Oregon Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

  1. Albany
    1. Hickam, Kent: Criminal Defense. A probation violation can result in harsh penalties that were otherwise avoided in the original proceeding and should be as vigorously defended as any other criminal law matter.
    2. Poole, Arnold: Felonies Measure 11 Drug Offenses Vehicular Manslaughter Murder/Manslaughter Sex Crimes Theft Assaults Restraining Orders Probation Violations Stalking Orders Misdemeanors Drunk Driving Reckless Driving Expungements
    3. Reid, Forrest: Assault Domestic Violence Weapons Offenses Sex Offenses Theft and Property Crimes Juvenile Offenses Probation and Parole Violations DUII Narcotics/Drug Offenses White Collar Crimes - Fraud Embezzlement Credit Card & Identity Theft
    4. Rohrbough, Keith: DUI / DWI defense DMV hearings Traffic violations
  2. Ashland
    1. Paul Loney: DUI/DUII Being charged with Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants or Drugs (DUI/DUII) or Boating Under the Influence of Intoxicants or Drugs (BUI/BUII) can be an upsetting experience. You may feel that the police were quick to judge you or were unwilling to listen. You may believe that your rights were violated. You may be upset with yourself for having made a bad decision. Either way, we are here to assist you in finding a resolution that you feel good about. Being charged with a DUI/DUII can have several unpleasant consequences, such as exorbitant fines, loss or suspension of your driver's license and loss of your freedom, even if you are a first time offender. We are here to help mitigate those consequences and help you navigate through the DUI/DUII legal process. It is in your best interest to act quickly If you take too long in finding an attorney you may lose out on opportunities to challenge the suspension of your driver's license. Under Oregon law, you have 10 days to request a DMV hearing. If you fail to request a hearing within the specified time you waive your right to challenge the suspension or revocation. A diversion program may be available to you There are multiple benefits in entering a diversion program. A diversion program saves you from a DUI/DUII conviction. The successful completion of a diversion program also allows you to pay lower court costs, avoid the loss of your license, and exempt you from spending time in jail.
    2. Morningstar, Jacob: Criminal & Traffic Defense: ~ Defense against felony, misdemeanor, traffic, and violation charges ~ Driving Under the Influence (DUII) defense ~ Drug & Medical Marijuana defense ~ Probation violation defense ~ Delinquency defense ~ School disciplinary defense ~ Speeding ticket defense ~ DMV suspension/revocation defense ~ Diversion, Conditional Discharge, Deferred Adjudication, Civil Compromise, and Optional Probation ~ Expungements ~ Clemency and Pardons ~ Habeas Corpus relief ~ Mandamus actions Appeals: ~ Direct appeals to the Oregon Court of Appeals and Oregon Supreme Court ~ Post-Conviction Relief ~ Circuit Court Appeals from DMV and administrative hearings, Municipal Courts, and Justice Courts Professional, Non-profit, and Business Entity Defense & Counsel: ~ Professional, Non-profit, and Business Entity defense in criminal and noncriminal governmental enforcement actions ~ Licensure, regulatory compliance, best practices, entity formation, tax planning, landlord/tenant relations, insurance, bookkeeping, and other issues ~ Medical Marijuana facility defense & counsel ~ Licensure Defense for state-licensed professionals ~ OLCC licensee defense & counsel ~ Adult & Sex Industry defense & counsel ~ Lottery and social gaming licensee defense & counsel
    3. Davis Hearn & Anderson: DUI & Traffic Offenses
  3. Astoria
    1. Lang, Mark: Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Guardianships and Adoptions. $ 180 / hr and flat fixed rates available. Measure 11, Major Felonies, Sex Offenses, Drug Felonies, White Collar Crime, Property Offenses, Expungements, DUI, and Misdemeanors $ 180 / hr and flat fixed rates available. Wills, trusts, probate, contracts, business issues, litigation, health law, HIPAA, HITECH and insurance issues. $ 180 / hr and flat rates available.
