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Notice of Maryland Checkpoints Posted on Internet

To educate the public and help prevent alcohol-related crashes, Maryland Transportation Authority Police, with the assistance of the Department of the Maryland State Police and the Cecil County Sheriff's Department will conduct a sobriety checkpoint at the toll plaza of the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge (US 40 between Perryville and Havre de Grace) during the weekend of June 28-29. The checkpoint is part of an ongoing effort to intensify the fight against impaired driving and provide safe- roadways for Maryland's citizens and visitors.
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    1. Steven Shemnski: You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.
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    1. Hartel Kane: A charge of drunk driving can do more than get you a fine and a few days in jail. It can cause you to lose your driving privileges for weeks, months or even years. It can limit your ability to keep or find a job and strain relationships with friends and family. And if you have injured somebody in a DUI accident, it can haunt you for the rest of your life.
    2. Abrams, Adele: Employment Law Safety and Health Law Environmental Law Family Law Collaborative Law Civil Litigation Traffic and DUI Mediation
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    1. Benvenuto, Frank: What are my legal rights in Maryland if I am stopped; and how should I act? First, act appropriately. Be polite, don't be combative or argumentative. Don't act paranoid, don't act sloppy, don't act jovial or try to be overly friendly or humorous. You are not required to answer any questions, (such as, “have you been drinking tonight?”) and may politely respond, “I think I'd rather speak with an attorney before answering any questions”. Bear in mind, however, that if you are stone cold sober, you will likely get to leave much sooner by being cooperative.
    2. Maronick, Thomas: DUI/DWI Traffic Offenses - Criminal Defense - Medical Malpractice - Auto Accidents* - Personal Injury* - Bankruptcy - Contracts - Employment Law - Divorce, Family Law and Child Custody
    3. Smith, Kathleen: -Criminal Law -Traffic Violations -Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings -Drug and Narcotic Violations -Parole and Probation Violations -Administrative Hearings and Appeals -Natural Resources Violations and Compliance -General Mediation -Family Mediatio
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    1. Brigerman, Ronald: DUI / DWI Traffic tickets MVA hearings Driver's license suspensions Drug charges Assault charges Felonies Misdemeanors
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    1. Pudinski, Mark: Divorce & Separation Custody - Support - Adoption Business Law - Civil Litigation Protective Order Hearings Juvenile Cases District County Matters DWI - Traffic - MVA Hearings Wills - Estates Bankruptcy
    2. Stainbrook, Judith: Drug offenses (including possession, possession with intent to distribute, drug kingpin cases) Wiretap cases Sex offenses (including sex offenses involving the internet, child pornography, sex abuse charges, sex offenses involving minors, and rape) Burglary and theft Assault (first and second degree) Homicide and Murder Kidnapping Arson Traffic offenses (including driving while a suspended or revoked license, DWI and DUI)
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    1. Miller, Thomas: Were You Charged With DUI in the Washington, D.C., Metro Area? A drunk driving charge in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C., can mean time spent in jail and a significant fine. You will almost certainly lose your license for several months. If you have been charged, you will need an effective, experienced lawyer to help you get the best possible outcome. But with so many Prince George's County DUI law firms, how do you know which one will deliver what you need?
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    1. Trunnell Law: While any criminal defense matter requires expediency in acquiring legal representation, the various issues in DUI defense law make it even more important to acquire an experienced lawyer right away. You must see us within 10 days to schedule an administrative hearing to prevent your license from being automatically suspended. That seems like a minor detail, but many of those charged with a DUI overlook that simple procedure. A successful hearing allows you to keep your driving privileges during the course of your DUI case.
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    1. Schaaf, Gregg: Criminal Law DUI Lawyer Drug Crime Defense Shoplifting Defense Traffic Violations Violent Crimes Defense
    2. Noonan & Noonan: Criminal - CDS - DUI/DWS/DWR - Lake/DNR violations BUI - Traffic
    3. Steven Friend: It is NOT against the law in Maryland to drive after having consumed alcohol. It IS against the law to drive after consuming enough alcohol to impair your driving abilities, or in legal terminology, "drinking to the extent of probably affecting one's judgement and discretion or probably affecting one's nervous system to the extent that there is a failure of normal coordination. It is also against the law to consume alcoholic beverages while driving. Therefore, avoid having open alcohol containers in your vehicle while you are driving and refrain from driving after you have drank enough to affect your judgement, coordination, discretion or reflexes.
