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NJ L&PS: Highway Traffic Safety: Alcohol Awareness

In New Jersey, a person is guilty of drunk driving if he/she operates a motor vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or greater. BAC refers to the amount of alcohol in your blood. Although the law refers to a 0.08 percent BAC, you can be convicted of driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor even when your BAC is below 0.08 percent. The BAC threshold determining drunk driving was changed from 0.10 percent to 0.08 percent in early 2004. Consuming even small amounts of alcohol dulls the senses, decreases reaction time, and hampers judgement, vision and alertness. If you consume any amount of alcohol and your driving is affected, you can be convicted of drunk driving. Parents and Guardians: A parent or guardian who is convicted of driving under the influence and who has a minor under age 17 as a passenger in the motor vehicle is also guilty of a disorderly persons offense. In addition to the penalties otherwise prescribed by law, a person shall forfeit the right to operate a motor vehicle for a period of not more than six months and shall be ordered to perform community service for a period of not more than five days. New Jersey N-Z
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    1. Falcon, Patrick: New Jersey DWI laws and statutes are complex and the penalties for a DWI conviction in New Jersey are among the harshest in the nation. You need a lawyer who will listen to your unique situation and make the proper decision about weather you should plead guilty or contest the charges. If you are convicted of a DWI the penalties are mandatory, and plea bargaining (i.e. reducing the DWI charge to a lesser offense) is not allowed under New Jersey State Laws. You have been through an embarrassing and demoralizing ordeal of being arrested. While a DWI is merely a motor vehicle violation, most people feel like they have been treated like criminals during their arrest and detention in jail. You may be stressed and worried about the consequences of your arrest. And you may be tempted to get this situation behind you as quickly as possible
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    1. Drinkwater & Goldstein: Traffic Violations including careless driving, driving while suspended & driving without a license Drug Possession (limited to Municipal Court charges) Simple assault Shoplifting Harassment DUI (including Refusal charges) Other Municipal Court cases
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  7. Audubon
    1. Cupaiuolo, Alice: • Defense Trials • Bail Motions • Sentencing • Probation & Parole Violations • Bail & Bail Reductions • DUI & DWI • Domestic Violence • Sex Crimes & Sexual Assault • Violent Crimes • Appeals • Assault • Shoplifting • Municipal Court & Traffic Violations • Gun Charges • Juvenile Offenses • Vehicular Homicide • White Collar Crimes • Drug Charges • Extortion
    2. Brian Lucianna: There may be lesser charges to which a guilty plea may be entered or where there is insufficient proof to convict you. A guilty plea to some charges without the assistance of legal counsel could result in the imposition of high insurance surcharges, significant monetary fines, a driver's license suspension or even imprisonment. Only an experienced and qualified legal professional with knowledge of the current laws can help you understand your options and make an informed choice as to how to proceed in Court.
  8. Avon by the Sea
    1. Shefsky & Froelich: 30% Criminal Defense 26 years 25% Insurance Fraud 17 years 25% Litigation 26 years 10% White Collar Crime 26 years 10% DUI / DWI 1 year
  9. Barnegat
    1. Pintaro, Louis: DWI / TRAFFIC CASES Not many states are tougher on drunk driving charges than New Jersey. The court system and the legislature have purposely been making it more difficult to defend DWI charges. So, many people ask "Why should I bother getting a lawyer?" It is precisely because this state is so tough that you need an experienced DWI lawyer in your corner. If you are faced with a DWI charge based upon breath or blood testing, the State must produce sufficient evidence to establish the accuracy of the reported test result. You need an experienced DWI lawyer like Mr. Pintaro to review all of the scientific and technical evidence in order to determine the potential admissibility of the test results and to challenge them when appropriate. When those test results will be admissible, you need a lawyer with the skill and experience to present your case most favorably to the Judge and Prosecutor in order to minimize the harmful effects of any conviction.
  10. Barrington
    1. Guice, Stephen: Our Criminal and Municipal Law Services Include: • Drug charges • Theft charges • Assault charges • Fraud charges • Weapons charges • Sex crime charges • Domestic violence • Juvenile matters • Traffic offense • DWI or DUI charges • Driving on revoked license • Careless / reckless driving • No insurance
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    1. Grigaite & Abdelsayed: Assault Attempt Crimes Burglary Domestic Violence Drug Crimes DUI/DWI & Refusal Embezzlement Forgery Juvenile Offenses Kidnapping Manslaughter Murder Probation Violations Robbery Sex Crimes Theft Crimes Weapon and Gun Charges
    2. Pietruska, Stanley: Personal Injury Litigation - Auto Accidents, Slips and Falls, On the Job Injuries Criminal Litigation - DWI/DUI, Traffic Tickets, Drug Charges, All Criminal Charges
    3. Tubman, Irwin: * Traffic violations * DUI * Neighborhood disputes * Domestic violence * Minor in possession * Petty theft * Prostitution * Assault
  13. Bayville
    1. Di Stefano, Brian: Risks Related to Drunk Driving Charges * 1st Offense: Suspension of your driver's license for 90 days up to 1 year. * 2nd Offense: Potential jail time, 2 year loss of license, and community service. * 3rd Offense: 10 year loss of driver's license, up to 180 days in jail, and high fines.
