s dismissal motion. He could not be reached for comment Tuesday.Cardone was named special prosecutor after Niagara County District Attorney Caroline A. Wojtaszek, a former colleague of Ronald Winter, recused herself. Merino ended up with the case after city judges in Lockport and North Tonawanda also recused themselves because of their connections to Ronald Winter.

Source: DWI charge dismissed against daughter of former Niagara assistant DA – The Buffalo News

Nearly nude Rocky River man crashes car into convenience store to get beer

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — A convenience store employee was hurt when a man naked from the waist down intentionally crashed his car into the store to get beer, police say.

The crash happened just after 1 a.m. Sunday at SDM Food Market on Hilliard Boulevard just west of Wooster Road, police say.

A deli counter separated a 49-year-old employee from the car, but he still suffered injuries to his legs and chest, Rocky River Police Chief Kelly Stillman said. Officers found the employee covered with debris when they came to investigate.

He was taken to Fairview Hospital.

Robert Mason, 45, was charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence alcohol or drugs. He was taken to the same hospital after suffering injuries from the crash.

The employee just closed the business when a car came crashing through the wall, he told police. Mason told the employee he needed beer, the employee reported.

Mason barricaded himself in the beer cooler and told police to shoot him, Stillman said. He could be heard yelling in the body camera video. Police used a Taser to subdue him and he was taken into custody.

Rocky River Municipal Court records do not say when Mason will make his first appearance.

Man with three DUI convictions arrested again, this time on a felony DUI charge

A Pass Christian man faces a felony DUI charge now that police have learned he has been convicted of DUI three times.

Pursuit leads to car landing in small pond on north side – WISC

A 32-year-old Madison man is facing his second charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated after he led law enforcement on a pursuit that led to him sending his car airborne on the north side, according to the Dane County Sheriff’s Department.The pursuit started just before 2 a.m. Thursday near the corner of East Washington Avenue at Fair Oaks Avenue.According to the Sheriff’s Department, a sheriff’s deputy and a Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper saw a car driven by Smith going fast down East Washington.The Sheriff’s Department said the deputy and a trooper started to pursue Smith, but he wouldn’t stop.  The pursuit lasted for nearly 3 miles until Smith pulled into a parking lot near the intersection of Northport Drive and Sherman Avenue.That’s when the sheriff’s department said the car Smith was driving flew over an embankment, went airborne, and landed into a small pond.Smith got out of the vehicle and took off on foot before being taken into custody, according to the sheriff’s department.Besides the OWI charge, Smith also faces charges of eluding and felony bail jumping.Sheriff’s officials said no other cars were encountered during the pursuit and no one was injured.

Source: Pursuit leads to car landing in small pond on north side – WISC

Profanity-laced response from Grant Co. official in OWI arrest

Law enforcement video shows a Grant County supervisor’s profanity-laced response to officers during his arrest last month for allegedly operating while intoxicated.”At my age, I could knock the (expletive) out of you, pal,”  80-year-old supervisor Robert Scallon says to a Grant County Sheriff’s deputy during the arrest procedure.Dashboard-camera video shows Scallon’s sedan being pulled over for speeding on Highway 61 in the Town of Marion.  Subsequent investigation convinced officers to pursue an OWI investigation, with Scallon’s responses ranging from astonished, incredulous, to belligerent.”(Expletive) you,”  Scallon says, as a Grant County Sheriff’s deputy begins to try to handcuff him.  “I want to tell you something, I don’t like you,”  Scallon says on the video.Scallon refused to perform field sobriety tests, and refused to submit to any chemical tests to determine blood alcohol content.  He told officers he had two drinks before driving.In an interview with 27 News, Scallon says his age and compromised health make it difficult for him to walk a straight line, prompting him to refuse the field tests.On the video, as Scallon is taken to a hospital in Boscobel, he appears confused over his situation.  “What did I do?,”  he asks a Sheriff’s sergeant.  “You’re driving drunk,”  the sergeant responds.Grant County officials say Scallon has served on the board of supervisors since 2006, with a spot on the board’s Veterans committee, and other committees.Scallon refuses comment on whether he was intoxicated behind the wheel, but says he’s reached out to the responding officers.  “I apologized,”  Scallon says.Members of the Grant County Board of Supervisors sign a Code of Conduct dealing primarily with commitment to avoid even the appearance of impropriety in their actions on the board, but including this statement:  “The professional and personal conduct of County Board Supervisors must be above reproach.”Scallon tells 27 News he does not intend to step down over the incident.County Board chairman Robert Keeny says it’s unlikely Scallon’s arrest and behavior will lead to any move to try to remove him.  “It’s unfortunate,”  Keeny says of the suspected OWI.  Keeny did not respond to a 27 News offer to view the dash-camera video of the arrest.The Grant County board meets again May 16.Prior to be taken into the hospital, Scallon notes an audio-record of the encounter may exist.

Source: Profanity-laced response from Grant Co. official in OWI arrest – WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

Houston cop relieved of duty after alleged intoxication arrest

A Houston police officer has been relieved of duty after officers allegedly caught him in a post-Cinco de Mayo drunk driving incident.

Officer Ronald Gilbert, of Deer Park, faces a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated.

HPD said Gilbert was caught behind the wheel of his vehicle around 12:30 a.m. in the 15240 block of Galveston Road.

Ray Hunt, the police union’s president, confirms Gilbert was on duty when he was stopped.

Investigators said he was found impaired and was taken to the jail on Riesner, where he was later released on a $500 bond.

Tonight, Houston police said Gilbert has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of this investigation.

Hunt says the union will only represent an officer operating in the course and scope of HPD. Because Gilbert was allegedly drunk, Hunt says that would be considered “outside the scope,” and therefore the union will not represent him.

It was not immediately clear whether Gilbert was in his police cruiser when he was stopped. We are working to confirm those details.

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