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    1. Stephen Leas:

      1. What is a Breathalyzer test?
      2. Should you take a Breathalyzer test?
      3. What impact does a DWI or DUI have on your driver's license?
      4. What is the legal level of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) for a DWI?
      5. What is the legal level of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) for a DUI?
      6. Will I have an Administrative Hearing before the Motor Vehicle Administration and what do I do?
      7. What are the penalties for a DWI or DUI conviction?
      8. What do I do if I've had a prior DUI or DWI conviction.?
      9. What is a PBT?
      10. What is a PBJ and am I eligible for one?
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    1. Phillips Law Firm: Personal Injury and Automobile Accidents Medical Malpractice Criminal Offenses - Felonies and misdemeanors DUI / DWI Construction Cases - Representing both Contractors and Customers, including design defects and Construction problems. Traffic - From traffic violations to incarcerable offenses General Litigation - Civil matters of all kinds Business Planning - Choice of forms and general business guidance Wills, Estates & Trusts. Family Law - Divorce, Child Support, Custody, Alimony, Domestic Violence, etc.
    2. Shipley, Stephanie: As an informed consumer of legal services, you need to be sure that the firm you select is in fact qualified to handle the matter at hand. Today, that's more important than ever.
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    1. Abercrombie Law Office: The U.S. Supreme Court has generally interpreted the Fourth Amendment prohibition against "unreasonable searches and seizures" to impose a warrant requirement upon police officers who wish to perform a valid search or arrest. However, the Court has carved out some exceptions to the warrant requirement, which make certain "seizures" constitutionally permissible in the absence of a warrant.
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    1. Barrett, James: If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges for criminal activity, it is essential to obtain a lawyer immediately to defend your reputation and to protect your rights. Serious traffic offenses: These offenses include reckless driving, speeding tickets, drunk driving or driving under the influence (DUI/DWI), and commercial driver's license (CDL) violations such as equipment violations or overload. We will defend you against these traffic charges and work to minimize any impact on your driving record and insurance premiums. If you have been charged with DUI/DWI, we will also handle the administrative license reinstatement matters, to get full or limited driving privileges so that you can continue to get to and from work.
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    1. Wolfe, Roger: Civil Litigation: Contract Disputes, Personal Injury, Property Damage, Motor Vehicle Accidents Criminal Law: Misdemeanors, Felonies, DWI, DUI, Traffic Offenses Family Law: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Visitation, Premarital Agreements, Alimony Military Law: Veteran's Administration (VA) Claims & Appeals, Security Clearance, Administrative Corrective measures, Non-Judicial Punishment (Article 15's), Special and General Court Martial, Officer and Enlisted Administrative Separations, AR 15-6 Investigations, IG Investigations, OER/NCOER Appeals
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    1. Williams, Jan: DUI alcohol evaluation, counseling, recovery coaching, and educational services
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    1. Burton, Aubrey: You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation. # Criminal defense * Assault and battery defense * Traffic offenses * Malicious destruction of property * Violation of protective and peace orders
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    1. Nick Kourtesis: In today's society, a vehicle is a necessity. Our goal is to protect your right to own and operate a vehicle. The first line of defense is to challenge the reason that you were stopped. There are bad stops! There are many things that you need to do before appearing in front of a judge. We know what these things are and we strongly urge you to move quickly and contact my firm if you have been arrested or cited for a traffic offense. If it is your first arrest, the goal is make sure that you can continue driving. For second offenses, the goal is often to keep you out of jail and able to continue providing for your family. Maryland DUI/DWI Under Maryland law, you may be charged with either of the following: * Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated (DUI or DWI): A more severe criminal charge that could result in up to three years in jail for subsequent offenders and a suspension or revocation of your driving privileges * Driving While Impaired: A lesser offense that may still result in a revoked or suspended driver's license, jail time, heavy fine, inpatient treatment and extensive probation A DUI/DWI arrest involves both criminal and civil consequences. The criminal consequences you face depend upon your prior record, the seriousness of the offense, and your blood alcohol content (BAC). Conversely, the civil consequences you face involve an administrative hearing before the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) which will determine the fate of your driving privileges.
