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Attorney pleads guilty to impaired driving

ST. JOHNS — Owosso-based attorney John J. Homola recently pleaded guilty to impaired driving in connection with a Sept. 14 arrest in Clinton County.

Homola, 47, of Owosso Township, waived arraignment in 65A District Court and stood mute Sept. 26 on an Operating While Impaired per se charge. He had previously posted a $300 cash bond on the misdemeanor charge.

Homola pleaded guilty Oct. 4 to impaired driving. He is scheduled for sentencing before Judge Michael Clarizio at 8:30 a.m. Oct. 30.

Homola also was cited for a civil infraction, driving left of center, in the same incident. Court records indicate he pleaded guilty to a different infraction and paid $125 in fines and costs on that count.

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EX-MSU star Malik McDowell pleads guilty to fighting with cops, truck theft

Malik McDowell

Malik McDowell (Photo: Ted S. Warren, AP)

Former Michigan State football standout Malik McDowell is expected to learn next month his punishment for drunken driving, fighting with police and driving a stolen vehicle earlier this year.

On Wednesday, McDowell pleaded guilty to charges of assault/resisting arrest, operating a vehicle while intoxicated and receiving and concealing stolen property, according to Oakland Circuit Court records.

A judge scheduled McDowell’s sentencing on all three charges for Nov. 13, 2019, records said.

The resisting arrest charge is a felony punishable by up to two years in prison and fines. Operating while intoxicated is a 93-day misdemeanor. However, McDowell has a February 2018 drunken driving conviction in Royal Oak and could receive an enhanced combined sentence of fine, jail time and community service. Receiving and concealing stolen property is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The charges stem from an incident in February.

During the incident at a Lathrup Village gas station, McDowell confronted a police officer, refused to hand over his license and grabbed his wrists and put his hand on the officer’s gun.

Police deployed an electric stun gun, but it didn’t faze the football player. Other officers helped handcuff McDowell.

The receiving and concealing stolen property charge against McDowell stems from an investigation of pickup thefts from a Ford Motor Co. overflow lot in Dearborn. He was arraigned on the charge in April.

The trucks were equipped with GPS devices, one of which led officers with the Oakland County sheriff’s auto theft unit to a closed garage at McDowell’s Southfield address.

McDowell told police he did not know the truck was stolen and had purchased it for $3,000 from a man on Linwood in Detroit. He didn’t know the man’s name, according to police.

A highly sought-after recruit who starred as a defensive lineman for the Spartans, McDowell was drafted in the second round in 2017 by the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. However, never played a down in the league after suffering a head injury in an ATV crash in July 2017.

In July 2018, the Seahawks waived McDowell. The NFL team in May 2019 filed a federal lawsuit against him over a nearly $800,000 signing bonus that an arbitrator ordered him to pay back.

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U.S. senators target auto tech mandate to block drunk driving

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two U.S. senators on Wednesday plan to introduce legislation that would require automakers to install technology to prevent intoxicated drivers from starting a vehicle by the middle of the next decade.

For more than 10 years, major automakers and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have been researching technology solutions to prevent impaired driving crashes.

In 2017, 10,847 people were killed in crashes on U.S. roads involving an intoxicated driver, with costs to society nearing $200 billion, NHTSA data showed.

Senator Tom Udall, a Democrat, and Rick Scott, a Republican, will introduce legislation to mandate such technology on all new vehicles within about four years of the bill’s passage and direct the federal government to work with automobile manufacturers, suppliers, universities and others to ensure those vehicles are available for sale at the earliest practical date.

Udall said he believes the technology will be ready.

“This issue has a real urgency to it,” Udall said in an interview with Reuters. “The industry is often resistant to new mandates. We want their support but we need to do this whether or not we have it – lives are at stake.”

A similar bill has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Debbie Dingell, a Democrat, that would require setting rules for advanced vehicle alcohol detection devices by 2024.

The senators want to establish a pilot program for deployment of the technology by federal agencies.

NHTSA has invested over $50 million over 10 years in related technology, and equipment is already undergoing limited field testing in Maryland and Virginia, Udall said.

Automakers could use devices to determine a driver’s blood alcohol level by touching the steering wheel or engine start button, or could install sensors to passively monitor a driver’s breath or eye-movements, Udall said.

In March, Swedish carmaker Volvo said it planned to install cameras and sensors in its cars from the early 2020s, monitoring drivers for signs of being drunk or distracted and intervening to prevent accidents.