    2. Orr, John: FAMILY LAW: Divorce Child Support Child Custody Spousal Support DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE / RESTRAINING ORDER JUVENILE DELINQUENCY JUVENILE DEPENDENCY CRIMINAL DEFENSE: Measure II Offenses Drugs Property Crimes Forgery Child Abuse Sexual Abuse
    4. Former Defense Attorney: Should I begin alcohol treatment before going to court? Yes. First of all, a DUII arrest can be the sign that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and need help. Furthermore, voluntarily seeking treatment immediately after your arrest is a way to show that you are taking responsibility for possibly having a problem. If you later are convicted of a DUII, the judge probably will look more favorably on your situation if you can show that you immediately took responsibility for recognizing this problem and doing something about it.
  4. Baker City
    1. Whitnah & Hampton: Did the police abide by your constitutional rights when they stopped/frisked/ seized you or your property? Was your right to remain silent violated? Was your right to counsel violated? Is Diversion, Civil Compromise, or another alternative available to you? Can a more favorable plea agreement be negotiated with the District Attorney's office? Have you received all of the discovery for your case? What Rules of Evidence impact your case? What new case law impacts your case? How will a conviction or guilty plea affect other areas of your life? For example your employment, immigration consequences, liberty interest, potential impact on your right to keep and bear arms, etc. What monetary obligations will follow your conviction or guilty plea? What will parole and post prison supervision look like for you? Do you have a right to appeal? Is other post-conviction relief available for you?
    2. Moon, Robert: Whether you are charged with a traffic violation or first degree murder, you deserve the strongest possible defense. While it may be tempting to accept a plea bargain, it isn't always in your best interest.
    3. Bardizian, Kenneth: Wills and probate Family and elder law Corporations-LLC-LLP Real estate contracts Guardianships and conservatorships Criminal law, traffic infractions, and DUI (driving under the influence)
  5. Bend
  6. Beaverton
  7. Burns
    1. Thompson, Martin: Criminal Defense DUII Defense Traffic Infractions Misdemeanors Expungement
  8. Canyon City
  9. Clackamas
    1. Oliveros & O'Brien: Driving under the influence, also referred to as drunk driving, is a hard charge to beat in Oregon. State law specifically forbids plea negotiations that would amend an original charge of driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) to a traffic offense that doesn't involve alcohol or drugs. Nevertheless, you're still presumed innocent until proven guilty, you still have constitutional rights, and you still have interests to protect in sentencing even upon conviction. Although the technical abbreviation of the Oregon charge is DUII, our clients, and even some legal professionals use DUI and DWI interchangeably to refer to the same legal problem operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. If you provided a breath or blood sample to the arresting officer that shows a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher, basic proof of the crime is complete. If you didn't provide a sample or if it shows .06 or .07, you can still be charged with DUI on the basis of other evidence, most often the arresting officer's observations of your speech, appearance, behavior, coordination and odor.
  10. Coos Bay
    1. Williams, Clinton: Divorce, Visitation, Support, Child Custody, Modifications Restraining Orders DUII Defense Criminal Defense: Pleas & Trials Estate Planning & Administration Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney Guardianships, Conservatorships