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    1. Matt Lavine In Maryland, it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) refers to a higher level of alcohol in the driver's system than driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). If charged with these offenses, you are likely facing two separate sets of penalties.
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    1. Pare', Alice: * DWI (driving while intoxicated) * Driving without a license * Driving uninsured * Negligent driving These are serious charges, and they can affect your future.
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    1. Goldbloom, Donald: BANKRUPTCY (Consumer, Chapter 7 and 13) PERSONAL INJURY DIVORCE AND FAMILY LAW CRIMINAL AND DUI Social Security Disability Guardianship and Adoptions Senior Citizen Issues Business Organizations Worker's Compensation Mediation
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    1. Shoemaker, Haven: Divorce DUI/DWI Workers' Compensation Assaults Catastrophic Accidents and Injuries Child Custody Consumer Bankruptcy Criminal Law Drug Offenses Family Law Felonies Head and Spinal Cord Injuries Misdemeanors Motorcycle Accidents Personal Injury School Bus Accidents Spousal Support Suspended License Traffic Violations Trucking Accidents Weapons Charges Animal Mauling
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    1. Jaffe, Matthew: Drunk-Driving Defense The single smartest thing you can do if you are facing charges for drinking and driving is to show up in court with a lawyer. Before your life changes because of a drunk-driving charge, make the state prove its case. * Was the police stop lawful? If it wasn't, the evidence against you could be thrown out. * Was the Breathalyzer test properly administered? Was the machine properly calibrated? Was your blood-alcohol test accurate?
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    1. Bramzon, Lonny: Driving Under the Influence Driving Without a License Driving on a Suspended License Driving Without Insurance Reckless Driving Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Damage to a Vehicle Vehicular Homicide
    2. Colbert Law Firm: * DWI / DUI * Driving without a license * Driving while suspended * Hit and Run * Speeding Tickets * Moving violations * Assault and battery * Drug possession * Theft * Shoplifting
    3. Warby, Bradley: Being charged with a DUI can lead to a lot of questions, and a lot of uncertainty. Often, people who have been charged with a DUI have never been in trouble before. They may not know what to do, who to talk to, or what questions they need to ask.
    4. Bramzon Law: fight for your rights!
    5. Malik Shakur: Conviction of a crime may bring a sentence including fines, probation, imprisonment or other judicial discipline. It is important to seek competent legal advice from a criminal defense lawyer as early in this process as possible. Criminal offenses are violations of public law. Federal and State laws generally include two categories of varying severity.
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    1. Waldman & Diamond: personal injury claims, criminal trials, family law, estate planning, estate and trust administration, and small business representation
    2. Thrower, Lawrence: * DUI/Traffic Offenses * Assault/Weapons Charges * Theft/Burglary * Drug Offenses
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    1. Colbert Law Firm: * DWI / DUI * Driving without a license * Driving while suspended * Hit and Run * Speeding Tickets * Moving violations * Assault and battery * Drug possession * Theft * Shoplifting
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    1. Stein & Sperling: Criminal charges are customarily brought by a criminal summons or warrant that is authorized by a judicial officer. In the case of an arrest warrant, the next most important procedure following the arrest is the establishment of pre-trial release conditions, otherwise known as setting bond. A trial or hearing date is set in the appropriate court depending Effective representation is essential to ensure protection under the law... on the nature and seriousness of the charge(s). Mandatory and discretionary motions are filed early in the trial process to determine important points of law and to secure rulings on evidence. The case proceeds either to a negotiated plea or a trial, which will be before either a judge or a jury. In the case of a conviction, the judge will then consider all of the information which is relevant in determining the appropriate sentence. Effective representation at every stage is critical to ensure that the accused fully understands his rights and receives all the protections available under the law. Representation is advisable any time the authorities are conducting an investigation, even if charges have not yet been filed.