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    1. Shain, Schaffer & Rafanello: Appellate law Administrative Law Bankruptcy Civil litigation Criminal litigation Corporate Creditors' rights Estate planning General civil and business practice with emphasis on banking Land use law Legislative matters Municipal law Real estate Regulatory issues Trials and appeals
    2. Klaiman & Carney: If you have been charged with a traffic violation, DUI or DWI in New Jersey, it is important to be represented by an attorney who will provide personal and effective representation.
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    1. Baran, Tama: Criminal defense, criminal law, dui defense, traffic tickets, municipal
    2. Zapicci & Liller: 1st Offense: BAC of 0.08% or more but less than 0.10% Fines: Range from $250-$400 Jail time: In courts discretion; not exceeding 30 days Driver license suspension 3 monthOther fines: VCCB: $50; DDEG $100; SNSF $75 If under 17 suspension will run thru 17th birthday & thereafter for 3 months Other non-monetary penalties:There is no community service for a first time offender May order the installation of interlock device for not less than 6 months not more than 1 year IDRC: Any person convicted of an alcohol related traffic offense must participate in a program at an Intoxicated Driving Resource Center (IDRC) 12 to 48 hours IDRC & satisfy the screening, evaluation & referral requirements to be completed on 2 consecutive days of at least 6 hours each. If these requirements are not met, then mandatory 2-day term of imprisonment & suspension of driver license until requirements are met. You can visit the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Site regarding IDRC.
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    1. Keith, Winters & Wenning: Any criminal offense or traffic violation may result in serious penalties and personal ramifications for you and your family. A skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney will aggressively challenge the evidence and work diligently to minimize the impact on your life.
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    1. Palumbo & Renaud: If you have been arrested for driving under the influence it is very important to choose a lawyer that is competent and aggressive with skill and experience. You want a lawyer who is respected and takes pride in his relationships with the police, judges and prosecutors. Every year tens of thousands of people are stopped by the police and questioned about whether they might be under the influence of alcohol. Police automatically inquire about alcohol whenever they pull somebody over late at night. The purpose of this article is to tell you what to do if you are pulled over for suspected drunk driving. 1. Use your turn signal and slowly and carefully pull over to the side of the road. 2. Stay in the car, keep your hands on the wheel, and calmly wait for the police officer to approach your motor vehicle. Do not attempt to leave your car and do not shuffle around in the glove compartment looking for credentials. 3. Act politely towards the police. Do not act as though you have anything to hide or that you have done anything wrong. Give a courteous greeting when you open the window to speak to the police and follow their directions. 4. When you are asked, produce your driver's license, registration and insurance card. Stay calm and remember that the police are watching to see how you perform the maneuvers involved in getting these credentials. 5. You have the right to invoke the Fifth Amendment, which means you have the right to refrain from answering any and all questions that the police officer asks you. If the police officer asks you if you have been drinking or if you had anything to drink or asks if you think you are drunk or not, simply tell the police officer that you are claiming your Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate yourself. Do not discuss where you were, what you did, who you were with, or whether you were drinking at all. 6. If the police officer asks you whether you will take a chemical test, which is a device used to determine your blood alcohol contents, be advised that in New Jersey you do not have the right to refuse a chemical test. If you refuse to take the test, your license will be automatically suspended for a minimum of 7 months even if you are not under the influence of alcohol! Do not refuse to take the test. 7. Do not believe that by being candid with the police officer and telling him that you had one or two beers is going to be of help to you. Most people say they had a "a few beers". Police officers hardly ever believe that. When you are asked anything about drinking, politely decline to answer any questions concerning drinking or where you were or who you were with. Do not argue with the police officer, but instead comply with whatever he says. 8. Do not get out of your car unless you are asked to. Make sure that you don't stumble or trip when you get out. 9. Refuse to take any field sobriety tests, you are not required to complete any of these tests. The test I am referring to are the ones where they ask you to walk heel to toe or put your finger to your nose or close your eyes and put your head back. These tests are not designated to help you and you can refuse to take them. You can fail these tests even if you are not under the influence of alcohol because of the time of day, poor balance, a medical condition or poor vision. Do not take the test. Always politely decline to take the test. 10. If you have been arrested for a DWI/DUI it is very important to choose a lawyer who is competent and aggressive with skill & experience. Anthony N. Palumbo has over 35 years of trial experience and has handled hundreds of DUI cases. Contact him to protect your rights & freedom. Arrested for a DUI in New Jersey? You probably have many urgent questions: Can I get the charges dropped? What if I have another DWI charge pending? Or a prior DUI conviction in another state? If these questions sound familiar, you've come to the right place.