    2. Hinrichs, Daniel: Estate matters Probate Wills Trusts Estate planning Living wills Criminal defense
    3. Vincent, Victor & Evans: It may be possible to successfully defend or mitigate against a DUI/DUII charge.
  11. Corvallis
  12. Eugene
  13. Florence
    1. Freeze, Greg: Wills & Trusts Estate Planning Probate Real Estate Law Corporation and Business Law Business Formation Contract Law Labor & Employment Law Bankruptcy ("I am a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.") Elder Law Divorce & Family Law Taxation Product Liability Personal Injury DUII / DUI / DWI Criminal Law
  14. Gladstone
    1. Henricksen, Jon: DUII Defense Criminal Law Real Estate and Land Use, Boundary Disputes Personal Injury Divorce, Family Law, Restraining Orders Corporate and Business Advice Probate and Estate Administration Wills
    2. DUII Defense Criminal Law Real Estate and Land Use, Boundary Disputes Personal Injury Divorce, Family Law, Restraining Orders Corporate and Business Advice Probate and Estate Administration Wills
  15. Grant Pass
    1. Robinson, Sara: 50% DUI / DWI 25% Domestic Violence 25% Social Security
    2. Davis, Adams, Freudenberg & Day : Criminal Defense
    3. Reade, John: Crimes are classified as misdemeanors and felonies and are punishable by a fine and jail or prison time. Violations are punishable by a fine. In criminal law, a criminal charge or charges are filed by a prosecutor for a District Attorney's Office or the State of Oregon. A plaintiff (person suing someone) in a civil law suit only has to show by a preponderance of the evidence that a defendant is 51% or more liable (responsible) for the damages. However, the prosecutor in a criminal law case has to prove to a judge or jury beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant is guilty of a criminal charge(s).
    4. Christopher Mecca: Almost any criminal charge can result in severe consequences. The person charged may face fines, jail, or prison.
    5. Bain, Robert S.: Are You or Someone You Know Charged With A Crime? Chances are that this will have a serious impact on your life. Don't run the risk that everything will turn out fine.
    6. Simcoe, Daniel: Criminal Matters, DUII & Traffic Violations
    7. Graham, Robert: If you have been charged with a crime in Oregon, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.
  16. Gresham
    1. O'Rourke, James: Your constitutional rights can be summed up simply as the right to be left alone by the government and its agents. The police are supposed to honor your rights. However, they do not want you to assert your rights. Incriminating statements are a key ingredient of most convictions. Television programs like NYPD Blue and The Closer are all about getting people to talk without lawyers, and you know what happens to those people. When police agents ask you to talk to them, all you need to do is politely say: I do not want to talk to you and I want a lawyer. This is asserting your Miranda v. Arizona constitutional rights. Some police agents will honor that assertion of your rights. Others will do all they can to get you to give up your rights. They may pretend that they did not hear you and keep asking questions. They may act like what you said did not matter. They may try to make you think and feel that asserting your rights makes you look guilty. Why do you need a lawyer? They may try to bully you with their tone of voice, body language and facial expressions. They may try other tricks like saying, OK you don't want to talk about that, lets just talk about this. The biggest trick is to get you to believe that you can talk your way out of being charged or arrested. They may say something like We just need to ask you a few questions, or We can clear this all up if you will just answer a few questions and then you can go home. You can not talk your way out of trouble. You can only talk your way into trouble. Let your lawyer do the talking. Lawyers can use certain procedures under which what they say can not be used against you. The main problem is this, even if the police are well intentioned, if you talk to them and they misunderstand you or remember your statements incorrectly when they write their police reports, when it comes to court, it is your word against theirs as to what you said and who do you think the jury is most likely to believe? Police agents who try to trick you into waiving your rights are even more likely to misunderstand or incorrectly report your statements. After asserting your rights, you can ask Am I under arrest? Can I leave? This puts them in the position of deciding if they have enough evidence to make an arrest. Much of the time, they need an incriminating statement from you to make an arrest based on probable cause or to make a case against you. Be patient, the passage of time works in your favor. If you are arrested do not talk without a lawyer. Simply and politely say, I do not want to talk to you and I want a lawyer.
