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Cherry Hills Village, Colorado DUI DWAI Ticket (No Bond)

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We're Attorneys Jim Forslund and Gary Pareja, and we help people just like you who have been arrested for DUI. In fact, almost all of legal work we do concerns DUI.

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It is not a good idea to go to Court alone. Any thing you say to the District Attorney or the Court can be used against you. Under the new felony law, the stakes are now much higher if you have three prior lifetime convictions any where in the US. (You have a right to remain silent. Exercise your rights.) You may appear through an attorney for the first court date if you were served with a ticket and you did not have to bond out. (You do not have to be there in person, if you arrange representation with an attorney in advance).

If you have an attorney, the Court and the DA cannot talk to you without your attorney present. In addition, anything your attorney says cannot be used against you. And anything you tell your attorney is protected by the attorney client privilege.

Cherry Hills Village DUI DWAI cases are filed in Arapahoe County.

Arapahoe County Justice Center

7325 S. Potomac

Centennial, CO 80112


Heading north or south on I-25 2 min (0.8 mi)

Follow I-25 S to CO-88 E/E Arapahoe Rd in Greenwood Village. Take exit 197 from I-25 S 9 min (9.1 mi)

Continue on CO-88 E/E Arapahoe Rd. Drive to S Potomac St in Centennial 8 min (3.9 mi)

Hours Monday - Friday 7:30am -4:30 pm

Probation Offices

Littleton 1610 W Littleton Boulevard # 200 Littleton, CO 80120-2085 Phone: (303) 794-4890

Aurora 15400 E 14th Pl. Aurora, CO 80011 (303) 418-1300

Lakewood 1075 S. Yukon St. Suite 100 Lakewood, Co 80226 Ph#:303-238-5042

Private Probation Providers

Aurora RMOMS Office 14291 E. 4th Ave Building 7 3rd floor Aurora CO 80011 Ph.#:303-367-1678

Castle Rock RMOMS Office 619 Wilcox St. Castle Rock, CO 80104 Ph.#:303-325-2780

Centennial RMOMS Office 12503 E. Euclid Dr. #90 Centennial, CO 80111 Ph.#:303-858-8550

Englewood RMOMS Office 300 E. Hampden Ave, 4th Floor Englewood, CO 80113 Ph.#:303789-9800

About Probation

The Probation Department supervises offenders who have an agreement for a deferred sentence or adjudication with the District Attorney's office.

Unless the Court specifically places an individual on unsupervised probation, you should immediately report to the Probation Office. At that time you will be given instructions about who your Probation Officer is and when to return.

Individual Probation Officers are responsible for enforcing restitution orders and other conditions of probation.

The Terms and Conditions of probation are the requirements set by the Court as part of the probation sentence. Some conditions, like the necessity to remain law abiding, are required by law and others may be more directly related to the specific individual, like attending mental health counseling or paying restitution.

The Court conditions of your probation will be reviewed with you by your Probation Officer. Violation of any condition may lead to the filing of a complaint with the Court and a hearing where the Court will determine if you violated your probation and if your probation will be revoked. If probation is revoked, you may be re-sentenced to probation or sentenced to Community Corrections, jail or prison if you are an adult.

Adult and juvenile felony and misdemeanor offenders can be placed on probation. A risk assessment is conducted on each probationer to determine the level of supervision necessary to reduce the potential to re-offend. Higher risk offenders are often sentenced to intensive supervision rather than regular probation. Defendants charged with drug related offenses may have their cases assigned to Adult or Juvenile Drug Court, requiring intensive supervision directed to supporting sustained sobriety.

A pre-sentence report is a document prepared by the Probation Department about a specific defendant. The report provides the Judge with information about the offense, victim impact and the defendant to help with the sentencing decision. Pre-sentence reports are prepared for juveniles and adults.

If a Pre-sentence Report was not completed as part of your sentencing process, you will be required to fill out a number of forms so that your Probation Officer has complete information about you. During the time you are on probation you will work with your Probation Officer to complete the terms and conditions of probation set by the Court.

Alcohol Probation is a type of probation typically ordered in sentences for drinking and driving offenses. The Alcohol Drug Driving Safety Unit (ADDS Unit) is the part of the Probation Department that oversees these probationers. An alcohol evaluation is completed with the defendant and a level of alcohol classes is determined. The ADDS Unit monitors the completions of the alcohol classes, community service, Victim Impact Panel, and any other conditions of the sentence. The probationer does not necessarily have face to face contact with the probation officer after the initial meeting and is not charged a monthly supervision fee.

Supervised probation fee is $50 per month. Other fines and fees plus restitution may be ordered as well. The Collections Office will set up a payment schedule if you can't pay the entire fine at once. Lower risk cases supervised by a private probation provider supervision fees will be paid to the provider instead of the Collection Office of the Court.

A law officer must have reasonable grounds to contact you unless the contact was consensual. He may claim that you committed a traffic violation. If you were parked, he may claim that he was checking on your welfare. If there was an accident, he can investigate. During the contact the officer must develop a reasonable belief that your driving ability is impaired by alcohol or drugs before he can ask you to take a test. Whatever the claimed reason, it can be challenged.

DUIs are often charged in Cherry Hills Village on Hampden Ave. and on University.

Your attorney will set your case for a pre-trial conference. The District Attorney is then obligated to provide your attorney with the evidence that he intends to use against as well as evidence that would be favorable to you.

For more information see DUI in Colorado.

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