Man charged with OVI after vehicle strike in McDonald’s drive-thru

Police were called to an Oxford McDonald’s at 1:01 a.m. on Nov. 14 regarding a vehicle in the drive-thru line which had struck a vehicle in front of it and the driver was believed to be intoxicated. The officer found the driver of the vehicle as described in the driver’s seat of the grey Jeep with Maryland plates.

The officer observed the driver yell very loudly for seemingly no reason and at one point when the vehicle in front moved forward, he accelerated for what seemed unreasonable for a drive-thru lane. As the officer waited for the Jeep to emerge from the line to speak to the driver two females approached the officer to ask him to check on the driver of the Jeep, saying, “There’s something wrong with him.”

The Jeep left the drive-thru and headed north on Locust Street and stopped at the light at Spring Street. When the light turned green, the vehicle headed east with the driver’s side front wheel going over the yellow line. He was then stopped and identified as a 20-year-old Miami student.

The officer described his eyes as glassy. He was asked to shut off the vehicle, but did so without putting it into park. A strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was detected coming from inside the vehicle. He was asked if he had anything to drink that night and said he had not.

He told the officer he lived nearby at the next stop light intersection, but gave an address in the 200 block of South Poplar Street – four blocks away. He was asked to step out of the vehicle and as he did so, it began moving backward because it had not been put it into park.

He denied for a second time having had anything to drink. He was described as swaying while speaking to the officer, who also detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath.

He consented to doing field sobriety tests, on which he performed poorly. He was placed under arrest for operating a vehicle intoxicated. He was taken to the police station, where he refused to take the breath test. He was charged with OVI, offenses concerning underage persons and marked lanes.

Man arrested on suspicion of 6th OWI after crash into utility pole

MANITOWOC – A 54-year-old Manitowoc man was arrested Sunday evening on suspicion of his sixth OWI after police say he crashed his car into a utility pole on South 41st Street and drove off.

A police report said officers were sent to the area of Clipper Drive and South 41st Street at around 6:15 p.m. Sunday for the report of a hit-and-run crash.

A witness told responding officers that a dark-colored vehicle was seen traveling east on Clipper Drive, then crossed South 41st Street and collided with the utility pole on the east side of South 41st Street, causing the cable to snap.

The report said the witness spoke to the driver, who said he would report the crash when he returned home. No one was hurt in the incident.

Brian K. Kamke

Officers were able to track the vehicle’s license plate number to Brian K. Kamke. The report said officers found Kamke at his residence and noted he was trying to close the garage door on his vehicle with the vehicle still running. The police report also said Kamke fell while trying to go up a step to the front door of his residence.

The report said Kamke admitted to being involved in the crash. Officers did not detect any odor of intoxicants coming from Kamke, but stated in the police report that “he was having a hard time maintaining his balance and struggled to maintain his focus when asked questions.”

Kamke told officers he had taken a prescribed medication earlier in the day, but could not provide them with the prescription bottle and said the pill he had taken was the last dosage of the prescription. According to the report, Kamke failed standardized field sobriety tests.

Police arrested Kamke on suspicion of sixth-offense OWI and felony bail jumping. He was listed as an inmate at Manitowoc County Jail Monday morning.

Unlicensed driver who fatally struck woman charged with DWI

The NYPD Highway Patrol conducts an investigation after a woman was fatally struck by a car on Atlantic Ave. between 3rd Ave. and Nevins St. in Brookyn.
The NYPD Highway Patrol conducts an investigation after a woman was fatally struck by a car on Atlantic Ave. between 3rd Ave. and Nevins St. in Brookyn. (Gardiner Anderson/for New York Daily News)

An unlicensed driver who fatally struck a 62-year-old woman as she crossed the street just steps from her Brooklyn home has been charged with DWI, police said Monday.

Nhambiu, who lives in Brownsville, was also charged with refusing to take a breath test, so his blood alcohol level was not clear. But police said he slurred his speech, had bloodshot eyes and smelled of booze.

Alina Morales was crossing mid-block on Atlantic Ave. near Third Ave. in Boerum Hill when a red 2015 Hyundai Sonata heading west struck her about 7:45 p.m. Sunday.

The NYPD Highway Patrol conducts an investigation after a woman was fatally struck by a car on Atlantic Ave. between 3rd Ave. and Nevins St. in Brookyn.
The NYPD Highway Patrol conducts an investigation after a woman was fatally struck by a car on Atlantic Ave. between 3rd Ave. and Nevins St. in Brookyn. (Gardiner Anderson/for New York Daily News)

“I was standing right there when she got hit. She was already in the street. She had a cane,” said Shirley Carter, 64, a neighbor. “The reflection from the headlights was in her face. Before I could [warn her], boom! — it knocked her all the way down there. Knocked out of her shoes…I knew she was dead.”[More New York] Seven shot, one fatally, at Brooklyn ‘sweet 16′ birthday party »

They knew her by her nickname, “Sugar.”

“She was a good person,” said neighbor Ricky McDonald, 65.

All the Reasons Why You Should Have the Contacts of DUI Attorneys at Your Disposal

It might not occur to you now, but you need the contacts of DUI attorneys at your disposal. Of course, you are wondering why any person going about his life and making merry want to make friends with attorneys.