    2. Dials, William: 50% Criminal Defense 50% DUI / DWI
    3. Dials, Bill: A seasoned DUII defense attorney will start preparing a case for trial as soon as he is hired. Investigation, assertion of important pre-trial motions, and preparation for the trial are critically important to a successful DUII defense, and it is your attorney's job to fulfill these obligations. Oregon law denies prosecutors the ability to negotiate DUII charges, and in almost every case the driver will have to choose between pleading guilty and going to trial. There are many reasons why, a driver may decide to go to trial even though their case is not strong. Prosecutors will sometimes dismiss other charges in return for a guilty plea or diversion agreement on the DUII. A person charged with DUII can also expect to be cited for any other offense that may have been committed during the incident. Reckless driving is a common example. Sometimes, a driver will receive minor citations that will require the driver to appear in more than one court. A typical DUII will include critical scientific evidence. It is important that your DUII defense attorney be able to produce and respond to scientific evidence when necessary. Blood, breath or urine testing; expert testimony; medical evidence relating to the driver's condition all of these are common forms of scientific evidence that can be important to the outcome of a DUII case. Your attorney must be able to correctly identify and address issues dealing with scientific evidence. Selecting the jury for your DUII trial may be the most difficult and important step in the process. People are generally very biased against DUII. Some feel that zero-tolerance is appropriate and will carry that attitude into the jury room. It is imperative that the accused select the best jury possible, and educate them about the case in a way that will work to his or her benefit. Jury selection is a dynamic process, and every jury panel is different. If your case proceeds to trial, you will want to have an experienced DUII trial attorney selecting your jurors. Sentencing Information Most DUII convictions are Class A misdemeanors, punishable by up to a year in jail and a maximum fine of $6,250.00. Oregon law was recently amended to create Felony DUII for drivers who have three prior DUII convictions in the preceding 10 years. All DUII convictions require minimum sentences, including minimum fines and at least two days jail or community service for first offenders. Some judges are reluctant to allow the community service option. Prosecutors request substantially longer jail sentences for repeat offenders and when there are aggravated circumstances. Probation is imposed after most DUII convictions, and will almost always include a requirement to successfully complete a treatment program. Also, DMV requires completion of a treatment program before they will reinstate a convicted driver's license. Treatment programs vary in length and cost, depending upon the driver's income and history of substance abuse. The judge is free to impose just about any reasonable conditions of probation, oftentimes requiring that the driver not consume alcoholic beverages during the term of probation. Depending on the driver's history, probation will typically last from 18 months up to five years. Most offenders are placed on bench probation, but repeat DUII offenders may be placed on supervised probation, which is more costly and much more restrictive. Any DUII conviction will result in a license suspension of at least one year or longer, depending on the driving history. Oregon Law was recently amended to provide permanent revocation of driving privileges to drivers who are convicted of Felony DUII, or who are convicted of their third or subsequent DUII offense. This means a person who has two or more prior DUII convictions in Oregon or any other state, no matter how long ago, will have their driving privileges permanently revoked if they receive a third or greater conviction in an Oregon court. A driver who is permanently revoked can seek reinstatement of driving privileges after 10 years. But, because the law is so new, no driver has yet had the opportunity to ask for reinstatement. A suspension or revocation of driving privileges in one state will usually prevent you from obtaining a driver's license in any other state. Oregon DUII Suspensions: A first DUII Conviction will result in a one year suspension of your driver's license; A second DUII Conviction can result in a suspension of up to three years A third DUII Conviction will result in a permanent revocation of your driving privileges. DUII DIVERSION: In general, DUII diversion programs are an option for those who have no prior DUII convictions for 15 years preceding the current arrest. That waiting time was recently increased from 10 years. There are other important limitations on a person's eligibility to participate in diversion; for instance, a driver is disqualified if the DUII involved an injury accident. Also, in special circumstances a prosecutor might oppose a driver's application to participate in the diversion program even though that person is otherwise eligible. Sometimes a hearing before the judge is required in order to determine whether a person will be allowed to enroll in the diversion program. If approved to participate in the diversion program, the driver first has to plead guilty to the DUII charge. If the driver fails to complete the diversion program, the court will terminate the diversion agreement, enter a conviction for DUII, and impose a sentence