  26. Bricktown
    1. Silvi, Fedele & Honschke: * Speeding Tickets and Other Traffic Tickets * DUI/DWI * Theft * Simple Assault * Drug Possession * Domestic Violence * Driver's License Protection * Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Protection * All Disorderly Persons Offenses * Driving With a Suspended License * Driving Without Insurance
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  29. Browns Mills
    1. Apel & Detrick: traffic violations, including speeding ticket, careless driving, alcohol or drug-related DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charges, operating without insurance, driving with a suspended license, leaving the scene of an accident, and reckless driving
  30. Budd Lake
    1. Robert Scirocco: Police are now utilizing a new form of alcohol breath test, known as an "Alcotest." This device is supposedly an improvement over the old testing device, but we have found that it may in fact be reporting erroneous readings. The N.J. Supreme Court has accordingly entered an order "staying," or holding in abeyance, all sentences of individuals found guilty of DWI as a result of being compelled to submit to this device. The reliability of the new test will be determined by the courts in the near future.
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    1. Barbarula Law Office: Driving is a privilege and losing your license can affect the way that you live your life.  We have represented clients who have received tickets for a wide range of violations. This office has defended clients in numerous municipal courts involving the following matters: Careless Driving Disorderly Persons Driving on the Suspension List Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Driving without a License Driving without Insurance Failure to Report an Accident Failure to Yield Hit and run Leaving the Scene of an Accident Miscellaneous Traffic Offenses - Points Moving Violations Reckless Driving Shoplifting Speeding ticket Suspended license Traffic Violations
    2. Weingarten, Jacob: Municipal court involves any local town court and its laws, including traffic violations such as speeding or drunk driving, as well as petty theft or assault.
  33. Caldwell
    1. Tascano Law Firm: criminal defense
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    1. John Zarych: The penalties are severe if you are convicted of DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED (DWI/DUI), commonly called "drunk driving" in the state of New Jersey. If you are arrested you should contact an attorney immediately. For a first offense you can lose your driver's license for up to one year, can be sentenced to the county jail for up to 30 days, can be required to install an ignition interlock on your vehicle, and receive thousands of dollars in fines and insurance surcharges. Under no circumstances are there provisional, work or hardship driver's licenses in New Jersey when one's license is suspended for a DWI/DUI. For a second conviction the period of driver's license suspension is two years; the potential for incarceration goes up to 90 days; fines are increased; and after the two year suspension, an ignition interlock is mandatory, for an additional one to three years. For a third conviction the period of driver's license suspension is a minimum of ten years; the jail term is a mandatory 180 days, or 90 days of county jail plus 90 days (at your own expense) in an approved inpatient drug/alcohol rehabilitation facility; the fines are increased. The ignition interlock requirement remains the same, but in the Court's discretion, the ability to register a motor vehicle in the State of New Jersey may be suspended for 10 years. In each of the above cases, the penalties may be doubled if the conviction occurs in a school zone. Moreover, exposure may be greatly enhanced if DWI charges are coupled with other traffic or criminal charges. For example, if you had been driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and an accident occurs, or your driving causes bodily injury to another person, such acts can be prosecuted as a crime with risk of a state prison sentence being imposed. In the face of DWI/DUI allegations, you need experienced and competent legal counsel.p
  36. Cedar Grove
    1. Benevento, Chirstopher: Criminal Defense, General Litigation, and Business Law
    2. Skiendziul Law Firm: any Traffic/DWI matters, Criminal Matters, Landlord/Tenant Matters, and any Divorce/Matrimonial Matters
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  38. Chester
    1. Ware, William: DUI Defense: Challenging a drunk driving arrest requires the skill and experience of a qualified New Jersey DUI / DWI defense attorney. Our firm takes DUI / DWI cases involving drunk driving throughout the state. Our firm use ensures that your rights are protected and you get the best outcome possible. We examine the police investigation in an effort to have your case dismissed or obtain a not guilty verdict after a trial.
    2. Iandoli & Edens: Municipal Matters - Anything that requires an appearance in Municipal Court including but not limited to tickets and DUI. Criminal/Juvenile Defense - When you or your child is charged with a crime.
  39. Cinnamonsin, Clifton, Collingswood, Cranbury
  40. Denville
    1. Scura, Joseph: DWI Defense in New Jersey has developed into a complex, highly technical field that combines aspects of criminal defense with aspects of science and procedure unique to the area of DWI/DUI. People often misunderstand that you do not need to be impaired or "intoxicated" to be convicted of DWI. It is a violation of the law to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08 or above,regardless of the level of impairment. To successfully defend DWI charges, you must first challenge the results of any blood alcohol test, usually the Alcotest which calculates BAC from breath samples. Only when the blood alcohol results are suppressed or undermined, does the focus shift to actual impairment.
