Kansas Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

Joseph, Hollander & Craft Norton, Hubbard, Ruzicka & Kraemer: Being accused of or charged with a crime can alter the entire course of your life. You may be facing large monetary fines and / or jail time.
  1. Americus
    1. Heiman, Nicholas: There is a limited amount of time to act, when your drivers license is on the line. You must request an in person administrative drivers license hearing within 14 days of receiving the DC-27, pink piece of paper that acts as your drivers license. Requesting the administrative hearing gives you the opportunity to keep your license for a longer period of time, and also challenge the sufficiency of the evidence that will be used to suspend your drivers license. Failure to request this hearing will result in an automatic suspension of your drivers license within 30 days of receiving the DC-27
  2. Augusta
    1. Baker, Cami: * Estate Planning * Probate Administration * Bankruptcy * Divorce * Business * Real Estate * Criminal Law * Personal Injury
  3. Baxter Springs
    1. Gutierrez, John: Felony Defense Misdemeanor Defense DUI Defense Traffic Defense Special Prosecutor for Conflict Cases Domestic Law Decedent Estates (Simple Wills) Property Transfer (Deeds)
  4. Bonner Springs
    1. Santoro, Sean: Traffic Law, Misdemeanor and Felony defense, Contracts and Collections.
  5. Clay Center
  6. Derby
    1. Craig, Walter: DUI/DWI, traffic offenses, and other misdemeanors
  7. Dodge City
    1. Doll, Mike: Criminal Defense Choosing an attorney is a lot like choosing a good friend. You want someone who is going to have your back, but also someone who will tell you like it is, even if it is not what you want to hear. We are not a yes-man type of firm.
    2. Feltman, Michael: It is imperative that a criminal defense attorney or family law attorney representing an immigrant in criminal proceedings or other types of civil litigation understand the full complexities and consequences of how the legal definitions under Federal Immigration law apply to an immigrants case regarding the conviction of an aggravated felony under the Federal immigration laws, crime of violence, crime of moral turpitude, the petty offense exception, the difference of whether a specific criminal offense will cause an immigrant to be subject to an inadmissible offense or a deportable offense, violation of a protective order, domestic violence circumstances, understanding the complexities of the recent trends of Silva-Trevino analysis, volatile and seminal cases that seriously alter circumstances from recent Board of Immigration Appeals cases and Federal Circuit Court cases, potential exceptions and waiver possibilities, specific times spent incarcerated, consequences of specific terms of imprisonment and its definition, knowledge of when and how a misdemeanor conviction can and will affect immigrant processing and deportability, amount and type of controlled substance convictions, and whether a conviction or pre-trial strategy will assist an immigrant or permanently and fatally damage their future goals.
  8. El Dorado
    1. Watts, James: A major part of any criminal case is reviewing the evidence that the State intends to use against a defendant, including reviewing whether that evidence was obtained legally. In this nation, our Founders were wise enough to place limits on the government's powers.
  9. Emporia
    1. Simmons Law Office:Criminal and Traffic Cases
    2. Stanley Ausmus: If you have been charged with a crime, you may be unsure of the next step to take, or you may not be aware of what your rights are under the law. When you are charged with a crime, it is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible to preserve your rights. Criminal cases are often won or lost within the first few hours after arrest. Do not answer questions from the police without your attorney present. Do not volunteer any information, no matter how innocuous it may seem at the time.
  10. Garden City
    1. Kennington, Robert: Criminal If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, it can be a scary and overwhelming experience. Not only could you be fined and lose your freedom if you are convicted, but your personal life may be permanently be altered. As a convicted criminal you may have difficulty finding a job, applying for a school or even getting a loan. If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense or even a minor misdemeanor offense, you should speak with an attorney immediately. A conviction for even the most minor criminal charges can have severe consequences.
    2. Calihan Law Firm: DUI and DUID charges are serious offenses with serious consequences. In addition to steep fines and jail time, you can face loss of driving privileges, higher insurance premiums, mandatory drug and alcohol treatment, and other penalties.