on the driver's previous guilty plea. In Oregon, a diversion program lasts one year, but can be extended for an additional six months under certain circumstances. The Oregon DUII diversion program usually involves five parts: An evaluation Attendance of a victim impact panel Completion of a treatment program Payment of fees Compliance with the general obligation to obey all laws and not operate a motor vehicle unless properly licensed and insured. Other special conditions can be imposed, including a requirement that the driver not consume alcohol during the term of the diversion agreement. If the driver successfully completes the diversion program, the DUII charge is dismissed. His or her Oregon driving record will show participation in the diversion program, and most insurance companies will treat it the same as a conviction. Still, DUII diversion can be a great benefit for those who are eligible, and in most instances a driver will want to take advantage of the program. COMPLIANCE TESTING: Persons convicted of DUII and those who participate in a DUII diversion program are often asked to submit to urine testing to determine whether they have consumed alcohol or drugs in violation of their probation or diversion agreement. Urine testing can and sometimes does result in falsely positive results, particularly when certain new testing methods are used. If you find yourself in this situation, you should consult an experienced DUII attorney immediately. Police Officer Suspensions: Almost every DUII arrest will result in a breath or blood test of the driver. If the police suspect drugs are involved, they may request a urine sample. A refusal or failure of a breath or blood test will result in a police officer suspension of your driver's license. Most often, the suspension does not begin until 30 days after the arrest. The length of the suspension depends on the driver's prior record and whether the suspension is for a failure, or refusal of the test. You have a right to appeal the police officer suspension by requesting a DMV hearing.The request for a hearing must be received by DMV within 10 days of the arrest. The police officer is required to give you a written notice of your rights and consequences relating to the suspension, including your right to a hearing. The DMV hearing has no relationship to the criminal prosecution of the DUII charge, and is a completely separate matter. Because of the 10-day limit for requesting a DMV hearing, the driver will often have to request a DMV hearing even before they appear in court on the DUII charge. As a general rule, the driver should always request a DMV hearing, if for no other reason than the police officer may not show up for the hearing, and the suspension will then be withdrawn.
    4. Rezvani Law Office: Flat Fee DUII, Child Custody & Divorce, Landlord & Tenant Disputes, Oregon Statewide Foreclosures, Flat Fee Services
    5. Ken Kissir: In criminal law, your constitutional right to a jury trial is the final defense to weak, false and unfair prosecutions. You need an experienced trial attorney as this last line of defense. If you have been or think that you will be charged with a crime, it is imperative that you seek legal advice immediately. The sooner you have competent legal counsel, the better able that attorney will be to protect your rights. In a DUII case, for example, you must request a hearing with DMV to contest your license suspension within 10 days of your citation or you forever lose that right. That's why police officers always set the court date out on the citation later than 10 days from that time! Cases arising out of false charges can often be dismissed prior to the District Attorney filing or indicting the case, but you need an experienced and aggressive advocate to get through to the DA and explain your case. If you are charged, a number of legal avenues exist prior to getting to trial, including civil compromises and outright dismissals, but again, you need an attorney who knows the criminal legal system to increase your odds of something like this happening.
  17. Harbor
    1. Garcia, Nathan: Criminal Law An attorney can help you navigate through the maze of the criminal justice system. A good attorney will give you honest advice regarding the exposure that you are facing, possible defenses that you have, the strengths and weaknesses of each of the possible defenses, available alternatives that could help you avoid the more severe potential consequences that you might face, and assist you in making the best decision for your case. If you are going to trial, an attorney will help you plan your effectively present and argue your case to the jury. An attorney should also make sure that the state does not overstep its bounds in the presentation of its case. Facing criminal charges is a very difficult and stressful ordeal. Find an attorney that you can trust and who will handle your case with diligence and care.
  18. Hillsboro
  19. Keizer
  20. Klamath Falls
    1. Whitney-Smith, Rebecca: Criminal Law, Misdemeanor & Felony
    2. Studenberg, Phil: Driving Under the Influence is unique with its own unique set of laws. The first ten days are the most crucial in a drunk driving case. It is important for the client to take the necessary steps within this timeframe to retain his/her license. The implied consent license suspension typically begins 30 days after the client's arrest date. After the arrangement is made to view the police report, our offices will make arrangements with the DA to discuss the possibility of settling out of court.
