Georgia Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

  1. Acworth
    1. Curd Law Firm: No matter how minor or serious your criminal matter may be, it is to your advantage to hire a lawyer to protect your rights.
  2. Adel
    1. Bennett & Connell: criminal defense, including serious felonies and misdemeanors, driving under the influence (DUI) defense, and defense of all types of traffic violations
  3. Albany
  4. Alpharetta
  5. Alto
    1. McDonald & Cody: You have been arrested for DUI ... the State of Georgia is building a criminal case with serious consequences for you. If you wish to be fairly treated, you must obtain a competent attorney that will vigorously defend you and your legal rights.
  6. Athens
  7. Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta
  8. Auburn
    1. Watson, Matthew: DUI Defense
  9. Augusta
  10. Barnesville
    1. Smith, Welch, Webb & White: What should I do if I have been drinking and I am pulled over by the police? What is the 10 day rule in Georgia for DUI? What happens if I refuse to take a breath test? Should I take the eye test or the one leg test if I have been drinking?
  11. Blue Ridge
    1. Ralston, David: DUI / Traffic Law Individuals arrested for traffic related offenses, such as DUI, reckless driving, super speeder tickets, etc., face a risk of adverse consequences that may impact both their driver's license and freedom.
  12. Bogart
  13. Brunswick
  14. Buford
  15. Calhoun
    1. Forster, Scott: specialize in criminal law and family law.
    2. The Perry Law Firm : DUI DON'T PLEAD GUILTY! Don't make the same mistake that so many others arrested for drunk driving (impaired driving) make and plead guilty to your DUI-DWI-OWI-OUI charge. If you went to your physician and learned that you had cancer, would you just quit, without a fight? A DUI is like LEGAL cancer. The burden of proof is on the prosecution, meaning that they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the crime for which you are charged. Fortunately, hundreds of drunk-driving defenses exist, and a knowledgeable trial lawyer knows how to challenge the evidence against you. In many jurisdictions, a high percentage of cases challenged by a top-shelf attorney can result in your charges being reduced, dismissed or (if trial is required) for you to be acquitted.
    3. Groover Law Firm*: Criminal defense – including DUI, drug crimes, property crimes, and other criminal charges.
  16. Canton
  17. Carrollton
  18. Cartersville
  19. Cedartown
    1. Parker & Lundy: Fighting Drunk Driving (DUI) Charges In Georgia Have you been charged with DUI in Georgia? The consequences of a conviction are harsh, including driver's license suspension, steep fines, increased insurance rates and possible jail time. The good news: An accusation does not equal a conviction. No matter how strong the police claim their case is, there are effective defense strategies an experienced lawyer can use on your behalf.
    2. Milkwick, Bradley: DUI DEFENSE A DUI conviction can haunt a person for years. A DUI can result in license suspension and/or revocation, depending on the circumstances. What was once an uncommon charge has become commonplace, even when a person's blood-alcohol level is below .08. The police often give a DUI if they feel you are "less safe to drive." The police also often give a DUI if they have reason to believe that you are under the influence of a controlled substance or even a prescription medication! After a drunk driving arrest, taking your chances on your own is a major risk. You need the help of a knowledgable attorney.
    3. Gammon, Anderson & McFall: drunk driving (DUI/DWI), drug possession, narcotics sales, theft, burglary, white collar fraud, embezzlement, sexual assault, rape, arson, and conspiracy
  20. Cleveland
    1. Lee, Jerry: Game and Fish Violations Family Law Divorce-Uncontested & Contested Child Custody and Modifications Child Support Modifications Contempts Wills and Deeds Corporations Eating and Drinking Establishment's Liquor Violations
  21. Columbus
  22. Commerce
    1. Wilbanks, Dylan: Business Litigation - Contracts - Disputes Personal Injury - Construction Litigation Collections - Fraud - DUI
  23. Cornelia
    1. McDonald, Gus: You have been arrested for DUI ... the State of Georgia is building a criminal case with serious consequences for you. If you wish to be fairly treated, you must obtain a competent attorney that will vigorously defend you and your legal rights.
