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Getting a Colorado Driver License When You Are Revoked in Iowa


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6. HabitualOffenders. Under Iowa Code section 321.555, a "habitual offender" is defined as a person who has accumulated one of the following combinations of convictions, all of which were for offenses committed after July 1, 1974: a. Severe Violations. Three or more convictions of any of the following within a six-year period: i. Manslaughter resulting from the operation of a vehicle. ii. Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a drug in violation of Iowa Code section 321J.2. iii. Operating a motor vehicle while the person's driver's license is suspended, denied, revoked, or barred. iv. Perjury or the making of a false affidavit or statement under oath to the Department of Public Safety. v. An offense punishable as a felony under the motor vehicle laws or any felony in the commission of which a motor vehicle was used. vi. Failure to stop and leave information or to render aid at the scene of an accident as required by Iowa Code sections 321.261 and 321.263. vii. Eluding or attempting to elude a pursuing law enforcement vehicle in violation of Iowa Code section 321.279. viii. Serious injury by a motor vehicle due to operating while under the influence, reckless driving, or eluding a law enforcement vehicle in violation of Iowa Code section 707.6A, subsection 4. b. Frequent Violations. Six or more convictions within a two-year period of violations of Iowa Code chapter 321 or other law regulating the operation of vehicles on highways, whether in this state or another state which is a party to the interstate driver's license compact set forth in Iowa Code section 321C.1. 50