    3. Parks & Ratliff : Criminal Law, DUII
    4. Carter, Scott: Criminal Defense & DUII
    5. Brown, Melinda: Criminal Law - DUI, misdemeanors, assault, harassment, driving while suspended
    6. Oldenkamp, EveLyn: DUII Philosophy Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. - Ernest Hemingway Advice Refuse the Field Sobriety Test's, but do take the Breathalyzer. We Provide Representation in Department of Motor Vehicle hearings. Contact our office within five (5) days of your arrest to ensure you do not miss the time line for filing for this hearing. Tell us you want such a hearing so we schedule you in a timely manner. Detailed and expert analysis of all laboratory reports, Breathalyzer tests and medical conditions that may explain how your results did not indicate intoxication. Aggressive trial representation.
    7. Ratliff & Ratliff: Criminal Law Civil Litigation Family Law Divorce Real Estate Business Planning Estate Planning DUI Conservatorships Traffic Matters Personal Injury Corporate Wrongful Death Immigration Law
    8. Carter & Potter: Family Law- Divorce, Child Support, Adoption, and Name changes Business Law- Contract review and formation, incorporation and LLCs, Business litigation Real Estate Law- Contract drafting and review, boundary disputes, litigation Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning- wills, living trusts, tax planned trusts, income cap trusts, life insurance trusts, family limited partnerships Construction Law- contractors in contracts, litigation, and construction lien issues. DUI Defense- DMV hearing, settlement, and/or trial.
  21. La Grande
    1. Bettis, Wade: Criminal Cases
    2. Wasley Law Office: Criminal Defense: Defend and protect your rights! Altercations with the law happen, and unfortunately, the court system is not generally navigable to the average person. The police are here to serve and protect you but sometimes they cut corners. Although hiring an attorney may be expensive, the value of having someone on your side who knows the court system is profoundly important and in many cases, attorneys can negotiate with the district attorney to reduce your offense to a lower degree, not to mention the savings you will receive in the value of peace of mind.
    3. Williams, Wes: Felonies (e.g., racketeering, embezzlement, theft, drug possession and trafficking crimes, fraud, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, sex crimes, and murder) and misdemeanors (e.g., DUI/DWI, official misconduct, petty theft, trespassing, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct) in both state and federal court
  22. Lake Oswego
    1. Gutbezahl, John: First and foremost, in Oregon you have 10 days from the arrest to request a hearing to challenge the suspension for refusing or failing a breath test. In Washington you have 20 days. Even if you can not retain counsel immediately, check your paperwork and request the hearing.
    2. Hopkins, Craig: 35% Personal Injury 9 years, 150 cases 35% Car / Auto Accident 150 cases 20% Wrongful Death 9 years, 2 cases 10% DUI / DWI 9 years, 100 cases
    3. Herron Law Office: Driving While Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) and other driving charges; Drug Charges: Sex Offenses; White Collar Crimes; Property Crimes; Crimes of Violence.
    4. Hill, Gary: Know Your Rights If you blow .08 or more, or refuse to blow after a DUI arrest, you will receive a license suspension. To contest that suspension, you must request a hearing with the Oregon DMV within 10 days of the arrest. Failure to do so will mean the DMV will suspend your license without a hearing. If you request a hearing, then the officer must appear at an administrative hearing, and provide evidence that there was reason to believe you were driving under the influence. A Myth about DUIs To dispel a great misconception, Oregon's DUI/DWI law does not require that you be drunk to be convicted of Oregon drunk driving. In Oregon, you may be convicted of DUI if you are merely affected to some noticeable degree by the intoxicant you have consumed. The Cost of DUI Being convicted of a DUI has extremely serious consequences and penalties. If found guilty of a first DUI, you could be fined between $6,250 and $10,000. Your driver's license will be suspended for one year, and you will be required to submit to an alcohol evaluation at your own expense. A second DUI conviction brings a mandatory minimum fine of $1,500 and your driver's license suspension may be elevated to 3 years. A third conviction constitutes a felony, and you possible prison time.