  24. Conyers
  25. Covington
    1. Wren, Dale: New laws lowering the legal blood alcohol limit to .08 have resulted in serious criminal charges for normally law-abiding Georgia residents who may not even have been impaired. Most people are unaware that when they receive a Georgia drivers license that they are giving implied consent to be tested for alcohol use while behind the wheel. The penalties for Georgia drunk driving or DUI can be severe, including substantial financial penalties, license revocation suspension and even jail time for repeat offenders.
    2. Millsaps, Ellis: Felonies Misdemeanors Juvenile matters Murder and other violent offenses Drug crimes Sex crimes Domestic violence Robbery and burglary Theft and fraud Identity theft and forgery Drunk driving/DUI/DWI
    3. Ross, Brian: Criminal charges like DUI are very serious. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, you face the possibility of expensive fines, loss of driving privileges, and jail or prison time.
  26. Cumming
  27. Dahlonega
    1. Wolff, Jeffrey: DUI & Drug Cases
  28. Dallas
  29. Dalton
  30. Dawsonville
    1. Kimmey, Murphy & Horsley: The primary statue governing DUIs in Georgia is found at O.C.G.A. § 40-6-391. It states as follows: A person shall not drive or be in actual physical control of any moving vehicle while: Under the influence of alcohol to the extent that it is less safe for the person to drive; Under the influence of any drug to the extent that it is less safe for the person to drive; Under the intentional influence of any glue, aerosol, or other toxic vapor to the extent that it is less safe for the person to drive; Under the combined influence of any two or more of the substances specified in paragraphs (1) through (3) of this subsection to the extent that it is less safe for the person to drive; The person's alcohol concentration is 0.08 grams or more at any time within three hours after such driving or being in actual physical control from alcohol consumed before such driving or being in actual physical control ended; or Subject to the provisions of subsection (b) of this Code section, there is any amount of marijuana or a controlled substance, as defined in Code Section 16-13-21, present in the person's blood or urine, or both, including the metabolites and derivatives of each or both without regard to whether or not any alcohol is present in the person's breath or blood.
  31. Decatur
  32. Dewitt
    1. Ticket Doctor: While we don't condone drinking and driving and do not wish to encourage it, we would like you to have all the information available so that you may make an informed decision before you have that next drink.
  33. Douglas
  34. Douglasville
  35. Dublin
    1. Jackson, Ralph: If you have received a citation for Driving Under the Influence it is important that you see an attorney right away and supply all paperwork that you received when you were arrested. There are some documents that can suspend your license without you ever appearing in court.
    2. Warnock, Mitchell: Burglary Murder Manslaughter Robbery Weapons cases Probation and parole violations Alcohol, drug and DUI cases Medical fraud Traffic violations / tickets Juvenile crimes Sex offenses Misdemeanor offenses Felony offenses Assault and battery
  36. Duluth
  37. Dunwoody
    1. Pantich Law Group: Felonies including: Violent Offenses included Murder, Aggravated Assault Damage to Property Theft Offenses Drug Offenses including Trafficking and Sales cases White Collar Defense Burglary Public Corruption Forgery and Fraud Offenses Vehicular Homicide Misdemeanors including: Traffic Offenses including Driving Under the Influence Domestic Violence Shoplifting Drug Offenses Juvenile Cases Probation Violations
  38. Eatonton:
    1. Huskins Law Firm: Criminal/Juvenile Felonies and Misdemeanors DUI & Serious Traffic Violations Suspended License Probation/Parole Violations Drug Charges Theft Cases Appeals Juvenile Cases Expungement of Criminal Records
    2. Gailey Law Firm: Being arrested and charged with a crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, is not a matter to be taken lightly. If one is unfortunate enough to ever become convicted of a felony, the chances of retaining meaningful employment are extremely difficult.
  39. Evans
  40. Fairburn
    1. Collins & Joness: Criminal Defense
  41. Fayetteville
  42. Forrest Park
    1. Buttigieg, David: Let's face it, no one wants to ever be in the position of needing a criminal defense lawyer. But, if you or a loved one have been arrested or charged with a crime, you must act quickly to preserve your legal rights. In the world of criminal law, you face well-trained law enforcement officers, experienced prosecutors and a system that operates on a set of time-sensitive rules.