    2. Weininger, Clifford: • Criminal Law • Municipal Court • Personal Injury • Family Law • Workers' Compensation • Commercial Law • Employment Matters • Discrimination / Civil Rights • General Litigation
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    1. Michael Nichnowitz: Traffic tickets can have serious consequences. If convicted: * You may have to pay substantial fines. * You may have MVC points placed on your driving record or receive insurance eligibility points by your carrier or both. * Your insurance cost may increase drastically or you could even be dropped by your insurance carrier. * You could face jail or community service on more serious offenses
  43. East Brunswick
  44. * East Orange
    1. Ejiofor, Angus: Sometimes good people make mistakes. However, if you're convicted of DUI, you could end up facing tough penalties such as jail time, loss of driving privileges, fines, or community service. Additionally, your insurance rates can be increased and you may even be shut out from some job opportunities due to your conviction. With the stakes being so high, it's a wise idea to enlist the help of an attorney who handles DUI cases.
    2. Govlick, Joseph: When you or your loved one has a legal problem, experience matters. For the last thirty years, Joseph E. Govlick has been vigorously defending the rights of citizens like you. His knowledge of and familiarity with the courts allows him to provide you with the best possible defense. The decision of who you hire to represent you is a serious one; choose someone who you can trust to be there for you during this important time. Joseph E. Govlick is that attorney - he has a vast array of experience, a record of success, and he cares deeply about all of his clients and the integrity of the justice system.
    3. Stephen Brown: The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that a person has the right to the assistance of counsel when he or she is accused of a criminal offense. This right applies to the states under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution. Most states have also enacted provisions in their constitutions that provide a person with the right to the assistance of counsel.
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    1. Rowland, John: 35% Criminal Defense 25% Employment / Labor 20% Speeding / Traffic Ticket 20% DUI / DWI
    2. Stefankiewicz & Barnes: CRIMES * Murder/Manslaughter/Vehicular Homicide * Drug Crimes/Distribution of CDS/Possession of CDS/ Conspiracy/School Zone * Aggravated Assault/Simple Assault/Vehicular Assault/Terroristic Threats * Sex Crimes/Rape/Sexual Assault/Sexual Contact/Lewdness/Megan's Law * Resisting Arrest/Obstruction/ False Reports/Perjury/Witness Tampering * Weapons Offenses/Grave's Act/Unlawful Possession * Robbery/Theft/Credit Card Theft/ Forgery/Fraud * Internet Crimes/Money Laundering/White Collar Crimes * All Juvenile Crimes * Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders/Contempt * Probation Violations/Expungement * All Superior Court and Municipal Court Cases TRAFFIC OFFENSES * Driving While Intoxicated/DWI/DUI * Driving While Suspended and DMV Suspensions * Leaving the Scene/Failure to Report * Uninsured Motorist * Speeding/Careless/Reckless/All Moving Violations * All Municipal Court Cases
    3. Eckel, Charles: CRIMINAL LAW All Serious Charges Municipal Court Disorderly Person Offenses DUI All Traffic Matters
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  51. Elmwood Park
    1. Sheffet & Dvorin: Being accused of a crime, a drunk driving offense or a traffic offense can be a very unpleasant experience. A conviction can have an unwanted effect on your present and your future. In many cases, having an experienced defense lawyer on your side can impact the outcome. DWI charges Underage drinking and driving charges Speeding tickets Reckless driving tickets Driving on a suspended license or expired license, or driving without insurance Parking tickets Younger drivers with provisional licenses who are ticketed after hours
    2. Vallecilla, Brenda: Family law Municipal court legal issues Residential and commercial real estate legal services Wills Healthcare advance directive Criminal Offenses
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  53. Englewood Cliff
  54. Englishtown
  55. Ewing
    1. Schroth, David: Criminal Defense: Federal Court, State Court, Murder, White Collar, Fraud, Drugs, Conspiracy, Weapons Offenses, Sex Assaults, Drunk Driving, Municipal Court etc. All major and minor crimes.