    5. Herron Law: Did the arresting officer have probable cause in pulling you over Was the arrest unlawfully made Were the field sobriety tests administered properly Was the breathalyzer test administered properly Has the breathalyzer machine been properly maintained Do you have any medical conditions which could affect the results
    6. Elliott, Andrew: DUI Driving under the influence is a serious charge with serious consequences. If you are convicted of DUI, you may face jail time, fines, alcohol treatment, mandatory additional insurance, and expensive interlock devices on all vehicles you drive. Many of these consequences are mandatory, and a judge must impose them regardless of the circumstances of your case. Additionally, the DMV can suspend your license whether or not you are convicted. DUII charges also carry personal consequences. For many people, a DUI charge is their only experience with the criminal justice system. The process can be frightening, embarrassing, and stressful. Andrew Elliott is here to help with skill and compassion. Diversion In Oregon, some DUI cases are eligible for diversion. If your case is eligible, you may be able to avoid a conviction and the risk of trial. Generally, a case is eligible if it is a first offense in 10 years, no one was injured, you do not have a CDL, and you do not have an assault or manslaughter conviction. Even if you are eligible for diversion, you should have an experienced DUI lawyer carefully review every aspect of your case to make sure diversion is the right direction to go. Implied Consent Hearings If you are arrested for DUI and either refuse to take a breath test or have a breath test result over a .08, the DMV can suspend your driver's license. In order to avoid this suspension, you must request a hearing within 10 days of the arrest. Even if you win your criminal case for DUII, the DMV can suspend your license. The length of an administrative suspension from the DMV depends on your history and whether or not you took the breath test. Regardless of the length of suspension you face, you will want an experienced attorney on your side when you go up against the DMV.
    7. Birmingham, Pat*: Can we make a plea bargain? "I just want to get this over with!" A. Not every case is destined for a jury trial. In some cases, it makes sense to negotiate a settlement - a plea bargain - with the state or federal government. However, in order to be sure you can get the best deal in a plea bargain, you need a law firm that has the ability and the reputation to try your case before a jury. You need a law firm that prosecutors and judges take seriously.
    8. Roller, Dale: The penalties for a DUI conviction are: * jail time ranging between 2 days to 1 year * drivers license suspension of 1 year to life * fine of $1000 - $6500 * alcohol / drug evaluation ($150) + * rehabilitation / treatment ($358+) * attendance of victims panel ($15 - $50) * probation, either enhanced or bench * and additional fees of $130 + $66 + $97 Penalties are increased for a felony DUI conviction; more than 3 DUIs in a 10 year period.
    9. Gilroy Napoli: Laws in Oregon are becoming increasingly strict regarding drunk driving offenses.
  23. McMinnville
    1. Hanson, Eric: Criminal Defense If you have been accused of a crime, the outcome of a legal battle can greatly affect the course of your life. An experienced, knowledgeable attorney is your greatest asset during this time.
  24. Medford
  25. Newberg
    1. Hansen, Terry: In Oregon, a DUI charge should be taken very seriously. A guilty verdict will almost certainly have a negative impact on your driving privileges, employment opportunities, family relationships, and insurance rates for a long time to come. Jail time and expensive fines can happen even on your first offense. Most importantly, three DUI convictions in Oregon within 10 years mean an automatic lifetime suspension of your drivers license. The fourth conviction will result in a mandatory prison sentence of not less then 13 months and no more than 5 years with up to a $100,000 fine.
  26. Newport
    1. Pridgeon, Bjornsen & McCrum:DUII DWI Criminal defense
    2. Macpherson, Gintner and Diaz:Criminal Defense and Traffic Offenses
    3. Scholl, Richard: DUIs Misdemeanors Felonies Theft Drug charges Juvenile offenses Probation Firearm violations Federal criminal defense Assault
    4. Springer, Adam: The first step in any case is to attack the government's case by challenging the prosecutor's ability to prove his/her case.