  44. Gainesville
  45. Grayson
    1. Scott Drakeß: After a defendant has been arraigned and gone through all of the preliminary proceedings such as entering a not guilty plea, a trial will take place. Whether or not the defendant will have a jury will depend upon the defendant's choice. The defendant can select a jury trial or a bench trial. The prosecution cannot demand a jury trial. A bench trial is only in front of a judge. The judge hears the case and determines whether the defendant is innocent or guilty. The judge also decides evidentiary issues, objections, and sentencing. A jury trial takes place after a jury is selected and empaneled or sworn in. The jury hears testimony and argument and reviews the evidence. The jury returns a verdict. Sometimes the jury is also asked to determine sentence and other times the trial judge determines sentence. The defendant is entitled to a jury trial under all state constitutions and under the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution.
  46. Greensboro
    1. Boswell, E.J. : Penalties for DUIs in the state of Georgia can be severe, depending on your age, prior offense history, and your blood alcohol level at the time of the incident. Convictions for driving while under the influence stay on your driving record forever, so now is the time to call an expert DUI attorney to represent you to ensure the best possible results.
    2. Wall, Russell: criminal law, corporate law, probate law, real estate law, and general civil litigation
  47. Griffin
  48. Hamilton
    1. BUNN, BYRD, NEWSOM & HIX: The penalties of a Georgia DUI conviction have the potential to impact every aspect of your life, but it's entirely possible to fight against your drunk driving charge and win.
  49. Hinesville
  50. Jackson
    1. Smith, Welch, Webb & White: What should I do if I have been drinking and I am pulled over by the police? What is the 10 day rule in Georgia for DUI? What happens if I refuse to take a breath test? Should I take the eye test or the one leg test if I have been drinking?
    2. McClelland, Joseph: Adoptions Civil Law Criminal Law Divorce DUI Real Estate Family Law Zoning
  51. Jefferson
    1. Tolbert, Scott: In Georgia, even a first-time DUI has serious consequences, so choosing a lawyer to defend you is an important decision. We certainly don't have to tell you the difference it makes – to your insurance rates, present and future employment, fines, and many other economic costs of a DUI conviction. If you're buying a house, any competent Georgia attorney can help you close the transaction. But choosing the right attorney to defend you when your rights and freedom are at stake is a serious matter. We suggest that you talk to several lawyers before you make this critical decision.
  52. Jesup
    1. Brown & Johnson: Miranda Rights The Miranda Warning is named after Ernesto Miranda. Mr. Miranda was not notified of his right to remain silent before being coerced into a confession. Mandated in 1966 by the United States Supreme Court, the Miranda Warnings came as a result of Miranda v. Arizona. Now a criminal's 5th amendment right to avoid coercive self-incrimination is protected. The Miranda Warning is simply a police warning stated or read to a suspect being arrested. The police officer must do this before asking the person questions relating to the crime. But police may ask a suspect biographical questions such as their name, age and address without reading them the Miranda Warning. If a suspect “confesses” to a crime or self-incriminates him or herself in other ways, it cannot be deemed admissible in court unless the police officer read the Miranda Warning and he or she chose to have their Miranda rights waived. The Miranda rights do not protect you from being arrested, only from incriminating yourself during questioning. All police need to legally arrest a person is "probable cause" -- an adequate reason based on facts and events to believe the person has committed a crime. Police are required to "Read him his (Miranda) rights," only before interrogating a suspect. While failure to do so may cause any subsequent statements to be thrown out of court, the arrest may still be legal and valid. Police can also administer alcohol and drug tests without warning, but persons being tested may refuse to answer questions during the tests.
  53. Johns Creek
  54. Jonesboro
  55. Kennesaw
  56. Kingsland
    1. East, Joseph: Auto Accidents Business Corporation Criminal Defense DUI Family Law Insurance Litigation Negligence Personal Injury Social Security Traffic Tickets Wrongful Death
  57. LaGrange
    1. Lockerbie, Brian: If you or someone you care about is charged with a crime, a traffic offense or is arrested, it is imperative that competent, experienced legal representation be retained as soon as possible to protect your rights, liberties and privileges. Any delay can result in severe adverse consequences such as: Imprisonment Loss of Driver's License Loss of Professional License Fines Forfeiture of Property Court Ordered Community Service Court Costs Obtaining an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer as early as possible can minimize negative consequences.
