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  1. Albert Lee
    1. Peterson, Christian: Drunk driving charges carry potential penalties ranging from fines to loss of driving privileges and possible jail time. You need a representative who knows the various strategies for getting these charges reduced or even dismissed. We offer representation in both the criminal and administrative aspects of your case in an effort to help you protect your freedom and retain your driving privileges, whenever possible.
  2. Alexandria
    1. Karpan, Chris: You have State and Federal Constitutional rights.
  3. Annandale
    1. Johnson & Decker: Family Law Divorce Custody Child Support Adoptions Order of Protection Criminal Defense DWI/DUI Felonies/Misdemeanors Traffic Violations Drug Charges Personal Injury Car Accidents Wills
  4. Anoka
    1. Brandt Criminal Defense: Protecting Your Rights In Minnesota, if someone is arrested for violating Minnesota DWI Law, they have the right to speak with a DWI / DUI defense attorney before taking a chemical test to determine blood alcohol content levels. If you have been arrested for a DWI, it is important that you speak to a DWI defense lawyer prior to speaking with the police or taking a chemical test. Minnesota has some of the harshest punishments in the nation for DWI offenses. Because refusing to take a chemical test following an arrest for drunk driving is a separate criminal offense, it is important to tell the officer that you would like to speak to a lawyer before taking the test. Types Of DWI / DUI Offenses Minnesota drunk driving laws include various numerical degrees relating to the seriousness of the charge. The degrees of DWI charges are as follows: First Degree DWI Second Degree DWI Third Degree DWI Fourth Degree DWI Crimes and Penalties: Minnesota has some of the harshest punishments for first time and repeat offenders. First Degree DWI Punishable by up to 5 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Impound the license plates of the driver and seek forfeiture of the driver's vehicle. Police may also hold the DWI suspect in jail until the first court appearance. Second Degree DWI Punishable by up to 1 year in jail and a $3,000 fine. Impound the license plates of the driver and seek forfeiture of the driver's vehicle. Police may also hold the DWI suspect in jail until the first court appearance. Third Degree DWI Punishable as a gross misdemeanor with up to 1 year in jail and a $3,000 fine. Impound the license plates of the driver and seek forfeiture of the driver's vehicle. Police may also hold the DWI suspect in jail until the first court appearance. Fourth Degree DWI Punishable as a misdemeanor with up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. Fourth degree DWI's are given to persons with no prior DWI or DUI related license revocations. Repeat Offender Punishments Minnesota carries a DWI statute requiring presumptive mandatory sentences for repeat DWI offenders if convicted: Second DWI 30 days executed jail sentence Third DWI 90 days executed jail sentence Fourth DWI 180 days executed jail sentence Fifth DWI 1 year executed jail sentence
    2. Giancola-Durkin Law Office: Minnesota DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) cases can have many consequences. A multitude of factors will determine the severity of your penalties. These include number of prior offenses, whether anyone was harmed as a result of an accident, and a number of other variables oftentimes referred to as aggravating factors. Collateral consequences also arise out of a DWI/DUI incident. These can include drivers license revocation, vehicle forfeiture, and license plate impoundment. Thus, it is crucial to hire a capable and competent DWI/DUI attorney. The Giancola Law Office has handled thousands of DWI/DUI cases. One thing is certain, The Giancola Law Office will leave no stone unturned.   Did you know that refusal to take a blood alcohol concentration test is a crime? I bet you would find it hard to believe that refusal to take a test is a gross misdemeanor, yet a first time DWI/DUI with a blood alcohol concentration of under .20 is only a misdemeanor. Minnesota now has a felony level DWI/DUI ... 4 DWIs in 10 years = felony.   Drugs also play a role in DWI/DUI cases. Prescription drugs mixed with alcohol, prescription drugs which cause DUI symptoms, and the use of illegal drugs can also result in DUI charges.