    3. Ryan, Dean: Don’t let the traffic court take advantage of you.
  11. Gardner
  12. Girard
    1. Gayoso Law Office: The Gayoso Law Office is synonymous with a successful defense of every type of criminal case. We are known for lengthy and thorough pretrial challenges, motions, trial preparation, trial strategy, juror selection, and every aspect of defending an accused. Our office has represented many individuals accused of crimes who received substantially reduced criminal responsibility often directly as the result of a zealous defense, both in law and fact. Our office handles matters such as drug offenses, driving under the influence, person and non person felonies and misdemeanors, and simple traffic offenses. Criminal law involves prosecution by the State of a person for an act that has been classified as a crime. In a criminal case the State, through a prosecutor, initiates the suit. Persons convicted of a crime may be incarcerated, fined, or both. A "crime" is any act or omission (of an act) in violation of a public law forbidding or commanding it. Most crimes in the United States are established by local, state, and federal governments. Criminal laws vary significantly from state to state. Crimes include both felonies (more serious offenses -- like murder or rape) and misdemeanors (less serious offenses -- like simple battery or criminal trespass). Felonies are usually crimes punishable by imprisonment of a year or more, while misdemeanors are crimes punishable by less than a year. Prosecutors have to prove each and every element of the crime to yield a conviction. Furthermore, the prosecutor must persuade the jury or judge "beyond a reasonable doubt" of every fact necessary to constitute the crime charged. Criminal law is an exhaustive and complicated area. An individual under investigation should know his/her rights.
  13. Greensburg
    1. Stull Law Office: You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.
  14. Hutchison
    1. Kleinherenbrink, Fisher : Felonies Misdemeanors Juvenile Law and Children’s Rights Criminal Expungements DUI / Traffic Violations
    2. Forker & Suter: Depending upon the defendant's prior criminal history and the severity of the crime for which the defendant is convicted, the judge will make a decision as to the length of sentence and whether the defendant should serve the sentence in the Kansas Department of Corrections or be placed on probation from that underlying sentence. Even when a defendant is granted probation from the underlying sentence, should the defendant not be successful on probation, the defendant's probation can be revoked and the defendant sent to the Kansas Department of Corrections at any time during the term of probation. Even more than that, you need someone with a thorough knowledge of the complexities of DUI law in KS to fight for you.
    3. Oswalt, Henry, Oswald and Roberts: Kansas courts for the most part do not inform a driver who appears in front of them of the full extent of the consequences or how a conviction will affect the individual's driving privileges. Fines and court costs are not all of the consequences of traffic convictions. Your traffic history can affect car insurance rates. Our attorneys can advise a driver when a plea or conviction may result in a driver's license suspension or be a consideration for a driver's license suspension. Defenses or favorable pleas exist and are available in most traffic matters. Defenses and favorable pleas do not exist in all matters. Sadly, some drivers may not receive a notice of suspension due to a recent address change from that reflected on their license and/or what Driver Control has on file. Drivers have the responsibility of keeping their address on their driver's license updated.
    4. Oswalt, Arnhold, Oswald & Henry: Personal Injury: Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents Wrongful Death Pedestrian Accidents Slip & Fall Accidents Animal Bites Workers’ Compensation: Lost Wages & Medical Benefits All Work Related Injuries Social Security: Past Due Benefits Benefits While Disabled Bankruptcy: Business Individual Traffic & DUI: DUI License Suspensions Other Legal Matters: Wills & Estates Adoptions Real Estate & Evictions Divorce Oil & Gas
  15. Independence
    1. Sally Pokorny: Even if you have not yet been charged with a crime and only suspect that an investigation is being launched against you, or if you are completely innocent, it is essential to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.
  16. Junction City
    1. McKone & Unruh: Accident and Personal Injury Assault and Battery Child Support Criminal Custody Divorce Domestic Violence Drug Crimes DUI and DWI Family Law Felonies Guardianships Landlord and Tenant Law Misdemeanors Paternity Traffic Violations Will Preparation
  17. Kansas City
  18. Lansing
    1. Lee, Clinton: Divorce / Child Custody Personal Injury / Auto Accidents Criminal Defense DUI / Traffic Wills / Estates / Probates
  19. Lawrence
  20. Leawood
  21. Lenexa
    1. Zigtema, Kate: Homicide DUI/DWI Drug Possession Domestic Violence Child Abuse Sex Crimes ​Sex/Violent Offender Registration Issues Assault/Battery Robbery Property /Economic Crimes Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claims Protection from Abuse/Stalking Divorce Motion to Modify Child Custody/Support
  22. Manhattan
  23. Merriam
  24. Newton
    1. Johnson, Stephen: DUI Lawyer If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you need a qualified and experienced attorney in your corner to make sure your rights are protected.