    2. Ricardo Samper: You can be arrested for DUI by driving while over the legal BAC in your state or while impaired. But, you need not actually operate the car in order to be arrested. You can still be found guilty if you had the capability and power to dominate, direct, or regulate the vehicle, regardless of whether you were exercising that capability or power at the time of the arrest. In other words, simply sitting behind the wheel with the keys in the ignition can lead to your arrest for DUI by being in "actual physical control" of the car.
  58. Lavonia
    1. Berelc Law Firm: Drinking and driving violations in Georgia currently are governed by O.C.G.A. § 40-6-391. The penalties for a DUI are numerous and may include a fine, jail, community service, risk reduction program, probation, and license suspension. A second conviction mandates publication of the defendant's name and photograph and requires that the judge order an ignition interlock device (''IID'') to be installed on the defendant's vehicle. A conviction can result in far reaching consequences not discussed in the statute, such as increased insurance premiums and denial of employment. An attorney may find weaknesses in the prosecution's case and get the charges reduced or dismissed
  59. Lawrenceville
  60. Lilburn
    1. Kohn, Lawrence: Every year hundreds of people, just like yourself, are arrested for driving under the influence in Lilburn, GA. There are many reasons that a person can be charged with DUI – breathalyzer machines malfunction, law enforcement agents make errors, and field sobriety tests can be misjudged. It is for all these reasons that you should immediately hire a DUI attorney if you were recently arrested for drunk driving in Lilburn. A good attorney knows the best possible defense strategies to use while fighting your charges in court.
  61. Loganville
  62. Mableton
    1. Goldberg, Benjamin: DUI Defense
  63. Macon
  64. Madison
    1. Pate Law Firm: * Drug Crimes * Theft and Fraud * Sex Crimes * Burglary and Robbery * Violent Crimes * Public Corruption
  65. Marietta Marietta Marietta Marietta Marietta Marietta
  66. McDonough
  67. Milledgeville
    1. Smith, Willaim: DUI Driving Under the Influence is a serious offense in Georgia. Penalties are harsher for drivers under the age of 21. Conviction of D.U.I. results in license suspension, monetary fines, and among other things, mandatory probation. D.U.I. cases normally have two components: An administrative suspension and the underlying criminal case. After being charged with D.U.I., drivers typically receive an Administrative License Suspension which is effective within thirty (30) days unless challenged. You may request a hearing to challenge the suspension, but, among other requirements, the request must be made within ten (10) business days from date of arrest.
  68. Milton
  69. Monroe
    1. Crawford & Boyle: Driving Under the Influence Suspended License Habitual Violator Fleeing/Attempting to Elude Speeding First DUI offense Underage DUI Felony DUI DUI drugs Vehicular homicide Serious Injury by vehicle Driver's license suspension hearings
  70. Nashville
    1. Johnson, Mickey: *Divorce *Wills *Criminal Defense *Juvenile Law *Unemployment *Guardianships *Disability *Real Estate *DUI *Adoptions
  71. Newnan
  72. Norcross
  73. Ocilla
    1. Dove Law Firm: As of January 1st, convicted "first-offense" DUI drivers over 21 years of age (that complete state requirements) are eligible to get limited-use permits sooner than before (see Senate Bill 236). In addition to trips to work, court or their probation officer, they may also transport an immediate family member who does not have a valid driver's license to work and to receive medical care as well as to get prescriptions or go to school. However, since different amounts of alcohol can affect drivers in different ways, you can be prosecuted in Georgia for driving while impaired even if you are not over the legal BAC limit. Contact a DUI defense attorney to learn more about new and existing charges & penalties to include: impaired driving laws ignition interlock permit open container law nolo contendere plea restrictive driving permits chemical test refusal endangering a child high & aggravated misdemeanor commercial driver's violation GA SR22 insurance requirements declared habitual violator aggressive driving laws
  74. Pechtree City & Corners
  75. Richmond Hill
  76. Ringgold
    1. Weldon Law Firm: DUI Defense
  77. Rome
    1. Fred Simpson: Too many people assume they have no defense after being arrested for DUI. They go to court unprepared, or they just plead guilty. Don't make that mistake. Let a lawyer take a look at your case. Was that initial police stop legal? Did the police have a right to search your car or seize evidence? Was the Breathalyzer test or field test administered properly? Did the police officer follow the correct procedures?