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    1. Azari, Omid: A night of bad judgment and now you’re facing the consequences – a DUI charge. The experience of being pulled over by a police officer after consuming several drinks often elicits mind-numbing fear. Many drivers then proceed to answer a litany of questions from the officer about having consumed drinks or coming from a bar or sporting event before consenting to a roadside breath test, also referred to as a “Preliminary breath test” (PBT), and to performing field sobriety tests. This compliance is natural when you are facing an armed police officer with the power to haul you off to jail. The motivation for compliance is often rooted in the mistaken belief that the evidence used in DUI/DWI cases are based on reliable science so your chances of avoiding a conviction are slim to none. The reality is very different if you entrust your case to our DUI lawyers. We carefully analyze the basis for the initial stop, interactions during the stop, field sobriety tests (SFSTs), chemical testing, police conduct and observations, handling of blood evidence exemplars and other evidence to develop the most effective defense strategies. While each case is different, and specific legal results cannot be guaranteed, our team of legal professionals will mount the strongest defense case possible on your behalf.
    2. Wiesner, Gary: DUI: If your blood alcohol level is .08 or higher, you will be charged with a DUI, or driving under the influence. It is the most serious drunk driving charge. DWI: The second most serious drunk driving charge, DWI, or driving while impaired, is given to drivers who drove while their coordination was impaired. This can be proven with a BAC test of .07. There is no defined charge for drunk driving with a blood alcohol content of .06 or lower, but you can even be charged with a BAC of .05 or lower, if your driving was affected by the consumption of alcohol.
    3. Azari Law: There are many tough consequences regarding drinking and driving convictions, including: Jail Time Loss of Driving Privileges Fines Community Service Increased Insurance Rates To manage these difficult consequences, you need legal representation you can trust.
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    1. Lomanno, Gary : Drunk driving (DUI/DWI) Traffic violations Criminal defense Personal injury Workers' compensation Real estate transactions Estate planning/wills Divorce/child custody
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    1. Sawyer & Myerberg: Defective Products, Defective Drugs, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Commercial Transactions, Estate Planning, Free Initial Consultations, Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Birth Injuries, Personal Injury, Child Advocacy, Workers' Compensation, Wrongful Death, Divorce Mediation, Child Custody, Guardianship, Drug, Medical, Criminal, DWI, Slip & Fall, Insurance Claims, Business Law, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Social Security, Estates, Wills, Trusts, Contract Disputes, Health Insurance Claims, Government Contractors
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    1. Chappell, Amy: 34% Wrongful Death 33% DUI / DWI 33% Divorce / Separation
    2. Farace & Scher: understand the legal and factual issues and the legal process
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    1. Hecht, Ross: DRUNK DRIVING ARREST DUI / DWI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs / Driving While Intoxicated) * Deferred Prosecutions * Criminal Defense * Criminal Expungements * Drivers' License Reinstatement * Habitual Traffic Offender Hearings * Misdemeanors * Gross Misdemeanors * Felonies * Assault Charges * Protection Orders / No Contact Orders * Violation of Protection / No Contact Orders DRUG OFFENSES * Possession * Distribution / Trafficking * Manufacturing * Cultivation * Drug Forfeiture Hearings * Fugitive Cases * Warrant Quashing FEDERAL CHARGES * Drug Trafficking * Immigration Offenses * Computer and Internet Fraud * Credit Card Fraud * Extortion * Insurance Fraud * Mail Fraud * Mortgage Fraud * Tax Evasion * Bankruptcy Fraud * Bribery * Counterfeiting * Money Laundering * Embezzlement HOMICDE / MURDER WHITE COLLAR OFFENSES * what is white collar crime? SEX OFFENSES * Child Abuse * Elderly Abuse * Rape * Indecent Exposure * Child Pornography * Internet Porn * Date Rape * Exploitation * Child Neglect * Sexual Assault * Sexual Battery * Solicitation * Sexual Misconduct * Child Molestation Abuse THEFT CRIMES * Auto Theft * Robbery * Dealing in Stolen Property * Grand Theft * Embezzlement * Petty Theft * Fraud * Forgery * Burglary * Larceny JUVENILE OFFENSES * if your child is arrested * minor in possession GUN CHARGES * Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon * Deadly Conduct * Possession of Firearm by a Convicted FELON * Homicide * Aggravated Assault ASSAULTIVE OFFENSES * Contract * Aggravated Assault * Threat * Sexual Assault * w/ Bodily Harm * Aggravated Sexual Assault * Family / Domestic Violence * Disorderly Conduct w/ a Firearm
