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The best way to avoid getting arrested for DUI is to stay away from drinking and driving. If you're pulled over by police, you should think before refuse a breathalyzer test. If convicted of a DUI, you could face fines, jail time, license suspension, and other penalties.

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If you're facing a DUI charge, you need an experienced attorney who will fight aggressively for your rights. At the Law Offices of James C. Forslund, we offer affordable dui lawyer services near you. Our attorneys work hard to help clients avoid jail time and fines, while still getting the justice they deserve.

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If you were arrested for driving under the influence, you need to hire a dui lawyer as soon as possible. A dui attorney can help you understand what happens during a police investigation and how to defend yourself against charges. They can also advise you on whether you should take a breath test or submit to a blood alcohol concentration test.

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Our dui lawyers near you offer affordable DUI defense services. We charge reasonable fees and provide free consultations to people arrested for DUI. We work hard to ensure that every client receives the highest quality legal representation.

What Happens After An Arrest?