  78. Roswell
  79. Saint Marys
    1. Clyde Urquhart: Many state laws require criminal defendants to pay restitution to their victims and/or to the state for harm directly caused by the defendant's crimes. Such laws are generally enacted to provide compensation for a broad array of costs resulting from crimes such as fraud, personal injury, death or property damage. When determining costs, courts often consider victim expenses resulting from, among others, the inability to be gainfully employed; physical and/or psychological rehabilitation; and burial expenses. Sometimes, where feasible, defendants may be ordered to return property.
  80. Sandy Springs
    1. Gomez, Frank: Did you know that you can be ordered to spend time in jail, even if this is your first offense? The judge will order you to a jail sentence ranging from 24 hours to 1 year in jail. If there were special circumstances in your case, such as transporting a minor at the time of arrest or driving with excessively high blood alcohol content (BAC), you will be ordered to more mandatory jail time. In addition to jail time, you face probation and a long driver's license suspension. This suspension will last for up to one year, though you may be granted a limited driver's permit. This permit lets you drive to school, work, and other necessary locations. This probably sounds very overwhelming and stressful. However, it doesn't have to end badly. With a top DUI defense attorney on your side, you have a variety of options that are available to you.
  81. Savannah
  82. Smyrna
  83. Statesboro
  84. Stockbridge
    1. Smith, Welch, Webb & White: What should I do if I have been drinking and I am pulled over by the police? What is the 10 day rule in Georgia for DUI? What happens if I refuse to take a breath test? Should I take the eye test or the one leg test if I have been drinking?
    2. Lotti Law Firm: Criminal Offenses: •Traffic violations •Misdemeanor offenses •DUI •Juvenile Delinquencies
    3. Schoolcraft, Stanley: ...when you face a DUI charge you fear loss of license, heavy fines or even jail time depending on the offense.
    4. Barton, Thomas: You would be surprised how many people think they can handle a drunk driving charge on their own. These people do not realize how complicated the legal process is and how seriously the courts take DUI arrests. If you have been arrested for DUI, it is important to find an attorney who understands DUI laws and who will be there for you from the beginning of your case until the very end.
  85. Stone Mountain
    1. Kenner Law Firm: Five Things You Should Do if You or a Loved One is Arrested 1. Do not give a statement to the police. The police are allowed to use trickery and lie to you for investigative purposes. Do not give in to false promises in exchange for information. 2. Ask for an Attorney. You need someone to advocate for your rights at all steps of the investigative process. After you ask for an attorney, all questioning should end. 3.Do not consent to any search. If the police say they have a search warrant, ask for a copy. If a copy is provided, do not interfere with their search. 4.If you are arrested do not say anything, even in transport to the jail. Anything said can be used against you in the court of law. 5. Stay calm, stay silent, and seek the advice of an attorney as quickly as possible. Being arrested is a frightening experience.
  86. Sugar Hill
    1. Wren, Dale: New laws lowering the legal blood alcohol limit to .08 have resulted in serious criminal charges for normally law-abiding Georgia residents who may not even have been impaired. Most people are unaware that when they receive a Georgia drivers license that they are giving implied consent to be tested for alcohol use while behind the wheel. The penalties for Georgia drunk driving or DUI can be severe, including substantial financial penalties, license revocation suspension and even jail time for repeat offenders.
  87. Suwanee
    1. Tyler Law Firm: A DUI conviction has serious consequences. In addition to the mandatory minimum sentencing, fines, and license suspension, a DUI conviction remains on a person's criminal history and is not eligible for restriction or expungement. A DUI conviction may have unanticipated consequences to employment, professional licenses, pilot's license, international travel, student loans or scholarships, auto insurance, immigration, and car rentals. How a DUI conviction impacts you in your particular circumstances is definitely something you should discuss with an attorney before making a decision to give up your right to the presumption of innocence and enter a guilty plea.
  88. Thomasville
    1. Sivis, Ambrose & Lindquist: If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or been issued a speeding ticket, you realize that it can have a huge impact on your future insurance rates, ability to drive, or ability to get a job. And if you were driving a tractor trailer at the time of the arrest, you know that there is the likelihood that you could lose your CDL (commercial driver's license). We are also very experienced with motor vehicle violations and Georgia speeding fines. In order to protect your rights, you need the services of knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys who will make sure that your ticket or arrest was handled legally and properly.