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  57. Fair Haven, Fairlawn, Fort Lee, Freehold, Gibbsboro, Green Brook, Hamilton
  58. Florham Park
    1. Stern & Kilcullen: Criminal Defense
  59. Fort Lee
  60. Freehold
  61. Flemington
  62. Forked River
    1. Silvi, Fedele & Honschke: * Speeding Tickets and Other Traffic Tickets * DUI/DWI * Theft * Simple Assault * Drug Possession * Domestic Violence * Driver's License Protection * Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Protection * All Disorderly Persons Offenses * Driving With a Suspended License * Driving Without Insurance
    2. Stein & Suspie: •Driving while intoxicated •Driving while suspended •Speeding •Possession and/or intent to distribute a CDS •Theft/Larceny •Disorderly conduct/persons
  63. Galloway
  64. Garfield
    1. Athanasopoulos, Ioannis : 30% Criminal Defense 1 year 25% DUI / DWI 1 year 15% Domestic Violence 1 year 15% Corporate / Incorporation 1 year 15% Family
    2. : Traffic violations such as: speeding, driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving under the influence (DUI), driving while suspended, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident, all can result in DMV points, possible license suspensions and higher insurance rates. Depending on the nature of the violation, you may be fined, referred to a special program, or could even be sent to jail for more serious offenses.
  65. Glassboro
    1. Rebel Brown: Divorce and Family Law Divorce Child Custody Child Support Equitable Distribution Alimony/Spousal Support Civil Union Dissolution Prenuptial Agreement Adoption Child Abuse Defense Estate Planning Simple and Living Wills Powers of Attorney Real Estate Residential Real Estate Deeds Tax Appeals Municipal Law Land Use Criminal Traffic Administrative Law Social Security Disability Unemployment Appeals
  66. Glendora
    1. Nathan, Mark: Criminal • Diversionary Programs / P.T.I. • Drugs & Narcotics Offenses • Drunk Driving /Other Traffic Offenses • Hit & Run Accidents • Probation Violations • Reckless Driving
  67. Glen Rock
    1. Varano, Steven: serving all legal needs
  68. Gloucester City
    1. Charles Wigginton: A conviction for a simple speeding ticket, careless driving ticket, improper u-turn or lane change, or any other violation, may subject you to thousands of dollars in New Jersey state surcharges and insurance company surcharges. An experienced attorney representing you in municipal court may be able to get your charges reduced to non-moving and/or non-point violations, which could save you thousands of dollars.
  69. Hackensack
  70. Haddonfield, Haddon Heights
  71. Hainesport
  72. Hamilton
  73. Hackettstown
    1. Woolcock Patton Law: * DUI (sometimes referred to as "drunk driving" or "DWI") * Vehicular homicide * Traffic tickets for ignoring stop signs, speeding and more * Reckless driving
    2. Courter, Kerber & Cohen: Alternate Energy Banking Law Commercial Litigation Community Association Law Corporate and Transactional Law Criminal Law Education Law Family Law Insurance Defense Labor and Employment Law Municipal / Local Government Personal Injury Law Real Estate Transportation and Logistics Law Trusts and Estates / Probate Litigation Law Zoning, Planning and Land Use
    3. Lenar, Nicole: Criminal Law • Trials/ Appeals • Expungements • Municipal Court • Drunk Driving • Drug Violations • Traffic Violations • Juvenile Law
    4. Brady, John: • Traffic Law • DWI • Speeding • Driving while Suspended • Reckless Driving
  74. Hamilton Square
    1. Bublewicz, John: • Drunk Driving • Speeding Tickets • Traffic Violations • Careless and Reckless Driving • Uninsured Drivers • Minor Criminal Offenses
  75. Hammonton
  76. Harrison
    1. DaSilva & Pinho: To convict a person of driving while intoxicated the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person operated or intended to operate a motor vehicle, which was operable while (a) under the influence of intoxicating liquor or under the influence of a narcotic, hallucinogenic, or habit producing drug, or (b) with an alcohol concentration of .10 % in the person's blood or breath.
  77. Hawthorne
    1. Futterweit, Marc: DWI Defense
  78. Hazlet
  79. Highland Park
    1. Kaufman, Phillip: DUI Traffic Law Real Estate Law Personal Injury Family Law Divorce Adoptions Bankruptcy Law
  80. Hillsborough
    1. Nee, Beacham& Gantner: traffic citations and disorderly conduct violations
  81. Hoboken
    1. Amanullah, David: Medical Billing (“PIP”) Arbitration Real Estate Environmental Civil Litigation Municipal Court Landlord/Tenant Insurance
    2. Hirschorn, Keith: In New Jersey, drunk driving is treated as a serious offense and carries correspondingly harsh penalties, especially for a repeat offender. If caught driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, you could face: Jail time Fines License suspension Mandatory counseling Use of an ignition interlock device Because of this, if you are dealing with charges stemming from a DUI arrest in Jersey City or Hoboken, you need a legal defense attorney who is familiar with drunk driving laws and can help mitigate the penalties associated with DWI.
    3. Alexander, Richard: Suspended License Speeding tickets Accidents DUI/DWI Reckless Driving Assault Charges Drug Charges Shoplifting Bench Warrants All New Jersey Court appearances.