Volvo, owned by China’s Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd, said intervention if the driver is found to be drunk, tired or checking a mobile phone could involve limiting the car’s speed, alerting “Volvo on Call” assistance service, or slowing down and parking the car.

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Lori Harvey Is Accused of “Texting While Driving” Before Her Accident and Hit-and-Run Arrest

  • Lori Harvey, the 22-year-old stepdaughter of Steve Harvey, was arrested on Sunday night.
  • According to reports, the model was arrested on two charges — a hit and run and delaying a police investigation — but she was released on the scene.
  • Just prior to the incident, Lori posted on Instagram Stories about her day hanging out in Malibu, California.

On Sunday night, Lori Harvey was arrested for a hit and run and delaying a police investigation.

According to the Beverly Hills Police Department via E! News, the 22-year-old hit a parked car, prompting a single vehicle accident on the 200 block of Moreno Drive in Los Angeles around 9:48 p.m. on Sunday night. Authorities told the publication that the model, who is Steve Harvey‘s stepdaughter, attempted to leave the scene but was apprehended nearby. No injuries have been reported at this time.

An eyewitness told OK! that Lori had been texting while driving and ended up flipping her car. Police confirmed to the outlet that they don’t believe she was intoxicated at the time but that she did, indeed, roll her vehicle at some point.

“She was arrested for the two charges and released on scene,” police said to OK!. “Not booked. She identified herself properly and signed a written promise to appear in court.”

Prior to the accident and arrest, Lori shared several Instagram Stories on Sunday that showed her spending time in Malibu, California and dining at Nobu with fellow model Amaya Colonn.

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Since the incident, Lori has remained silent on social media, as has Lori’s mother, Marjorie Harveyand her stepdad, Steve (aside from his usual inspirational quotes on Twitter).

Lori has been in the news lately for her alleged on-and-off relationship with 49-year-old rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs. Throughout the summer, the two were spotted hanging out in New York CityNerano, Italy, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Despite these outings, neither Diddy nor Lori have confirmed a relationship.

Earlier this month, Lori appeared at her parents’ Sand and Soul Festival in Cancún, Mexico, where Marjorie celebrated her 55th birthday in style. Most recently, Lori has traveled to Howard University for the school’s homecoming celebration

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Juror accused of perjury in DUI case pleads not guilty

CHARLESTON — A man pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges accusing him of lying during testimony that led a judge to overturn a guilty verdict in a DUI case.

While Jacob R. Stephens later recanted and the judge reversed his decision, he still faces charges for making the false statement in a post-trial hearing in the DUI case against Christopher K. Whitley.

In turn, Whitley was later charged with bribery after police said their investigation led to the discovery that he recruited a man to try to influence another juror in his DUI case.

After Thursday’s hearing, Coles County State’s Attorney Jesse Danley said a plea offer made to Stephens in exchange for his cooperation remains in place. The offer was mentioned during a hearing last week on a prosecution motion to reinstate the guilty verdict in the DUI case.

Public Defender Anthony Ortega, who represents Stephens, declined comment Thursday. During the hearing, he entered the not-guilty plea on Stephens’ behalf.

He told Circuit Judge James Glenn that Stephens would waive his right to a preliminary hearing. That meant the judge didn’t have to consider prosecution evidence to decide if the case should continue.

Glenn scheduled Stephens’ next hearing for Nov. 18.

The charges against Stephens, 23, of Mattoon, are in connection with his saying during an August hearing that, during Whitley’s trial, he overheard another juror say Whitley bought his way out of trouble but would now “get what he deserved.”

Whitley, 41, of Mattoon was charged with driving under the influence in May 2015 and the jury’s guilty verdict came during a trial in April.

During last week’s hearing, Stephens testified and admitted that his claim about what he heard from the other juror wasn’t true. He said he had no reason for why he said that before.

However, evidence at that hearing also included a recording of Stephens’ interview by Mattoon police. In the interview, he said he met after the trial with attorney Todd Reardon, who represented Whitley in the DUI case, and Reardon asked him to make the false statement.

But Reardon also testified and denied making the request, claiming he’s passed a lie detector test to verify it.

Glenn based his decision to reinstate the DUI verdict on Stephens’ testimony and Whitley now awaits sentencing on that conviction.

According to police testimony at an earlier hearing in Whitley’s case, the investigation found that he had a man offer $5,000 to a woman who was on the DUI case jury to say she looked up online information on Whitley during the trial.

The investigation also found that Whitley offered the man, a mutual friend of his and the juror’s, a discount on a vehicle at the Pilson automotive dealership, where Whitley works, according to the testimony.