  89. Thomson
    1. Atkins, Samuel: Driver's license revocation and the Georgia Department of Public Safety Driver's license revocation is a separate civil procedure that is handled through the Georgia Department of Public Safety. We encourage prospective clients to send a certified letter challenging the DUI stop to the Department of Public Safety within 10 days of the DUI/DWI arrest. License revocation issues vary depending on a first, second or third DUI. Driver's license revocation is automatic in the event of a DUI conviction.
  90. Tifton
  91. Toccoa
  92. Tucker
  93. Unknown
  94. Valdosta
    1. McCranie, George: Understanding How to Challenge Breath Test Results In Georgia, if you are caught driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or above (.04 for commercial drivers and .02 for drivers under 21), you are automatically considered guilty of driving under the influence, even in the absence of any evidence that your driving was impaired. However, breath tests do not measure BAC directly. They only measure the amount of alcohol in your breath. As evidence of DUI, these readings are far from foolproof. In order for a breath test to be considered even remotely accurate, it must be calibrated correctly and administered under a very specific set of procedural guidelines. Even then, there are factors such as medical conditions and food particles that can throw off the results.
    2. Charles A. Wetherington: If you have been charged or arrested for a felony or misdemeanor criminal offense, you now face a process that carries with it the possibility of serious and permanent consequences. You need an attorney to aggressively protect your legal rights, and to fight for your interests.
    3. Samuel F. Greneker: In light of the potential consequences, our mission is to throw light on all possible issues that may lead to an acquittal or reduction of charge to a less serious offense.
    4. J. Michael Mullis: DUI law is the most complicated area of criminal law in the Georgia Code.
  95. Vidalia
    1. Smith & Cannon: * Personal injury * Wrongful death * Workers' compensation * Social security disability * Divorce & family law * Real estate * Corporation * Criminal defense * Wills & estates
  96. Warner Robbins
  97. Watkinsville
    1. McKillip Law Firm: Criminal Matters
    2. Wiggins Norris Coffey: DUI is serious. The immediate consequences are difficult, as are the long term consequences. The law related to DUI is continually evolving. As you likely know by now, an individual charged with DUI faces punishment in the form of a license suspension even before going to court. A case is based on physical manifestations that are subject to officer interpretation, and also his training or lack thereof or his bias in how he perceives and narrates in his report the events in front of his eyes. Sometimes there are videos and audio recordings, but not always. Cases will often involve blood chemistry, which is constantly changing as food and alcohol are metabolized. The State will prosecute you based on testing performed on machines that may or may not be operating properly and are subject to margins of errors regardless. All in all, a DUI case is a combination of facts, law, science, perception and prejudice. You would benefit from a lawyer who does not just know how to take a DUI case in his office doors, but one who has successfully tried DUI cases to juries, so that you can get the benefit of how certain issues in your case might affect the outcome in the courtroom. Both Mark and Blaine are very experienced in this area, having tried numerous DUI cases successfully to juries. If you have been charged, the clock is ticking. It is critical that you meet with an attorney immediately, and in no event later than 10 days of your arrest, so that you can request a hearing on your administrative license suspension.
    4. Shepherd, Kip: Divorce • Custody • Modification • Family Law • General Practice • Estates and Wills • Criminal Law • Personal Injury • Auto Accidents • Sports Law • Construction
  98. Winder
  99. Winterville
    1. Cronon, James: * DUI. ...there is a short time before your license is automatically suspended by law. * Underage Possession of Alcohol * Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act (VGSCA) * Assault & Battery * Domestic Violence * Juvenile Infractions * Moving Violations * Disorderly Conduct * Other Felonies and Misdemeanors – call now!
  100. Woodbine
    1. Ashe, William: * Criminal Defense * Traffic Violations * DUI/DWI * Family Law * Divorce * Alimony * Child Custody * Child Support * Bankruptcy * Auto Accidents * Wrongful Death * Personal Injury * General Litigation
  101. Woodstock
    1. Speer, Robert: DUI Defense (also known as DWI), Criminal Defense, Juvenile Law, Civil Litigation, and Personal Injury. END