  82. Ho-Ho-Kus
    1. Smorodsky, Myroslaw: criminal, tort, negligence, personal injury, real estate, land planning, matrimonial, as well as general equity litigation
  83. Homdel
    1. Luttrell, Lawrence: Serious Consequences for DWI Charges While a DWI in New Jersey is considered a traffic offense and not a crime, it still carries serious consequences upon conviction, including: Steep fines Loss or suspension of driver's license (at least 3 months for first time offenders) Mandatory jail or prison sentence Ignition Interlock Device Increased insurance rates A person should always submit to a Breathalyzer test in New Jersey, as refusal is considered a crime and the penalty is much more severe than a conviction for DWI (i.e. automatic loss of license for up to one year for first time offense).
    2. Cahill, WJ: Municipal/Superior Court Matters * DUI/DWI (or drunk driving) * Speeding or other traffic tickets * Drug offenses * Disorderly conduct * Theft and shoplifting * Receiving stolen property * White collar crime * Domestic violence * Juvenile offenses Criminal Matters * Sex offenses * Murder/Manslaughter * Robbery/Burglary * Fraud/Forgery
  84. Iselin
  85. Jersey City
  86. Kearney
  87. Kendall Park
    1. Gruber & Bilal: Motor Vehicle Violations, neighbor complaints, disorderly conduct, and any other municipal charges
  88. Keyport
    1. Kantor & Linderoth: Alternative Dispute Resolution Business & Commercial Law Business Organizations Constitutional Law Criminal Law Estate Planning Health & Health Care Law Insurance Law Litigation & Appeals Personal Injury Probate & Estates Administration Real Estate Law Municipal Court Family Law
  89. Kingston
    1. Isaacs, Hanan: municipal court matters, including DUI/DWI, disorderly persons offenses and traffic charges
  90. Kinnelon
    1. Stack, Robert: The Consequences of DWI * License suspension or even revocation * Increased insurance premiums * Probation * Possible jail time
  91. Lakehurst
    1. Widman Cooney: "Driving While Intoxicated" and other criminal drug laws have been made tougher. It's vital that an attorney review your case before you make a decision that may seriously affect your future.
  92. Lakewood
  93. Lambertville
  94. Lavallette
    1. Fennessey, James: Many people feel that they can handle violations such as criminal, DWI/DUI or other traffic offenses in New Jersey on their own, and sometimes the consequences later affect them in ways that they had not imagined. Even “minor” traffic convictions can negatively impact your driver's license an insurance rates.
  95. Lawrenceville
  96. Lawnside
    1. Fishmen & Fishman: Worried About Losing Your License? If you have been charged with DWI, you are facing a charge that can have serious negative outcomes that could follow you for the rest of your life: • Driver's license suspension • Registration revocation • Incarceration • Fines and other monetary penalties • Court mandated rehabilitation • Community service • Auto insurance surcharges or loss of coverage • Court mandated ignition interlock device An attorney who knows drunk driving defense is familiar with the potential results of your charge and can act quickly to prevent you from losing your license and ensure that your rights are protected. For example, your lawyer should question whether the police officer had probable cause to pull you over. If you were given a field sobriety test, a good attorney can identify any errors in administering the test.
  97. Ledgewood
    1. Forster & Arbore: DWI Criminal Litigation Municipal Court Matters Personal Injury Litigation Automobile Accidents Commercial Litigation Divorce Custody Domestic Violence Mediation Adoption Proceedings Wills and Estates Residential Real Estate Transactions Commercial Real Estate Transactions Business Sales/Purchases and Related
  98. Linden
    1. Mears Law Firm: 20% Fraud 20% Employment / Labor 20% Criminal Defense 20% Immigration 20% DUI / DWI Refusal of Breathalyzer *Fine up to $500 and 6 month license suspension Also satisfy the requirements of alcohol education pursuant to N.J.S.A 39:4-50 (1st offense) *Fine up to $500 and 2 years suspension of license and satisfy requirements of alcohol education pursuant to N.J.S.A 39:4-50 (2nd offense) Drunk Driving 1st offense BAC 0.08% or higher but less than 0.10% BAC 0.10% or higher *$250-$400 fine and 12-48 hours of detainment Up to 30 days in prison 7-12 months suspension of license *$300-$500 fine and 12-48 hours of detainment Up to 30 days in prison 7-12 months suspension of license Drunk Driving 2nd offense * $500-$1000 fine and 48 hours of imprisonment and up to 90 days Community service 30 days 2 year suspension of license Drunk Driving 3rd offense $1,000 fine and at least 180 days of imprisonment 10 year suspension of license
    2. Chornoboy, Jeffrey: Indictable of defense, traffic ticket or DWI
  99. Linwood
    1. Mayro & Mayro: Traffic Violations • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) • Driving under the Influence (DUI) • Drug Offenses • Simple Assault Charges • Theft • Shoplifting • Harassment • Expungement of Criminal Arrests/Convictions • Juvenile Criminal Matters • Disorderly Complaints • Municipal Ordinance Violations • New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles • Suspensions • Hearings
  100. Little Ferry
    1. Arnesen, Jay: # Drug Distribution/Drug Possession # Violent Crimes # Theft/Property Offenses # Domestic Violence # Weapons Offenses # Sex Crimes/Child Pornography # DWI/DUI # Traffic Offenses # Workers' Compensation
  101. Little Silver
  102. Linwood
    1. Shreiber, Michael: Why Should You Use a Certified Civil or Criminal Attorney? How do you choose the best attorney for your needs? It's confusing trying to choose a trial attorney. You may have never needed a trial attorney before, so you ask a friend to refer you to someone or look in the Yellow Pages where hundreds or even thousands of attorneys are listed. But how do you choose one attorney to handle your particular legal problem? Finding the right attorney is to your benefit and to the attorney's as well. That is why the Supreme Court of New Jersey has directed the Board on Trial Attorney Certification to carry out the certification program in an effort to raise the level of competence of trial attorneys in this state. This program is designed to help you make an informed decision when seeking and selecting a trial lawyer.