  25. Olathe Olathe Olathe
  26. Ottawa
    1. Finch, Covington & Boyd: Asset Protection Banking Bankruptcy Commercial Lending Construction Contract Law Corporate Formation/Maintenance Credit Collections Credit Counseling Criminal Defense Debtor Law Domestic Law Elder Law Estate Planning Financial Restructuring Franchise Health Care Law Health Care Law Juvenile Law Landlord and Tenant Litigation and Trial Practice Local Government/Land Development Regulation Mechanic's Liens Non-Competition Agreements Oil and Gas Personal Injury Privately-Held Businesses Probate Property Recovery Real Estate Tax and Estate Planning Tax Exempt Organizations Zoning
  27. Overland Park
  28. Pittsburg
    1. Morin, Katherine & William: Criminal Defense DUI/ Drunk Driving Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs is a very serious matter that requires immediate handling if you are to preserve your driving privilege. If arrested, you are at risk of losing your license, and possibly even going to jail.
    2. Bolton, Andrew: Criminal Law Felonies Misdemeanors Traffic Citations Infractions Expungements
    3. Loy & Sagehorn: Practice Areas General Civil Practice Personal Injury Wills and Trusts Estate and Probate Social Security Disability Commercial Law Business Representation Criminal Defense and DUI Divorce and Child Custody
  29. Prarie Village
    1. Allen, Joshua: Defense of drunk driving is notably tougher these days. For example, Kansas now has a lifetime look-back provision, which means that you could face enhanced penalties because of a DUI conviction that occurred 20 or 30 years ago. Vigorous representation by a skilled DUI defense lawyer is critical to prevent the worst criminal and civil sanctions.
    2. Gilliford Law Firm: Everyone makes mistakes.
  30. Pratt
    1. Stull Law Office: You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.
  31. Salina
    1. Ebel, Jeff: Practice Areas: Criminal Defense DUI Drugs Traffic Divorce Child Custody Child Support Paternity Adoptions Wills
    2. Kennedy Berkley Yarnevich & Williamson: Although reaching the legal blood alcohol level limit of .08 during a night out is relatively easy, the consequences of receiving a DUI or DWI at that level can ruin a person’s life. DUI & DWI’s Multiple DUI Felony DUI Aggravated DUI
    3. Blackwell and Struble: Criminal Defense Knowledgeable and experienced legal representation When you're faced with difficult legal matters, know who to turn to for competent legal assistance.
    4. Thompson, Robert: Misdemeanors: juvenile offenses, assault, and domestic battery Traffic violations: DUIs, speeding, and reckless driving Crimes of dishonesty: robbery, vandalism, and forgery Felonies: rape, sex crimes, and battery Violent crimes: murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault and / or battery Drugs: possession, distribution, and manufacturing
    5. McKenna Law Office: Criminal Law Juvenile Offenders Family Law DUI/Traffic Auto Accidents Personal Injury Workman’s Comp Litigation Appellate Law
    6. Wyatt & Davidson: Personal Family Matters Divorce Child Custody Support Paternity Grandparent’s rights Adoption Separation Alimony Guardianship Orders of Protection Prenuptial Agreements Criminal Law DUI Drug Crimes All Misdemeanor and Felony Level Crimes Domestic Violence Offenses Traffic Appeals Expungements
  32. Shawnee
    1. Jacquelyn Rokusek: Getting arrested for DUI can mean a lot more than just a heavy fine and taking a Saturday afternoon class. Drunk driving is taken seriously in Kansas. You risk losing your driving privileges if you do not act quickly, and multiple convictions can lead to a serious felony charge on your criminal record. If you’ve been arrested for DUI, either for the first time or multiple times, it is important to hire an experienced Olathe DUI lawyer who knows how the municipal courts operate.
    2. Grover Law Firm: DUI/DWI If you’ve been arrested for a DUI (Kansas) or DWI (Missouri), it’s in your best interest to contact an experienced defense attorney immediately. Being charged with a DUI/DWI can have a severe impact on your life including significant fines, jail time and the loss of your driving privileges. The legal process can be difficult, confusing and costly to someone without a legal advocate, and certain aspects of a DUI/DWI case require immediate and timely action.
    3. Chapin Law Firm: DUI and traffic law
    4. Schoenig, Erica: A traffic violation or drunk driving offense will leave you with criminal and administrative concerns. If you want to minimize the criminal consequences and keep your license, you want an attorney who will advocate for your rights without judgment. As you fight to protect your rights, it is best to remain polite and courteous to law enforcement officials. At the same time, you have every right to refuse a PBT, roadside test, or a BAC. There are no consequences for refusing a field sobriety test, while a PBT refusal could result in a fine. Refusing the BAC could result in license suspension for a year if you lose the hearing.
  33. Topeka
  34. Unknown
  35. Wichita
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