  5. Apple Valley
    1. Sherry Law: DWI/DUI and drivers license revocation Drug offenses, controlled substance offenses Assault and criminal sexual conduct Burglary, theft & stolen property Jail release & detox release
    2. Cobb, Jeremy: In Minnesota it is not against the law to drink and it is not against the law to drive. It is against the law to drive, operate or be in physical control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. In Minnesota a person is statutorily presumed intoxicated if a reading of .08 is established during a chemical test. Although the rule against driving while intoxicated (DWI, also called DUI) seems hard and fast, the facts that lead to the traffic-stop, arrest, and chemical test are not so clear-cut. Many drivers in Minnesota facing a charge of DUI do not realize the importance of hiring a knowledgeable trial ready Minnesota DWI lawyer to represent them in court. Only an experienced DWI lawyer will be able to analyze the facts and the law to determine whether the stop, arrest and the tests are lawful. In many cases pretrial hearings determine whether evidence obtained by the police will be admitted at trial. Pleading guilty or representing yourself almost guarantees that such evidence will be used against you regardless of whether it would otherwise be admitted. In court if a person fails to object to evidence the evidence will generally be admitted. The end result of being found guilty of a DWI in Minnesota is loss of license, higher insurance, a criminal record, court costs (fines) and potential forfeiture of a vehicle. Individuals facing the charge of DWI should at the very least consult a Minnesota DUI lawyer, who can explain what defenses may be applicable and what the person's options are.
    3. James Blumberg: Being accused of a crime is a serious matter that shouldn't be taken lightly. It takes time and money to resolve these complex issues. When choosing an attorney, it is important to choose an attorney that has your best interests in mind and will work with your specific case and life situation. You should demand the best talent for your case.
  6. Arlington
    1. Mayer Law Office: What you need to know about DUI / DWI Laws in Minnesota: In Minnesota there are four degrees (levels) of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges, also known as DWI, DUI or Drunk Driving. The lowest level is Fourth Degree Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), which is considered a misdemeanor crime. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor level DWI you face up to 90 days in jail and payment of up to $1,000 in fines. Third and Second Degree Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges are considered gross misdemeanor crimes. If you are convicted of a gross misdemeanor level DWI you face up to one year in jail and payment of up to $3,000 in fines. First Degree Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is the most serious level and is considered a felony crime. If you are convicted of a felony level DWI you face up to seven years in prison and up to $14,000 in fines. Along with the possibility of jail time and fines, a person charged with or convicted of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) will face having their driver's license suspended or revoked. For a first time misdemeanor level Fourth Degree DWI, a person's license is suspended for 90 days, though it can be reduced to 30 days in certain circumstances. The length of the license suspension for gross misdemeanor DWIs can vary. However, 180 days is the minimum, and the most common. Lastly, under certain circumstances the police can take your car under what is called forfeiture.
  7. Barret
    1. Marshall, Kent: * Homicide * Criminal Sexual Conduct * Drug cases * White collar crime * Assault * Shaken Baby * Criminal Vehicular Homicide * DWI
  8. Bemidji
    1. Nelson, Blair: The punishment for DUI/DWI charges in Minnesota is significant for a first offense and very severe for multiple offenses. It is important to have an experienced DUI Lawyer to walk you through the legal process as it can be confusing and a conviction could result in steep fines, loss of employment and loss of driving privileges.
  9. Bloomington
  10. Brainerd
    1. Frey Law Office: All felony and misdemeanor cases Drug charges Assault Sex offenses Violent crimes Burglary Theft White collar crimes Juvenile crimes DWI DUI License revocations Boat RV
    2. Larson Law Office: from traffic and DWI to theft, burglary, sex crimes, drugs, assault and homicide
    3. Ed Shaw: Driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol is a crime. Being under the influence is usually defined as having a blood alcohol content of more than 10% (.10 or greater). Blood alcohol is measured by breath, blood, or urine tests.
  11. Brooklyn Park
  12. Brooklyn Center
    1. Henderson, Howard, Pawluk: If I have been stopped and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, do I have to take a breath (urine, blood) test? Yes and no.  Because driver's licenses are considered a "privilege" and not a "right," states are generally free to create legal requirements for obtaining and retaining a driver's license.  Minnesota, as well as most states, have laws which result in termination of a driver's license for varying periods of time for refusal to take a test designed to determine whether the driver has illegal levels of alcohol or non-prescription drugs in him/her.  In Minnesota, the license loss period is one year for refusal to take such a test so the decision to take or not to take such a test is a grave decision.  Most attorneys advise taking the test, however, in light of the serious consequences for refusal and in light of various defenses which may exist to a test result which appears to violate the law.
  13. Buffalo
  14. Burnsville
  15. Cambridge
    1. Strootman Law Office: DWI Juvenile Felonies Misdemeanors Gross Misdemeanors Expungement Forfeitures License Revocations Probation Violations Traffic
  16. Chanhassen
    Chadwick, Mertz, Bledsaw and Benson: You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.
  17. Champlin
    1. Minnesota Criminal Attorney: Minnesota criminal lawyer serving the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul.
