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What to Know About Denver Pretrial Services

Pretrial services in Denver can provide crucial support for individuals facing criminal charges. This guide provides an overview of pretrial services, including the procedures and goals, what to expect when going through the process, and the impacts it can have on outcomes.

What Is Denver Pretrial Services?

Denver Pretrial Services is an integral part of the court system. It enables individuals with pending criminal charges to be released before trial without having to post bond. Through the process, a pretrial services officer investigates and evaluates a defendant's background information as well as their ties to the community, employment status, history of violence, and more in order to determine whether they are an appropriate candidate for release.

Who's Eligible for Denver Pretrial Services?

Individuals charged with felony or misdemeanor crimes and residing in the Denver area are eligible for pretrial services. Pretrial services also consider other factors such as a person's prior criminal record, ties to the community, and more when deciding whether they should be released. An individual's eligibility can change over time as their circumstances change, so those previously denied may be eligible later on.

How Does the Process Work for Denver Pretrial Services?

Denver pretrial services typically begin with a risk assessment interview which assesses an individual's risk to the community. The interview, performed by a qualified individual from the pretrial services program, will consider factors like a person's prior criminal record, ties to the community, and past experiences with the justice system to determine whether or not they should be released. Based on this information, a release decision is then made that takes into account safety of the community and monitors their compliance with court orders if pretrial release is granted.

What Are the Benefits of Enrollment in Denver Pretrial Services?

Denver pretrial services provide many benefits, such as keeping people out of jail who may not pose a significant risk to the community, reducing taxpayer costs associated with housing and caring for those in detention, and enabling individuals to continue participating in their lives while awaiting trial. Enrollment in Denver pretrial services can also reduce recidivism rates by providing case management and resources that encourage compliance with court ordered conditions.

Where Can I Find More Information About Denver Pretrial Services?

If you or a loved one is in need of Denver pretrial services, it's important to find out all the information you can. The best source for this type of information would be at the Denver County Court website, where you can find official forms, rules and regulations, and copies of court orders. You can also contact your local probation office to learn more about pretrial services in your area.

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