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How To Beat The DA At Their Own Game

The DA has many tools in its arsenal that can influence the outcome of a case. On this page we will discuss the most important ones.

Know what they're looking for.

The DA wants to win. They want to make sure that the defendant gets convicted. That means they need to find evidence that proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Even if there isn't enough evidence, then the DA will try to convince the jury that the defendant is guilty.

Be prepared with evidence.

In order to beat the DA at their own game, you need to be ready with evidence. You need to gather as much evidence as possible before trial. This includes gathering witness statements, photos, and other documents.

Don't give them any ammunition.

If you're going to beat the DA at its own game, you need more than just a good lawyer. You also need to be prepared with evidence. That means gathering witness statements, photos and other documents.

Show them who's boss.

The DA has an advantage when hes prosecuting a case. He knows what happened before the trial begins. And he knows what will happen during the trial. So he can prepare his witnesses and his arguments. But you don't have to play by those rules. You can gather evidence and present it to the jury before the trial even starts. This is called pre-trial discovery. It gives you the chance to find out what the prosecution plans to use against you.

Win the case.

If your'e facing criminal charges, you need to understand the process. That means knowing what happens before the trial begins. In Colorado, there are two ways to do that. One is through pre-trial discovery. The other is through a motion to suppress evidence. Home