  103. Livingston
  104. Lodi:
  105. Long Beach Township
    1. Andrea Rinaldi: f you have been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), you have two legal problems rolled into one: potential jail time and criminal punishment and the loss of your driving privileges. A DWI or DUI charge is a serious matter, and you need a tough criminal defense lawyer to fight your charges by taking a hard look at the evidence against you, including how your breath test was conducted and its result.
  106. Long Branch
    1. Mejer, Andres: Assaults Bail Reductions Domestic Violence Drug Charges Drunk Driving (DUI) Fraud Juvenile Crimes Resisting Arrest Robbery/Burglary Theft/Shoplifting Traffic Violations Expungement New Jersey Post-Conviction Relief Petition If convicted of a motor vehicle offense, you may go to jail, lose your driving privileges, or be subject to fines and surcharges. A motor vehicle violation conviction can also result in an increase in your insurance premiums and can affect your ability to obtain or maintain insurance. Any ticket or charge you incur due to use of your car should be challenged...
  107. Long Valley
    1. Maccarone, Joseph: Our criminal justice system is not perfect. In fact, it is designed to be both intimidating and dehumanizing. And, it is highly susceptible to error. "Innocent until proven guilty" is not a right always afforded one accused of a crime. While the law requires "proof beyond a reasonable doubt", more often those who are accused find themselves having to prove their innocence.
  108. Lyndhurst
    1. Talarico, Anthony: DWI Driver's License Suspension (Municipal Court and Motor Vehicle Commission Hearings) All motor vehicle tickets
  109. Madison
  110. Mahwah
    1. Beatrice, Michael: Accidents and Serious Injuries • Auto Accidents • Medical Malpractice • Worker's Compensation • Slip and Falls • Wrongful Death • Uninsured Motorists • Wills, Trusts & Estates • Living Wills • Probate • Power of Attorney • Will Contests • Guardianships • Criminal Defense • DWI • Drug Cases • Juvenile Matters • White Collar Crimes • Assault • Traffic • Appeals • All Criminal Matters • Real Estate • Sales - Purchase - Refinance • Condos • Zoning • Residential • Commercial
  111. Mamaroneck
    1. Palumbo & Assoc.: What is DWI?DUI A person is driving while intoxicated per se when his blood alcohol content [“BAC”] is .08. However, even at a lower blood alcohol content a person could still be convicted of driving while intoxicated on the police officer's observations. This is called “common law” DUI. DWI is a misdemeanor and therefore a crime. A lesser and included charge of DWI is driving while ability impaired, or “DWAI”. Driving while ability impaired is not a crime but a violation. DWAI is usually charged when the blood alcohol content is less than .08.
  112. Mamora
    1. Tumelty, John: If you are stopped on suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI), and you refuse to blow into the Alcotest machine, you may end up being charged with a breath test refusal. A breath test refusal is a traffic offense that may result in the suspension of a driver's license and other serious penalties.
  113. Manalapan
  114. Manasquan
  115. Maple Shade
    1. Towers, Cristian: Criminal Defense If you've been arrested and charged with a crime, whether it's a disorderly persons offense or a felony, you need an experienced defense attorney who will fight for your rights. It is imperative that you have a qualified defense attorney review the facts of your case as soon as possible. The State will be working hard to gather evidence and witnesses against you and will likely attempt to secure a statement from you. Your decisions at the outset of your case will have a tremendous impact, either positive or negative. At a time like this, you can't afford to have an attorney who doesn't immediately return your calls or doesn't take the time to explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case.