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    1. Dieck, Brett: Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Reckless Driving, other traffic violations, and misdemeanor offenses
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    1. Noonan & Noonan: Criminal - CDS - DUI/DWS/DWR - Lake/DNR violations BUI - Traffic
    2. Phillips & Worthington: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, also called driving while impaired, driving while intoxicated, and drunk driving, is responsible for scores of traffic fatalities and injuries each year. According to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, alcohol-related crashes were to blame for over 17,000 deaths in 2006 alone. State and federal legislatures enact laws to prevent the many injuries and deaths that result from alcohol-related crashes. In their zeal to eradicate drunk driving, organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have pushed many states to enact tough laws that impose even tougher penalties for driving under the influence. In Maryland, you can be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI) if you are driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or both. “Actual physical control” means that you don't have to actually be driving the vehicle to be charged with DUI or DWI. In fact, the car does not even have to be running for you to be deemed in actual physical control of it. If you are charged with DUI or DWI, you face stiff penalties, including suspension of your driving privileges, exorbitant fines, and even jail time.
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    1. Staiti & DiBlaso
    2. : Your Constitutional Rights Remember at the beginning of any criminal case you have the absolute right to an attorney whether the attorney is appointed as a public defender or you hired an experienced law firm such as Staiti Rogan. The law contains an infinite number of loop holes. You have certain Constitutional rights that must be looked at immediately to determine what direction you will be proceeding in regarding your case. Some Constitutional rights include: 1) right to a lawyer, 2) right to testify on your own behalf, 3) right to cross examine and confront witnesses, 4) right to remain silent, 5) right to a speedy trial, 6) right to use Courts process of service to compel witness testimony or evidence, and 7) right to a jury trial and/or judge trial. Remember, You have the absolute presumption of innocence.
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    1. Orenburg Law Firm: Traffic offenses are no longer minor offenses, especially along the I-95 corridor in Washington, D.C.
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    1. Morrow, Robert: Drunk driving and DWI are common words in our every day speech, which should tell us something about the extent and familiarity of this growing problem. DUI defenders will tell you that the term drunk driving has many official names including, DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), DUII (Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants), OMVI (Operating Motor Vehicle Intoxicated), and OUI (Operation Under the Influence), and other acronyms OWI, DUIL, DWUI. These web pages primarily use the expression, DUI (Driving Under the Influence). You've found the right legal experts to assist and direct you along the path of magisterial proceedings. Certainly, hiring a good DUI lawyer is absolutely your best decision and ought to be your first move. DUI is a serious infraction with extremely complex consequences for everyone involved including drivers, victims, and general population. Each year in the United States an estimated half million people are injured in DUI-related highway crashes, costing taxpayers over 114 billion dollars. The public offender may face the immediate loss of driving privileges, vehicle impoundment, fines, house arrest, local incarceration, and prison time, due to drunk driving accusations. While DUI lawyers have made headway in actual court cases, the number of drunk driving arrests have steadily climbed since the beginning of 1970s, thanks to newly implemented laws and programs. Your DUI lawyer should be expertly familiar with all the intricacies and nuances involved with DUI offenses. This index of lawyers will take you through them step by step, explaining testing, sentencing, jury trends, offer information, etc. As DUI lawyers, knowing the law is our profession and job. Preparation, knowledge, and an excellent DUI attorney are among your best defenses. A DUI charge is frustrating, and it can result in solemn consequences! Take action NOW by calling us today. Depending on what state in which you are charged, drunk driving offenses can also be known as any of the following: Because drunk driving laws are complex, you not only need to hire a lawyer, but one who specifically specializes in DUI defense. Qualified drunk driving attorneys know that some of the enforcement and judicial procedures are unconstitutional and violate motorists' rights. They are more well versed with the different sobriety tests and their varying accuracy levels. Don't give up your rights. Contact an experienced Lead Counsel DUI lawyer who understands your particular needs and situation.