    2. Cynthia Brown: Originally enacted in 1911, Minnesotas DWI scheme has recently been relabeled driving while impaired. The criminal part of the law provides for state prosecution of impaired drivers. Potential consequences include both criminal penalties (such as a fine or imprisonment), and civil penalties (such as the revocation of a drivers license). The offense of driving while impaired consists of driving or being in control of a motor vehicle: > While under the influence of alcohol, a controlled, or hazardous substance; or > With an alcohol concentration of .10 or more > If a commercial vehicle, with an alcohol concentration of .04 or more; or > With any amount of certain illegal drugs in the body. The degree of the offense depends upon the circumstances of the case. Aggravating factors may lead to a higher level offense. The factors include prior driving offenses, blood alcohol of .20 or more, or having a child under 16 in the vehicle at the time of the new offense. The Minnesota Legislature has also enacted new laws making certain DWI's a felony. It is also a crime to refuse to submit to a chemical test under Minnesotas implied consent law. The arresting officer may choose a breath, blood, or urine test. However, no action may be taken against a driver who refuses a blood or urine test unless an alternative test was offered.
  18. Chanhassen
    1. Leone Legal: Remember, just because an officer charges you with DWI does NOT mean you were actually Driving While Intoxicated. There may be one (or more) of dozens of legal defenses to your case.
    2. Mertz, Craig: If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a criminal act, you want an experienced lawyer, one familiar with the unique aspects of the criminal process. A simple mistake at any stage of the process can make the difference between acquittal and conviction. An experienced attorney can help you understand your options and make certain you make choices that are in your best interests.
    3. Great Plains Legal: You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.
  19. Chaska
    1. Haefele, Richard: All law firms are not alike. When you are choosing a lawyer to be your advocate, you want to find someone who will truly look out for your best interests.
  20. Cloquet
    1. Wiegert Law Office: When you get a DWI and your license gets suspended, have someone defending you to minimize the penalties the state can exact on you is crucial.
    2. Scare Law Office: You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.
  21. Cold Spring
    1. Todd V. Peterson : DWI and Driving Offenses If you've been charged with DWI, you will need the help of an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney. Driving under the influence is a serious crime; penalties are stiff and can have a long-lasting effect on your life.
  22. Coon Rapids
    1. Storey Law Office: Adoptions Criminal Defense Divorce DUIDWI Estate Planning Family Law Guardianships Juvenile Law Probate Trusts Wills
  23. Detroit Lakes
    1. Kitzmann, Stuart: 30% Divorce / Separation 19 years 20% Child Custody 19 years 15% Native Peoples Law 5 years 10% Wills / Living Wills 16 years 10% Probate 16 years 10% DUI / DWI 19 years 5% Appeals 16 years
    2. Timothy Dodd: If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you face the prospect of a fine, possible loss of driving privileges, and even jail time. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, DUI/DWI charges can be successfully overcome.
  24. Duluth
  25. Eagan
  26. Eden Prairie
  27. Edina
  28. Elk River
    1. Sonday Carlson: If another attorney guarantees a certain result and tells you they can get your case dismissed, you should proceed with caution. No attorney can guarantee a result, particularly when that attorney has not yet reviewed the police reports and evidence the prosecution will use against you.
    2. Motin Law Office: DWI/DUI Assault White collar crimes Juvenile crimes
  29. Ely
    1. Klun Law Firm: * DWI & DUI * Traffic Tickets * Probation Violations * Theft * Assault * Drug Charges * Juvenile Law * White Collar Charges * Felony * Misdemeanors- Gross, Petty
  30. Fairbault
    1. Solmer, Thomas: 25% Criminal Defense 1 year 15% Divorce / Separation 10% Child Custody 1 year 10% DUI / DWI 10% Child Support 1 year 5% Juvenile 5% Lawsuits / Disputes 2% Constitutional 1 year 2% Civil Rights 1 year 2% Elder Law 2% Environmental / Natural Resources 2% Family 2% General Practice 2% Guardianship 2% Litigation 2% Mediation 2% Uncontested Divorce
  31. Fergus Falls
    1. Cadem Law Group: Drunk driving convictions can have an immediate and lasting impact on your daily routine, eventually costing you great expense and inconveniencing your friends and relatives. A DWI conviction can lead to a license suspension, hefty fines, and jail time-penalties that may be avoided with the assistance of an experienced trial lawyer.
