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Are You Facing A DUI Charge And You Don't Know What To Do?

We're Attorneys Jim Forslund and Gary Pareja, and we help people just like you who have been arrested for DUI. In fact, almost all of legal work we do concerns DUI.

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It is not a good idea to go to Court alone. Any thing you say to the District Attorney or the Court can be used against you. Under the new felony law, the stakes are now much higher if you have three prior lifetime convictions any where in the US. (You have a right to remain silent. Exercise your rights.) You may appear through an attorney for the first court date if you were served with a ticket and you did not have to bond out. (You do not have to be there in person, if you arrange representation with an attorney in advance).

If you have an attorney, the Court and the DA cannot talk to you without your attorney present. In addition, anything your attorney says cannot be used against you. And anything you tell your attorney is protected by the attorney client privilege.

Colorado Springs DUI cases are filed with El Paso County Court

El Paso County Judicial Building

270 South Tejon Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Head south on I-25 S

Use the right lane to take exit 142 for Bijou St toward Downtown

Keep right at the fork and merge onto W Bijou St

Turn left onto N Walnut St

Turn left onto Colorado Ave

Turn right onto S Tejon St Destination will be on the right


Clerk's Office, S101 Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


The 4th Judicial District Probation Department serves El Paso and Teller Counties. We provide supervision of clients sentenced to Probation, complete Pre-sentence Investigation Reports and Alcohol Evaluations as ordered by the court. We have many areas of supervision including DUI

Fourth Judicial District Probation Department

270 South Tejon, Ste. W200

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

To contact a probation officer or probation supervisor directly, please call our main phone number and follow the prompts.

Main Phone Number 719-452-5900

A law officer must have reasonable grounds to contact you unless the contact was consensual. He may claim that you committed a traffic violation. If you were parked, he may claim that he was checking on your welfare. If there was an accident, he can investigate. During the contact the officer must develop a reasonable belief that your driving ability is impaired by alcohol or drugs before he can ask you to take a test. Whatever the claimed reason, it can be challenged.

DUIs are often charged in Colorado Springs on Highway 25.

Your attorney will set your case for a pre-trial conference. The District Attorney is then obligated to provide your attorney with the evidence that he intends to use against as well as evidence that would be favorable to you.

For more information see DUI in Colorado.

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