    5. Benfield, Kathryn: Wrongful death Property damage Juvenile law Personal injury law Traffic law Vehicle law
    6. Reynoldson, Alan: Criminal law Divorce and family law Driving under the influence of intoxicants Paternity and custody Child guardianship Traffic crimes Domestic violence Assault Felony Misdemeanor Expungement Name changes
  27. Oregon City
  28. Pendleton
    1. Blue Mountain Defenders: DUI / DWI Domestic Violence Theft or Fraud Assault & Battery Drug Possession Charges Felony & Misdemeanor Charges
    2. Corey, Byler & Rew: Criminal Law
  29. Phoenix
    1. Levy, Wendy: Criminal Defense, DUI, DUII
  30. Portland Portland Portland
    • Adam Greenman Law - Charged or Arrested for a DUI or Possession? Injured in an Auto Accident? You Have Rights, Let Us Protect Them. Russian & Spanish language services available.
  31. Roseburg
    1. Terry, David: All felonies and misdemeanors Drug charges/sex offenses Search warrant cases DUI Thefts Assaults Recognized expert with notable success in measure 11 cases
    2. Arneson Group: When charged with a DUII offense, it is important to hire an attorney who understands how to protect your rights and interests in both criminal court and before the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  32. Salem
  33. Seaside
    1. Campbell & Popkin: Estate Planning Trusts Probate Business Real Estate Elder Law Guardianships Conservatorships Criminal Family
  34. Sherwood
    1. Raju, Sunil: Beat the DUII charges. Keep your driver's license. Protect your job and source of income. Get rid of fees and fines. Keep the knowledge of your DUII arrest private and confidential.
  35. Springfield
    1. Jones & Musgrave: If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you need a qualified and experienced attorney in your corner to make sure your rights are protected. Even more than that, you need someone with a thorough knowledge of the complexities of DUI law in Springfield,MO to fight for you.
  36. Stayton Oregon
    1. McGehee Law Office: Drunk driving is a very serious crime and one that you will need help getting through.
  37. St. Helens
    1. Lang, Mark: Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Guardianships and Adoptions. $ 180 / hr and flat fixed rates available. Measure 11, Major Felonies, Sex Offenses, Drug Felonies, White Collar Crime, Property Offenses, Expungements, DUI, and Misdemeanors $ 180 / hr and flat fixed rates available. Wills, trusts, probate, contracts, business issues, litigation, health law, HIPAA, HITECH and insurance issues. $ 180 / hr and flat rates available.
    2. Robert Salisbury: Any conviction can have serious, long-term consequences, including: Being disqualified from employment opportunities Having your assets and property taken from you Having your driver's license temporarily or permanently revoked Jail or prison
  38. The Dalles
    1. Grossman, Louis: 25% Child Custody 8 years 25% Divorce / Separation 8 years 25% DUI / DWI 8 years 25% Family 8 years
  39. Tillamook
    1. Tuthill, John: Speeding tickets. Driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII). Administrative DMV hearings. Speed racing. Reckless driving. Careless driving. Driving with a suspended or revoked license.
  40. Tualatin
    1. Davis, Douglas: 60% Employment / Labor 4 years, 100 cases 25% Commercial 4 years, 5 cases 5% DUI / DWI 2 years 5% Contracts / Agreements 4 years 5% Criminal Defense 2 years
    2. Martin, Elliott & Snell: Sexual Offenses Drug Crimes DUI/Traffic Offenses Property Crimes Assaults and Harassment Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders Measure 11 Cases White Collar Crimes Theft Expungements
  41. West Linn
    1. Sepp, Robert: If you've been charged with Drunk Driving (DUII) in the Portland Oregon area, you probably have many questions on what happens next. First and foremost you will want to protect your rights going forward with experienced and aggressive legal representation.
  42. Woodburn
    1. Vela, Albino: Criminal Defense
  43. Vale
    1. Butler & Looney: Domestic Relations Debtor - Creditor Elder Law Land Use Planning Criminal Defense
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