    2. Smith, Kathleen: -Criminal Law -Traffic Violations -Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings -Drug and Narcotic Violations -Parole and Probation Violations -Administrative Hearings and Appeals -Natural Resources Violations and Compliance -General Mediation -Family Mediatio
    3. Christopher Llinas: If you have a legal problem, you should consult with an attorney who can investigate the particular circumstances of your situation.
    4. Terri Taylor: Being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated or impaired by drugs doesn't have to be a devastating experience.
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  61. Laumann, Joseph: If I'm stopped for driving under the influence, can a police officer ask me questions without reading me my rights? Answer: Sometimes. The answer depends on whether or not you are in police custody -- that is, whether you are subject to the restraints common to a formal arrest. For example, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the police do not have to provide Miranda warnings during roadside questioning of a motorist detained pursuant to a traffic stop. Thus, roadside questioning about your drinking, drug-taking, or performance on field sobriety tests does not constitute "custodial interrogation." However, once you are arrested -- or restrained by the police in a manner consistent with arrest -- you must be read your Miranda rights. What is an MVA hearing and when should I request it? Answer: Because you refused to take a sobriety test and therefore got your license revoked, you have a right to request an MVA hearing which must be done within 10 days of your arrest. We advise you to always request the MVA hearing. An MVA hearing provides you with the opportunity to question the police officer about the legitimacy of his stop and to test his knowledge with regards to field sobriety testing. Do I have to take a sobriety test? Answer: You do not have to submit to field sobriety tests. Even if you have not been drinking, the tests can erroneously show an alcohol level. Your license will probably be suspended if you refuse to take a sobriety test, but you may request an MVA Hearing to attempt to have your license returned or the suspension modified. What can an attorney do for me once I've been arrested? Answer: • Your attorney can ensure that the police and prosecutor have gotten all of the procedures correct. Minor mistakes can get your case dismissed from court. • An attorney can ensure that your legal rights are protected. She may be able to negotiate a favorable plea depending on the circumstances. There are no guarantees, but without a lawyer there is no chance. • Asking for an attorney stops the police from questioning you
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    1. Goldstein, Bachman & Newman:

      As in all states, in New Jersey it is a crime to operate a vehicle while impaired by the effects of alcohol or drugs. The offense may be called driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Whatever the term, New Jersey DUI / DWI laws make it illegal for a person to operate a car, truck, motorcycle, or commercial vehicle if:

      1. The driver's ability to safely operate the vehicle is impaired by the effects of alcohol
      2. The driver is intoxicated at a level above established DUI standards, such as blood-alcohol concentration (BAC). In New Jersey, this level is defined as a BAC of .10%.

      New Jersey has serious drunk driving penalties. If you are found guilty on DUI charges, you will lose all driving privileges for a minimum of six months and may face fines of up to $700. In addition, you will be faced with increased automobile insurance rates and insurance surcharges to the state.

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    1. Pinder Legal Team: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) means you were operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or more. The ramifications for a DUI are serious and include, but are not limited to: (1) jail time, 1 to 3 years; (2) fines, $1,000 to $3,000; (3) 12 points on your license; and (4) revocation of your driving privileges (no more license). Driving While Impaired (DWI) can be proved with a blood alcohol content less than 0.08, and also has serious ramifications, including but not limited to: (1) jail time, 60 days to one year; (2) fines, $500; (3) 8 points on your license; and (4) suspension of your driving privileges (suspended license). Most DUI/DWI cases include several other charges from the underlying incident, such as reckless driving, speeding, and failure to obey stop sign. These charges may also include separate jail time, fines or points. DUI/DWI cases generally include both a criminal trial and an administrative hearing (MVA). These cases are fact specific, and require the officer to cross his “T”s and dot his “I”s. Good people make bad decisions and there is often much more to the story. Don't put your head in the sand, hoping the charges go away
    2. May, Mike: Criminal defense cases include: • Drug Cases • Felonies • DUI/DWI • Assault & Battery • Sexual Assault • Homicide • Arson • Burglary
  66. Pikesville
    1. Palumbo Law Group: Criminal Consequences of Your DUI/DWI There are ways that we can handle your case that might enable you to avoid getting a DUI/DWI charge on your criminal record and points adversely assessed on your driving record. Even a conviction for your first drunk driving charge can lead to serious long-term repercussions. A Probation before the Judgment (PBJ) plea is an excellent way to protect the record of certain first-time offenders. The more DUI/DWI convictions you receive, the more serious the consequences you obviously face. Our firm has experience dealing with multiple DUI charges, charges of vehicular (vehicle) manslaughter, drunk driving accidents, and other serious allegations.
