St. Joseph DWI Lawyers

  1. Brage Law Office: An individualÕs rights are never more endangered than they are when that person is charged with a crime.
  2. Gaddie Law: Criminal accusations have real-world consequences.
  3. Griffee, Todd: Misdemeanor and Felony Charges including DWI's, Non-Support, Assault, Possession of a Controlled Subtance, and Traffic Citations in both City and State Courts.
  4. Fink Law Firm: Accident and Injury Law - auto accidents, product liability, slip and falls, work-related injuries Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Drunk Driving and Traffic Offenses Criminal Defense - Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses Domestic Relations - Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
  5. Morrey, Joseph: Auto and Truck Injuries Wrongful Death Claims Slip & Fall Injuries Medical Malpractice Claims Nursing Home Neglect Workers' Compensation Criminal/Traffic Defense
  6. Williams, Dawn: DWI & Traffic
  7. Bleich Mais Sible & Fletcher: Criminal Defense All Felonies & Misdemeanors Drunk Driving License Restoration Domestic Violence Traffic Violations (Including Commercial) Drug Crimes
  8. Soper, Jason: Traffic Law * DUI / DWI * DUI Manslaughter * Speeding * Moving Violations * Hit & Run * DWLS (Suspended License) * Reckless Driving / RD * Leaving the Scene of an Accident Criminal Defense * Felonies * Misdemeanors * Drug Cases Š State * Probation Violations * Expungements * Fraud Cases * White Collar Crimes * Criminal Appeals * Internet Crimes * Sexual Conduct Charges People
  9. Combs, Amy: After a DUI Arrest The consequences for driving under the influence (DUI), can be costly. In addition to the cost of the ticket, you may also be facing increased insurance rates, class fees and the cost of hiring an attorney. In Missouri, if you are facing DUI charges, there is a time period during which you will not be able to drive at all. After that time, you can apply for a hardship license. Although the situation may feel hopeless, working with an experienced lawyer can help possibly reduce the consequences you are facing. There is Hope After an Arrest Criminal charges are not the end of the world, but they can impact your life substantially. Whether you are facing charges for a sex crime, assault or burglary, you need to contact someone who can guide you through the system.
  10. Kranitz & Kranitz: DUI Penalties in the State of Missouri While judges have some discretion in sentencing defendants convicted for drunk driving, the following penalties define the range possible sentences in DUI / DWI cases: * First time offense: Up to $500 in fines; a maximum of 6 months in jail; a 30 day driver's license suspension followed by a 60-day driving restriction allowing transportation to and from work, school, or alcohol counseling. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device at your own expense. It costs between $50 to $100 to install and between $50 to $75 thereafter each month. A first time conviction will results in 8 points being counted against your license. * Second time offense: Up to $1,000 in fines; a maximum of up to 1 year in jail; if convicted within 5 years of your first DUI conviction, a driver's license suspension of 5 years; a hardship license can be applied for after 2 years of the 5 year suspension has been served; in order to drive on a hardship license, the defendant must install an ignition interlock device. 12 points will be assessed against your license. * Third time offense: Up to $5,000 in fines; up to 5 years in prison; a 10 year revocation of your driver's license; no hardship license is permitted. Convictions for a fourth or fifth DUI involve the potential for substantially more time in prison, a $5,000 fine, and the permanent revocation of your license. Fighting a DUI Charge Due to the serious nature of the penalties involved, it's important to fight a DUI / DWI charge when evidence exists indicating a police officer did not have reasonable suspicion to pull you over. Additionally, if an officer fails to correctly administer a field sobriety test, he doesn't have probable cause to arrest you. And, even if a field sobriety test is conducted appropriately, that doesn't mean you were legally drunk. If you take a breath test, the machine may have been improperly maintained or incorrectly calibrated. Our DUI defense attorneys consult forensic specialists, lab technicians, and certified field sobriety test trainers in exposing mistakes on the part of arresting officers as well as questionable evidence provided by them.
  11. Todd Griffee: If you've been charged with a DWI, you need to hire a lawyer immediately. In the state of Missouri, you only have 15 days to file a request for a hearing before your license is automatically suspended.
  12. Chad Gaddie: If you have been charged with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), in or around Buchanan or Andrew County, then you need an experienced DUI-DWI lawyer to defend you.
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