    2. Brandborg Law Office: If you were arrested for DWI and took an alcohol concentration test that showed that the concentration of alcohol in your breath, blood, or urine was greater than 0.08, that test result started several things in motion. First, a copy of that test result will be sent to the prosecuting authority and you will be prosecuted for the crime of DWI. Second, a copy of that test result will be sent to the Department of Public Safety and your driver's license will be revoked. To challenge that driver's license revocation you must petition the court for review through a processes referred to as the Implied Consent process. You must do this within 30 days of your arrest (regardless of how your criminal case is scheduled.) These two processes, the Implied Consent and the criminal prosecution, are separate. To beat your DWI you must successfully defend the criminal charges against you and have your license revocation rescinded through the Implied Consent process. If you only fight on one of these fronts, the DWI will stay on your record. The result of your alcohol concentration test can have other consequences as well. In certain circumstances the test result can trigger forfeiture of your vehicle, impoundment of the license plates on all your cars, and/or probation violations. To challenge vehicle forfeiture you must file papers within 30 days of your arrest. If you do not do this, the vehicle is gone forever. It should be apparent from the above-discussion of the law that DWI law in Minnesota is complex. You need a lawyer on your side protecting your rights. Call Reid Brandborg for your free telephone consultation.
  32. Fridley
    1. Kopp Law Office: DUI/DWI Drug Charges Traffic Violations Property & Theft Crimes Probation & Parole Violations Various Felonies & Misdemeanors Appeals
  33. Glencoe
    1. Gavin, Winters, Twiss, Thiemann & Long: petty misdemeanors, misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors and felonies
  34. Golden Valley
    1. Barry Hogen: If you were pulled over by the police and charged under Minnesota's DWI law, you need immediate legal help from an attorney who understands Minnesota DWI defense. Whether it is your first offense or your tenth offense, the consequences of a DWI conviction can range from driver's license suspension to jail and prison. You can defend yourself from these charges. Whether you were driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol, a strong defense can help limit the damage to your reputation, could prevent suspension or revocation of your driver's license, and may keep you out of jail.
    2. Todd Speltz: You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.
    3. Mankey Law Office: You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.
  35. Ham Lake
    1. Sjoberg, David: Bankruptcy # Chapter 7 # Chapter 13 Business and Corporate Law # Business Formation # Business Sales and Acquisitions # Shareholder Disputes # Non-Profit and Tax Exempt Organizations Civil Litigation # Corporate and Business Litigation # Contract Disputes # Creditor Remedies # Debt Collection # Secured and Unsecured Creditors' Remedies Family Law # Marriage Dissolution # Child Support # Child Custody # Spousal Maintenance # Domestic Abuse # Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements # Paternity # Third-Party Custody # Modification of Child Support, Parenting Time, and Other Modification Proceedings # Legal Name Change Criminal Law # DUI / DWI # Petty Misdemeanors # Misdemeanors # Gross Misdemeanors # Felonies # Assaults # Drug Charges # Probation Violations # Theft and Property Offenses # Traffic Offenses # Damage or Trespass to Property # Juvenile Crimes Estate Planning # Wills # Trusts # Litigation # Health Care Directives # Powers of Attorney Probate # Informal # Formal Supervised # Formal Unsupervised # Guardianships # Conservatorships # Decree of Descent Real Estate # Commercial Sales and Acquisitions # Residential Purchase Agreements # Mechanics Liens # Lease Agreements # Townhouse and Condominium Law # Residential and Commercial # Zoning # Land Use # Boundary Disputes
  36. Hastings
    1. May & O'Brien: * Assault * DWI / DUI * Theft * Drug Convictions * Traffic Violations * Misdemeanors * Felonies
  37. Hibbing
    1. Matonich & Persson: Automobile and Trucking Accidents Medical Malpractice Products Liability Wrongful Death Premises Liability Criminal Defense
  38. Howard Lake
    1. Paschke, Charles: real estate law, family law, bankruptcy law, estate planning, and other legal representation
  39. Hugo
    1. Flanagan, Patrick: If you are facing criminal charges in Minnesota or federal court, protect your rights.
  40. Hopkins
  41. Lake City
    1. Svoboda Law Office: Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and/or drugs are very serious charges that can seriously impact your driving record, your Drivers License and your future. DUI's require immediate action to protect your best interests. DUI/DWI Implied Consent Misdemeanor Forfeiture Gross Misdemeanor Traffic Felony
  42. Lindstrom
    1. Nelson, Chad: Don't face your legal troubles alone!
  43. Little Falls
    1. Larson Law Office: All Criminal Defense DUI Defense DWI Defense Battery Defense Assault Defense Spousal Abuse Defense Child Pornography Defense All Sex Crime Defense Adolescent Crime Defense All Felony Defense Murder Defense Sexual Assault Defense Homicide Defense All Drug Defense Rape Misdemeanors Traffic Violations
  44. Mankato
  45. Maple Grove
  46. Maplewood
    1. Baker Williams: most individuals who are charged with a misdemeanor are not expecting to have an encounter with the law. Representation by an attorney is the best route.
