South Dakota Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Brookings
    1. Helsper, McCarty, Mahlke, and Kleinjan: Are you or a loved one facing legal problems related to a criminal offense or investigation? If so, your first step should be to consult a criminal defense attorney in your area. A skilled attorney will know exactly what can be done to protect your rights and help you avoid harsh penalties or imprisonment. People from all walks of life encounter legal problems and a dedicated and aggressive attorney will fight for the best outcome for their client. Ignoring the situation or attempting to cooperate with law enforcement without consulting an attorney can have disastrous results. By agreeing to answer questions or allowing a search of your property, you may unintentionally incriminate yourself. The police are not interested in your innocence or guilt and are simply attempting to gather evidence against you. It is important to remember that you have options. With a competent criminal defense lawyer at your side, you can fight your charges.
    2. Wieczorek Law Office: Criminal Defense
    3. Ribstein & Hogan: Good people face criminal charges. Sometimes one too many drinks at the bar can turn into a legal situation you never dreamed would happen to you. No matter what the circumstances of your case are, you deserve to be represented by an experienced and aggressive lawyer.
    4. Gass Law: Are Your Rights Fully Protected? Criminal defendants are “innocent until proven guilty,” but we all know that the presumption of innocence must be maintained. In our media-saturated society, where people regularly read or watch TV news reports about criminal investigations and arrests, ordinary citizens may form opinions about a person's guilt or innocence long before criminal charges are filed or a trial begins.
    5. Fite, Pierce, Ronning Law Office: Criminal Defense
  3. Deadwood
    1. Christensen Law Offices:

       In South Dakota, drunk driving (DUI / DWI) penalties are severe:

      1st Offense: $500 fine, 30 day loss of license
      2nd Offense: $500 fine, 10 days of jail time, 1 year loss of license
      3rd Offense: Considered a felony, punishment can vary

  4. Huron
    1. : Criminal Law
  5. Madison
    1. DeCastro Law Office: drug cases murder rape DWI's extortion personal injury car accidents med malpractice product liability wrongful death.
  6. Mitchell
    1. Morgan, Theeler: Criminal Law
    2. Larson & Nipe: Criminal Defense
    3. Taylor, James D.: Criminal - Representation of defendant at all stages of prosecution, including appeals.
  7. Lead
    1. Johns & Kosel: Appellate Advocacy Business Law Constitutional Law Contract Law Criminal Defense Family Law Mediation and Arbitration Property Wills, Trusts and Probate
  8. Pierre
    1. Riter Rogers: Criminal Defense When you are confronted with a criminal charge, having an attorney with knowledge and experience in the criminal justice system is especially important.
    2. May, Adam, Gerdes & Thompson: Criminal Law, DUI
    3. Powell Law Office: CRIMINAL LAW Felony & Misdemeanor
  9. Rapid City
  10. Sioux Falls
  11. Spearfish
    1. Claggett Law Firm: Criminal Defense: Trial and Appeal ~ Bankruptcy**~ Personal Injury ~ Business Law ~ Criminal Law ~ Real Estate ~ Civil Litigation ~ Wills and Estate Law ~ Estate Planning ~ Tax Planning
  12. Sturgis
    1. Kinney Law: Driving under the influence, or DUI, is perhaps the most common serious crime committed by ordinary people. By the time you are weighing your options following an arrest for DUI, you are wondering whether you will lose your driver's license, face jail time or be forced to pay increased insurance premiums. If you were arrested in or near Sturgis, Deadwood, Spearfish or Belle Fourche, you likely already had to spend the night in jail before bond was set. Those arrested for misdemeanor DUIs in Rapid City are typically released that evening. Although we all know the dangers and illegality of drinking and driving, DUI is a frequent mistake that ordinary, hard-working citizens commit. Good people can find themselves in trouble. Some cases are beatable if your blood alcohol content was lower than anticipated by the officer, if constitutional violations occurred, or if "physical control" issues exist for those found napping in their car. With mandatory blood draws, chemical analysis and a seemingly endless list of legal reasons for officers to pull over motorists, many cases are not too hard for the prosecution to obtain your guilt. You need to know if you need a lawyer and what he or she can do for you. For most Americans, driving is a way of life. Whether you are running errands, going to work, going to school or dropping the kids off at day care, you rely on your car to get you from place to place. When your driving privileges are threatened, it is time to work with a skilled lawyer to protect your rights and shield you from license revocation.
  13. Watertown
    1. Austin, Hinderaker, Hopper, Strait & Benson: Criminal Defense
    2. Bratland Law: In South Dakota the legal limit has gone down to .08. The legislature recently determined that it was appropriate to go back 10 years to determine the level of DUI, instead of 5 years, or 3. Law enforcement is taking an active approach in stopping motorists. Oftentimes, law enforcement does not react to situations, instead, they seem to create probable cause, stop vehicles, and hope everything is in order. That's part of the reason Bratland Law has had cases dismissed for the following reasons: 1. Vehicle stopped based on law enforcement claiming license plate bulbs did not clearly illuminate the license plate. 2. Vehicle stopped for allegedly crossing the fog line. 3. Vehicle stopped for allegedly crossing the center line. 4. Vehicle stopped for failing to stop at stop sign. (Actually in this particular case, law enforcement stopped the vehicle for failing to stop at a stop sign that didn't exist. The stop sign under question had been taken to the shop for repair and law enforcement claimed the motorist knew, or should have known that the stop sign was usually there.) 5. Vehicle stopped for failing to have properly functioning taillights. (Felony charge dismissed by court). 6. Four-wheeler operator stopped for not having proper eye protection. 7. Law enforcement entering home to question and arrest motorist on suspicion of driving under the influence. (Several cases dismissed on grounds that law enforcement did not have a warrant or consent to enter, and remember, consent of someone who does not reside in the home is not valid consent). Law enforcement can enter home with a warrant, consent, or by showing exigent (emergency) circumstances exist. South Dakota does not authorize the entry into the home to preserve evidence (i.e. blood alcohol level) for a misdemeanor crime. 8. Law enforcement refused to allow motorist the opportunity to obtain an independent blood test as authorized by statute.
    3. Ellyson, Roger: Criminal defense – including DUI, DWI, OWI, OUI Personal injury Property damage Family law Divorce
  14. Yankton
    1. Horn Law Office: Driving under the influence (DUI, also sometimes called DWI or OUI) is one of the most commonly committed crimes in the United States. Unfortunately, because this crime is so common, many people make the mistake of taking their DUI arrests lightly instead of seeking appropriate legal representation.
    2. Shreves Law: Criminal matters, including:DUI MIP Moving Violations
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