    2. Shprukhman, Edvard: Criminal Defense
    3. Jay Liner: Traffic violations can have serious criminal consequences, particularly when a driver is accused of driving under the influence. A conviction on DUI/DWI charges may result in fines, the revocation or suspension of your driver's license, and possible jail time. In addition, your insurance company may increase your rates to an unmanageable level. In defending against an impaired driving charge, you have many rights as a criminal defendant, including the right to cross-examine the witnesses against you, even if they are police officers. An experienced criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in such a difficult case.
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    1. Rosenberg & Fain: We believe that it is extremely important for any individual who is accused of a crime or who is the subject of a criminal investigation to seek out experienced counsel to provide proper advice to ensure that constitutional and other legal rights are vigorously protected.
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    1. Kline, Gregory: 33% DUI / DWI 15 years 33% Litigation 18 years 24% Estate Planning 15 years 10% White Collar Crime 17 years
    2. Michael Wilsman: If you are facing a more serious misdemeanor or minor felony charge, you could be facing a loss of civil rights and jail or prison.  You have the right to have your attorney represent you at every stage of a criminal proceeding.
    3. Ray Carignan: Penalties A fine of up to $500.00 and up to 2 months in jail. While transporting a minor: 1st offense - a fine of up to $1,000.00 and up to 6 months in jail; 2nd offense and subsequent offenses- a fine of up to $2,000.00 and up to 1 year in jail.
    4. Christopher Flohr: If the government, whether State or Federal, is tying to convict you of a crime, you need to aggressively defend against such charges. A criminal conviction will have long lasting consequences including fines, court costs, and jail or prison time. You need an attorney with knowledge and experience in criminal defense.
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    1. Johnston, Regis: Drunk-driving charges can have serious immediate and long-term consequences. You could immediately face: • Suspension of your driver's license • Hundreds of dollars of fines • Driving school • Costs to get your license back • A black mark on your driving record • Astronomical insurance rates, or no ability to get insurance at all Drunk-driving charges stay on your driving record for life—and they will remain on your record if you move to another state. For every additional DUI / DWI charge you have—even if your last charge was 15 years ago—you will be facing: • Increasingly severe fines and penalties • Jail time that increases with each offense • Longer suspension or absolute revocation of your driver's license DUI is one of the most serious criminal charges that an average person can face. It is important to challenge every drunk-driving charge while you can. Once it is on your record, you will not be able to get it removed.
  75. Stevensville
    1. Joyce & Associates: Know Your Rights: -If you have been arrested or are in police custody, you have the right to an attorney. You always have the right to an attorney, and are free to exercise that right. -You never have to consent to a search. Generally speaking, the police can only search your person or your property under a few limited circumstances: 1) you consent to the search; 2) the police have obtained a warrant; 3) the police have formed a “probable cause” to search your vehicle; 4) the police have a “reasonable articulable suspicion” to stop your person and perform a quick frisk of your clothing; 5) some type of illegal contraband is in “plain view”; 6) a search incident to arrest; and 7) a search performed for “exigent circumstances.” If you are asked to a consent to search, decline unless presented with a warrant or explicitly told that a search may take place without your consent for one of the reasons above. -If you have been charged with a crime, you have a right to counsel at every stage. The law severely limits your time to exercise certain rights that may greatly assist your defense. For example, you have only fifteen (15) days from your first appearance in Circuit Court to demand a “Bill of Particulars” demanding that the State provide a detailed allegation of the criminal conduct they have alleged you committed. Obtaining counsel at the earliest possible moment is imperative. -Even after a disposition (whether from a trial or a plea agreement), you have several important post trial rights. Perhaps most important is your right to ask the court to reconsider your sentence; this request must be in writing and made within ninety (90) days, although the court can hold the request “sub curia” for years. This can provide an important opportunity to prove yourself to the judge and seek a “probation before judgment” that will remove the conviction from your record.