    2. Julie La Fleur: Criminal Law Practice includes DUI, DWI, domestic assault, and felony theft.
  47. Mendota Heights
  48. Milaca
    1. Allen, Ethan: DWI/DUI Drug Offenses Sex Offenses Assault/Domestic Assault Theft/Fraud Child Pornography Traffic Violations Juvenile Matters Probation Violations
  49. Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis
  50. Minnetonka
  51. Moorhead
    1. George Ulseth: You can be arrested by driving while over the legal BAC in your state or while impaired, however, you need not actually operate the car in order to be arrested. You may be found guilty if you had the capability and power to dominate, direct, or regulate the vehicle, regardless of whether you were exercising that capability or power at the time of the arrest. Simply sitting behind the wheel with the keys in the ignition can lead to your arrest for DUI by being in "actual physical control" of the car.
  52. New Brighton
    1. Henderson, Howard & Pawluk: Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Drug Charges, including Possession & Trafficking Racketeering under the federal RICO Act White Collar Crimes
  53. Northfield
    1. Fossum, John: * Criminal Defense * DUI/Implied Consent * Personal Injury Litigation * Business Law * Incorporation * Civil Litigation * Contracts * Corporate Law * Appeals
  54. Oakdale
  55. Olivia
    1. Kraft Walser Hettig Honsey & Kleiman: Convictions for DWI or other traffic violations can have serious adverse consequences.
  56. Princeton
    1. Osborne Law Office: A DUI case can be extremely serious business. You may have a family lawyer you rely on for business matters, wills, real estate transactions, and even traffic tickets. When it comes to criminal charges, though, you can't afford to rely on a lawyer who may not be well versed in DUI law. It's critical that you have the information you need to make good decisions, and that you have that information early in the process. You need to know how the charges and the choices you make in responding to them can affect your future-and your family's future.
  57. Richfield
    1. Ohlenberg, Richard: DUI / DWI law information The legal limit in Minnesota is .08. A first DWI offense with a reading of less than .20 is a misdemeanor level offense, provided there are no aggravating factors. There is a civil side to a DWI/DUI offense, which is the license revocation. It is important that a person with a DWI charge contact an experienced attorney shortly after being cited for a DWI/DUI because if the defendant misses a deadline he or she loses the opportunity to contest the revocation or cancellation of his or her driver's license. In addition to the civil side of an attorney working to preserve your license, we can also challenge the circumstances and or evidence around your DWI arrest. Each circumstance is unique, which is why the best way to build a defense to your DWI charge is to talk about the elements specific to your case. Some of the possible defenses to a DWI include: * Did the officer had the right to pull you over? * Was the breathalyzer was properly maintained, calibrated and administered? * Whether or not the BAC evidence can be challenged * Additional possible defenses around your specific situation While you may have heard from family and friends that hiring a DWI defense lawyer can be expensive, it's important to understand that NOT hiring a lawyer can have far greater consequences, including, but not limited to: * Higher insurance premiums * License forfeiture / revocation / suspension * Loss of commercial driver's license * Limits on future employment opportunities * Fines * Time spent in jail
  58. Rochester
  59. Rosemount
    Hansen, McCann & O'Connor:

    In Minnesota, there is no difference between the terms DUI and DWI.  A DUI is a very serious matter. Recent shifts in public attitudes towards drunk driving have resulted in less tolerance on the part of judges and prosecutors toward offenders, and penalties and sentences have become severer.

    If you've been charged with a DUI or have been suspected of DUI, you need to call a lawyer immediately!

    Failure to contact a lawyer immediately after you have been stopped by the police for a DUI even if you were not charged with a DUI right away could result in you missing your ability to challenge certain civil issues such as the loss of your driving privileges, the forfeiture of your vehicle and the impoundment of your license plates in a timely manner.  Even if your DUI charge is dismissed, failure to challenge your license revocation in a timely manner could result in the license revocation remaining on your record, affecting your insurance rates for years to come, as well as an individual facing more serious criminal charges and civil penalties if they are involved in a subsequent DUI incident.