  116. Marlton
    1. Burnham Law Group: Trucking tickets Speeding tickets DWI and DUI Driving while suspended or revoked Refusal to take a Breathalyzer Provisional license violations
    2. Hinkle, Lynda: The consequences of facing a DUI vary depending on the Blood Alcohol Level (BAC). According to the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission this offense carries minimum to maximum penalties, which include: fines, fees, and surcharges, license suspension, ignition interlock device, jail time, and community service.
    3. Renner, John: New Jersey Criminal Law Have you been accused of a crime in the State of New Jersey? As soon as you come into contact with the legal system, you need immediate assistance from an experienced NJ criminal lawyer.
  117. Marmora
    1. April & Marinucci: If you have been charged with driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated in New Jersey, you may have been asked to take a breathalyzer or ALCO test without your attorney present. It is important to remember that it is your right to refuse to say anything, or take any further action that may be used against you in court. The police have one goal after charging you with DUI, and that is to get you to incriminate yourself. What are the penalties for DWI ? Tremendous. For a first time offender the minimum penalty is $507.00 in fines and costs, $3,000.00 insurance surcharges, a six month loss of license and twelve hours in the "IDRC", Intoxicated Driver's Resource Center.
  118. Massapequa Park
    1. Galarza & Taylor Law: In New York State, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a crime carrying severe penalties which include fines and possible mandatory jail time. A skilled attorney can guide you through New York's confusing and complicated DWI laws.      The first consequence of a DWI arrest is the suspension your driving privilege.  In most instances an attorney can petition the court to issue you "Hardship License" permitting to drive to and from work.
  119. Matawan
  120. Mercerville
    1. Felsenfeld & Clopton: Municipal Practice includes • DUI – Drunk Driving • Reckless Driving • Careless Driving • Domestic Violence • Minor drug offenses • Speeding
  121. Metuchen
    1. Brause, Brause & Ventrice: Our criminal practice includes defense of all indictable crimes.  We defend and protect the rights of individuals charged with crimes and offenses ranging from the most serious felonies to minor misdemeanor offenses.  Our attorneys in Metuchen represent clients in all of the following types of criminal proceedings: • Municipal offenses • Juvenile delinquency • Traffic tickets • Expungement of criminal records • Appeals • Violent crimes • Drug charges • Theft • Drunk driving (DUI) • Felonies and misdemeanors
  122. Middlesex-Somerset
  123. Middletown
    1. Spinello, Sean: Modern day DWI and DUI charges are serious business, often accompanied by severe fines, loss of your driver's license and sometimes jail time.
    2. Jennifer Krabill: Have you been charged with a juvenile crime or municipal offense? Don't let one mistake change your life forever. Whether you face serious fines after a traffic violation or you face time in a juvenile detention center, you want to reduce the charges and minimize the consequences.
  124. Milburn
    1. Shackelton & Hazeltine: DUI / DWI If you are facing drunk driving or drug charges, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney making sure your constitutional rights are protected.
  125. Millville
  126. Montgomery Township
    1. Fedun, Michael: 30% General Practice 24 years 15% DUI / DWI 24 years 15% Land Use / Zoning 24 years 15% Real Estate
  127. Montrose
  128. Montclair
  129. Moorestown
    1. Barron, Baker & Posternock: Under New Jersey law, a person who operates a motor vehicle, or permits another person to operate a motor vehicle owned by him with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10 percent or more by weight of alcohol in the operator's blood is subject to a fine or imprisonment and to the forfeiture of his right to operate a motor vehicle.
  130. Morris Plains
    1. Cataldo, Thomas: Real estate closings Criminal defense Municipal court cases DWI / traffic offense cases Personal injury cases Auto accident cases Slip and fall cases
  131. Morristown
  132. Mount Holly
  133. Mount Laurel
  134. Mount Olive
    1. Fracasso, Damiano: # Driving while under the influence (DUI) # Driving while under the influence of Drugs # Driving while under the influence of Prescription Medicine # Refusal to provide a breath sample # Underage driving while under the influence of Alcohal or Drugs # Allowing intoxicated driver to operate your automobile # Speeding (laser, radar and pacing) # Driving without Insurance # Driving without a License # Driving an unregistered vehicle # Driving while suspended # Careless Driving # Reckless Driving # Racing on a Public Roadway # Drugs or Paraphernalia in a Motor Vehicle # Possing an open container of alcohol in a vehicle # Leaving the scene of an accident # Possession of drugs in a motor vehicle (actual and constructive) # Failure to report an accident # Theft of cable & other utilities # Driving while talking on a cell phone # Running a stop sign or traffic light # Driving the wrong way on a one way street # Failure to maintain lane (weaving or swerving) # Abandoning a motor vehicle # Passing a school bus or frozen dessert truck # Failure to use signal # Illegal Passing # Obstructing Traffic # DMV Appeals & Hearings # School Zone Offenses # Safe Corridor and 65 MPH Zone Violations # Appeals (Must be filed within 20 days of conviction)
  135. New Jersey N-Z
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