  76. Suitland
    1. James N. Papirmeister: You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.
  77. Takoma Park
    1. Henry, Jeffrey: There are two aspects to every DUI case in Maryland. You will have to answer to the court and the MVA. MVA: They will try to suspend your license, and the length of suspension will vary depending on if you took a breath test and the level of alcohol found. There are different options possible to avoid suspension or to have a modified suspension to allow you to keep driving. Action must be taken within 10 days or so after being charged in order to take advantage of some of these options. COURT: If this is your first offense, the odds are you aren't going to jail even if they can prove the charges. The first thing we do is make sure they can prove the charges. If so, we then give you advice on what you can do to minimize the consequences. Most times you will be placed on supervised probation and be required to attend an alcohol education or treatment program as part of your probation. You can improve your sentence by doing this prior to court, and we can help you find a program. If this isn't your first offense, jail is a real possibility, and this makes a thorough analysis of the case and possible defenses even more crucial, and the more time we have to work on your case, we are more able to explore all the options available including ways to avoid jail, like home detention or work release Either way it is crucial to get some advice right away!
    2. Malik, Ricky: Immigration and Criminal Charges If you are an immigrant to the United States and have been charged with a crime, it is extremely important to hire an attorney who knows both criminal and immigration law. Criminal charges can have a detrimental effect your immigration status. You could be deported.
  78. Temple Hills
    1. Janus & Rubard: * Bad checks * Traffic offenses * Drug offenses * DWI / DUI * Weapons charges * Assault * Battery
    2. Washington Law Firm: DUI and other traffic violations, drug possession, protective order violations, and probation violations
  79. Timonium
    1. Corley, Jim: Criminal Defense Felonies & Misdemeanors Traffic Citations DUI/DWI Record Expungement Personal Injury Auto Accidents Medical Malpractice Slip & Falls Premises Liability Workers' Compensation Social Security Disability Employment Law Family Law Divorce Custody Issues Protective Orders Adoption Services Estate Planning Wills & Trusts Probate & Estate Administration Bankruptcy Elder Law
    2. Okin, Seth: DUI – Driving under the influence is a statutory misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. The Motor Vehicle Administration penalties can include 12 points and the possibility of a revocation of your driver's license and the privilege to drive. DWI – Driving while impaired is a statutory misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of 2 months in jail and/or a $500 fine. Motor Vehicle Administration penalties can include the imposition of 8 points and the possibility of a suspension of the driver's license or privilege to drive. Refusal to submit – refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test or other field sobriety tests can result in an automatic 120-day suspension of your license, and can be admitted in court as evidence of guilt. YES, this is scary! So, what should you do?
  80. Towson, Towson
  81. Unknown
    1. Kotlarski, Mark: Unfortunately, meaningful plea bargains are rarely available in DUI/DWI cases and other driving infractions.
    2. Jacobs, Neil: When a defendant is convicted of a criminal offense, the defendant is usually required to pay fines and costs as part of his or her sentence. If the defendant has only been ordered to pay fines and costs, the defendant will be discharged from a judgment requiring fines and costs upon full payment of the fines and costs to the proper authorities.
  82. Urbana
    1. Glessner, Stephen: Accidents/Personal Injury Criminal Law Adoptions Wills & Estates Business Law Divorce Bankruptcy Criminal
  83. Upper Marlboro
  84. Waldorf
  85. Westminster
  86. Wheaten
  87. White Plains
    1. Campbell & Robotham: Criminal Defense Homicide and Assault Drugs and Narcotics Theft Offenses Sex Offenses DUI/DWI Driving Under the Influence Driving While Intoxicated A directory of sites maintained by Jim Forslund, a DUI defense attorney in Colorado. Links checked weekly. Mail proposed additions to RECIPROCAL LINKS APPRECIATED END