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Top DUI News, Thursday, December 28th, 2017

POLICE: Doing donuts in parking lot leads to DWI arrest
WKBW-TV Buffalo24 minutes ago
A Tonawanda man crashed his car into a brick wall and was charged with DWI after police say he was doing donuts in a parking lot. Police say 22-year-old Michael Day told them he was " ...
Video: Sisters arrested for DWI outside home admit they were drinking
KRQE & KASA FOX 2 Albuquerque9 hours ago
Police video shows the moment two sisters get arrested within minutes of each other in front of their home for driving drunk.
Inmates booked at the Manatee County jail on Dec. 28, 2017
Bradenton Herald57 minutes ago
Some of the latest arrivals at the Manatee County jail.
Two sisters arrested for DWI, one works for District Attorney
KRQE & KASA FOX 2 Albuquerque6 days ago
Thursday night, one of the DA’s own employees was arrested for an aggravated DWI.
2 possible crashes and an awful parking job later, N.J. woman charged: police
NJ.com7 hours ago
A Bergen County woman who struck a curb and parked on the sidewalk when she was pulled over by police has been charged with DWI and a prescription drugs offense, authorities said. Natasha ...
Historic decision made in DWI case
FOX 23 News Albany6 days ago
A judge made an historic ruling for a man who has committed several DWI felonies over five decades. After a short recess, the judge sentenced John Gardy to 15 years to life in prison.
Black ice in August? Man's excuse for wreck, sixth DWI arrest not convincing enough
Fort Worth Star-Telegram7 days ago
A man who was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Thursday after a DWI conviction told authorities that black ice caused him to skid and strike a utility pole. Authorities may not have ...
Safe Ride Stop DWI program enters 33rd year on New Year’s Eve
FOX 23 News Albany2 days ago
It’s the 33rd year of Albany County’s Safe Ride Stop DWI program which will help get people in the Capital Region home safe this New Year’s Eve. Sheriff Craig Apple said since the program ...
DWI intervention program offers participants a second chance
El Paso Times7 days ago
Montoya started drinking at 12 years old in Mexico, then began abusing cocaine when he was 15. The final straw was an arrest for driving while intoxicated with a minor under 15 years old, which ...
Man with revoked license runs from officers, arrested for DWI
KRQE & KASA FOX 2 Albuquerque6 days ago
He ran from police, but not for long. Once Joe Montano was caught, Albuquerque police arrested and charged him with his seventh DWI.
Woman Charged With DWI After Crashing Into Dallas Squad Car
CBS Dallas - Fort Worth24 hours ago
A 19-year-old woman was arrested and charged with DWI after she struck a Dallas police car Wednesday morning.
December 28th Morning Rush: State representative to propose bill to give repeat drunk drivers more prison time
KRQE & KASA FOX 2 Albuquerque1 hour ago
1. A state representative wants repeat drunk drivers to have longer sentences and he’s expected to introduce a bill soon to help make that happen. Republican Tim Lewis, thinks increasing sentences ...
DWI WATCH: Homer man drove while intoxicated with revoked license, police say
Press & Sun-Bulletin2 days ago
Police say an intoxicated Homer man who drove with a revoked license early Saturday on Homer Avenue in the Village of Homer was found to be violation of conditions from a previous DWI ...
Motorists help stop DWI suspect after hit-and-run crash in Flower Mound
Dallas Morning News10 hours ago
Drivers who witnessed a hit-and-run accident Wednesday evening in Flower Mound managed to box in the driver of the fleeing vehicle until officers arrived, police said. Tammy Sisson said her ...
Ask Amy: If he drives home from the bar, what should we do?
San Jose Mercury News3 days ago
DEAR AMY: “Calvin,” a 64-year-old co-worker of my husband’s, was on the verge of being homeless, so we invited him to live in our home. Calvin has four grown children who live about an hour ...
Bill proposes more prison time for repeat drunk drivers
KRQE & KASA FOX 2 Albuquerque16 hours ago
Nearly half of DWI arrests statewide in 2016 — approximately 4,200 — were repeat drunk drivers. “Repeat offenders are the worst type because they just do not care,” Albuquerque Police ...
NT woman with BAC over three times legal limit charged with DWI
The Buffalo News7 hours ago
When City of Tonawanda police pulled a North Tonawanda woman over at 1:30 a.m. Thursday when she passed a red light and then stopped in the middle of Main and Niagara streets, she initially ...
Woman arrested on DWI charge after waiting for food at closed Taco Bell, police say
NBC 17 Raleigh13 hours ago
She said she was waiting for her order, but as she was saying it, “the automated voice at the drive through was saying Taco Bell was closed,” police said.
Acevedo after California officer death: 'Too many' dead from DWI
Houston Chronicle3 days ago
"Too many lives are cut short by DWI." The San Francisco Chronicle writes: An impaired driver swerved off the road and slammed into (Camilleri's) patrol vehicle, which was parked near ...
Cracking down on holiday motorists
KIII Corpus Christi14 hours ago
Police have already announced 22 DWI arrests over Christmas weekend, but that has not slowed down their special efforts to crack down on violators.
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