Here is the short answer. Accidents do not come through your doors with a warning. It catches you off guard and leaves you entangled in a web of complexities. That is why it is imperative that you have the right people at your disposal and get yourself out of a complicated situation when it is not too late.

In this article, we shall talk at length about why you need a DUI (Driving Under Influence) attorney. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you shall be convinced enough to start your research and prepare yourself before it is late.

Reasons You Need a DUI Attorney:

When we speak of driving under influence, there is just one thing that remains to be said. It is an outright dangerous thing to do. However, people make mistakes, and sometimes you might not be able to help driving under influence.

This much is understandable. However, the justice system does not take these things too lightly, and it should not! Once you are pulled over and caught driving under influence, you must prepare for the long haul.

There are several legal complications that you would have to face. In situations as such, the only person who can help your case is a DUI attorney. Now that we have laid the groundwork for the need of DUI attorneys, let us go into the details.

A DUI Attorney Can Help You Avoid Random Testing

Once you are caught, we mentioned that it is a tough road ahead. One of the most important parts of the entire process is that of being tested. You might be required to go for a series of urinalysis testing. In fact, if you miss one test, you could end up in jail and ruin your reputation for good. Plus, you can also lose your driving license.

A DUI attorney from reputed agencies like could get you out of this web of penalties. He might even have it expunged so that you can go about your life as normally as before.


A DUI Attorney Can Help You Keep at Your Job

Once caught in the act of driving under influence, the ramifications can be severe. You might even lose out on a successful career and have to settle for mediocrity. No one really wants that for themselves. A DUI attorney shall help you clear your criminal record. Any candidate for a job goes into the bad books of employers if he has a criminal record.

Your DUI attorney shall handle your criminal records and keep you in the clear. This way, you do not have to worry about losing a shot at the job you were eyeing for.

You might have to serve in the community and do certain other things to keep the record clean. But that is all that is going to be. This is, therefore, yet another reason to hire a DUI attorney.

A DUI Attorney Shall Help You Keep Your License

The minute you are caught driving under influence, your driving license shall be restricted until further notice. In fact, as we mentioned earlier, you might even lose your license for good. It must be understood that driving under influence is a serious crime.

Therefore, you might be just too close to losing your license. However, your DUI attorney might be able to help your case. Your attorney might be able to reduce your charges as much as possible. This shall help you to get your license back in a short while and resume your normal life.

Without the help of an attorney, you can either lose your license forever, or for at least a year. This can have serious impacts on your lifestyle and work. In emergencies, when you would need to drive your car, you might have no other option but to rely on other people.

This is nothing less than harrowing. Therefore, here is another reason for you to hire a DUI attorney.

Wrapping Up the Article:

When things are going your way, and everything seems perfect, the need for a DUI attorney might not occur to you. However, when things go sideways, you might not even have the time to do research and find the right help.

You need to act immediately at that time, and you might not have the appropriate options. Therefore, when things are still smooth, and your life is perfect, do your research.

Find a few good DUI attorneys and save yourself from a world of trouble if you happen to drive under influence at some point in life.

Joe Exotic’s husband is arrested for drunk driving ‘and name drops Tiger King to try and get off the hook’


TIGER King star Dillon Passage was arrested for drunk driving on Sunday in Texas and apparently dropped his husband Joe Exotic’s name as cops detained him.

Police stopped a black 2020 Dodge Challenger with the tail-lights off on the shoulder of Highway 290 in Manor, Texas, at around 1:30am, and identified Passage as the driver, according to Fox 7

Dillon Passage was arrested for DWI
Dillon Passage was arrested for DWICredit: The Mega Agency
Dillon Passage said he was in Belton, which is an hour north of where he was stopped
Dillon Passage said he was in Belton, which is an hour north of where he was stoppedCredit: The Mega Agency

Passage, 25, made police “aware of his social status and marriage to famed Joe Maldonado-Passage on scene of the incident,” TMZ reported on Monday. 

Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic and the Tiger King, married Passage in December 2017. 

Both star in the 2020 true crime documentary Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. 

When questioned by police, Passage said he thought he was in Belton, which is an hour north from his location. 

Dillon passage failed a sobriety test
Dillon passage failed a sobriety testCredit: The Mega Agency
Dillon Passage and Joe Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic, married in December 2017
Dillon Passage and Joe Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic, married in December 2017Credit: Refer to Caption

When asked what time it was, Passage incorrectly said 7pm. 

Passage had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and police detected alcohol in his breath.

He said his vehicle had suddenly stopped running and that he was waiting of this sister, and admitted to drinking three Modelo beers and being “maybe a bit intoxicated,” according to TMZ. 

Police said Dillon Passage's eyes were bloodshot and he had slurred speech
Police said Dillon Passage’s eyes were bloodshot and he had slurred speechCredit: The Mega Agency
Joe Exotic is serving a 22-year prison sentence for a murder-for-hire plot
Joe Exotic is serving a 22-year prison sentence for a murder-for-hire plotCredit: AFP or licensors

Passage failed a sobriety test and was arrested for DWI. 

He is being held at Travis County Jail on a $3,000 bond.

Passage had posted a video on Instagram of himself at an event the prior night.