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What To Do When Your License Gets Revoked In Colorado For DUI

If you're convicted of a DUI in Colorado, your driver's license will be revoked for at least 30 days. After that, you may drive on an interlock license before getting behind the wheel again.

Here's what you need to know.

You'll also need to pay a $95 reinstatement fee, enroll in and complete an alcohol education class, and have SR22 insurance. If you fail any of these requirements, your license will be revoked.

Contact Your Attorney Right Away.

It's important to contact your attorney right away so he or she can help you understand what happens next.

Find Out About Other Options.

If you're facing a revocation of your driver's license, there are other options available to you. You may qualify for an ignition interlock device (IID) and an interlock license. An IID is a breathalyzer installed in your vehicle that prevents you from starting the car until you blow into it.

File For an Appeal.

If you believe that your license was revoked unfairly, you can file an appeal. This process takes several weeks, so make sure to start early. You'll need to provide evidence that you were not at fault for the violation, and you must also show that you've been driving safely since the date of the violation.

Check with the DMV.

If you're still unsure what to do after filing an appeal, check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). They will tell you whether your license has been revoked. If it's been revoked, you may qualify for an interlock license.

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