  60. Roseville
  61. Sauk Rapids
    1. Kelm & Reuter: CRIMINAL LAW Criminal Fraud Drug Violations DUI/DWI Felonies Juvenile Crimes Misdemeanor Parole & Probation Prosecution Sex Offenses White Collar Crimes Traffic Violations Victims' Rights
    2. Peterson, Todd: DWI and Driving Offenses If you've been charged with DWI, you will need the help of an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney. Driving under the influence is a serious crime; penalties are stiff and can have a long-lasting effect on your life.
  62. Savage
    1. Milavitz, Gallop & Milavitz: * DWI / DUI * Minor traffic violations * Assault * Murder * Drug crimes * Alcohol related crimes * Domestic * White Collar crimes * Expungement and appeals * And many more
  63. Shakopee
  64. St. Cloud
  65. St. Louis Park
  66. St. Paul
  67. Stillwater
  68. Twin Cities
    1. Greg Sofio: You have been charged with drinking and driving. Don't get taken advantage of!  Hire an expert to guide you.
  69. Unknown
  70. Virginia
    1. Cope & Peterson: Litigation and dispute resolution Closely held and family business law Arbitration Wills and estate planning Mediation Elder law Product liability Probate and Trust Administration Municipal and education law Real estate Purchase, sales and financing of businesses Family law Tax and business planning Divorce Criminal defense/DWI Child custody Insurance defense
    2. Williams, Bruce: DUI's Assaults Criminal sexual conduct Controlled substances Felonies Misdemeanors
    3. Trenti Law: The DWI law is complicated, and in all cases you should have the advice of an attorney in order to ensure that your legal rights are properly protected.
  71. Waite Park
    1. Bradshaw & Bryant: If you are charged with a felony, or a serious misdemeanor such as drunk driving (DWI), you should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Criminal cases move quickly and you should be represented at every proceeding.
  72. Wanamingo
    1. Hero, Jorstad & Jacobsen: all types of criminal charges including felonies, gross misdemeanors, expungements, assaults, DWIs, and other traffic related offenses
  73. Waseca
    1. Patton, Hoversten & Berg: The bedrock of our American democratic values is our fundamental belief in the basic human rights of individual liberty and property. Our belief in these rights is meaningless unless lawyers and the courts can defend them and provide a remedy when the government violates those rights. Our rights are not "technicalities" - they are what separate us from dictatorships.
  74. Wayzata
    1. Battina Law: If you or someone you love has been accused or arrested for any crime, then you understand how terrifying this situation can be and how serious it is. The consequences of a criminal offense can range from probation and community service to heavy fines and long jail or prison sentences. When faced with a criminal charge, you need a criminal lawyer who will treat your case with equal severity, and one that understands what hangs in the balance for you and your family. Criminal offenses in Minnesota fall into three categories misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and felony, with misdemeanor crimes being less serious and felonies being the most serious category with the risk of a prison sentence. In Minnesota the maximum punishment for a misdemeanor offense is 90 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. A gross misdemeanor offense allows for a maximum of one-year in jail and/or $3,000 fine. Being the most serious of crimes in Minnesota, a felony sentence includes a minimum of one-year and one day in prison and some serious felony offenses are punishable by up to life in prison.
  75. West St.Paul
  76. White Bear Lake
    1. Martin, Scott: Criminal Law issues, such as Domestic Violence, Orders of Protection, Misdemeanor crimes, Shoplifting and Drunk Driving (DUI)
    2. Nath, Jeffrey: -- Drunken Driving (DUI/DWI) -- Moving traffic violations -- Possession of Illegal Drugs -- Misdemeanor Crimes -- Shoplifting -- Juvenile Offenses
    3. Mitchell & Associates: A DUI/DWI conviction depends on a test of your BAC. Unfortunately, often times a person is not even the slightest bit aware of what his or her BAC is prior to stepping into a vehicle. In fact, you may have been completely unaware of your guilty condition prior to having your BAC tested. Nonetheless, intent to drive drunk is not required for a drunk driving conviction. Still, close cases provide the greatest basis for a successful defense. For example, where 0.8 percent BAC is just within the legal limits and you are found to have 0.9 percent BAC, your attorney may have a strong case when arguing the invalidity of your blood alcohol test. (Also, in a close case, an experienced defense attorney may succeed in negotiating a plea to a lesser offense.)
  77. Woodbury
  78. Worthington
    1. Lucht Law Offices: General Practice of Law Family Law Criminal Law Municipal Law Wills, Trusts & Probate Business Law Real Estate Law Business Organizations Child Support DUI/DWI Divorce Estate Administration
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