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Top DUI News, Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Colorado Places Where You're Most at Risk From Drunk Drivers
Westword-Nov 15, 2017
Freshly assembled data provides a new angle on Colorado places with the most arrests for intoxicated driving even as it offers fodder in the debate about whether stoned drivers are as big of a threat as drunk ones. Areas with the largest number of marijuana businesses tend to have among the lowest rates ...
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from MERRY JANE
Colorado Transportation Official Says Weed Users Still Don't ...
MERRY JANE-Nov 13, 2017
Helping to make Cole's point, a recent nationwide survey from insurance company Liberty Mutual and the group Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) found that 33% of teens believe that driving under the influence of marijuana is actually allowed in states with legal weed legislation. To make it ...
Survey: More than half of Colorado marijuana users think it's safe to ...
Sierra Sun-Nov 13, 2017
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Driving under the influence of weed colorado from Westword
Lyft, CDOT and Pot Industry Giving Ride Discounts to Decrease ...
Westword-Nov 7, 2017
To help combat the risk of driving while under the influence of cannabis, three organizations have again partnered on a program offering ride-sharing discounts. Lyft, the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Marijuana Industry Group have revved up their collaborative 320 Movement program, ...
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from Daily Mail
First ever fatal marijuana overdose reported in Colorado: Doctors ...
Daily Mail-Nov 16, 2017
THC causes the sensation of a 'high,' and is often excluded from medical marijuana which uses cannabidiol (CBD) to relax muscles without the psychoactive effects. In Colorado, an adult is considered to be driving illegally under the influence if they have more than five nanograms of active THC in their ...
Doctors claim marijuana overdose killed a Colorado infant 17, 2017
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Driving under the influence of weed colorado from Westword
Reader: Stoned Driving? Just Stay Out of the Left Lane!
Westword-Nov 12, 2017
“Despite the fact that marijuana impairs judgment, coordination, decision-making and reaction time, an alarming number of users — 55 percent — still believe that it is safe to drive under the influence of marijuana,” says Sam Cole, CDOT spokesman. Still, there have been few studies of cannabis-consuming ...
More than half of Colorado marijuana users think it's OK to drive ...
Craig Daily Press-Nov 15, 2017
Along with the industry's healthy growth, however, come concerns about stoned driving, which public safety officials worry is prevalent and deemed acceptable by more than half of marijuana users. “There's definitely more of a stigma against driving drunk than driving high, and that's something we do need ...
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from Oil City
Colorado man arrested in Natrona County, alleged to have had over ...
Oil City-Nov 17, 2017
During his initial appearance in Natrona County Circuit Court, Whitney was charged with Felony Possession of Marijuana and Driving While Under the Influence. Whitney's bond was set at $10,000 cash or surety. All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges ...
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from The Denver Channel
CDOT, Lyft and Marijuana Industry Group partner to stop ...
The Denver Channel-Nov 5, 2017
Kelly said the reduction of impaired driving is a shared priority, and the group is going to stand united in that commitment. For this six-month venture, CDOT will deliver toolkits to 125 Colorado pot shops and encourage workers to promote marijuana safety information and the discounted Lyft ride codes to ...
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from Chicago Daily Herald
Experts fear consequences of legalized marijuana in drivers here
Chicago Daily Herald-Nov 7, 2017
Authorities at the conference said it's difficult to get convictions for driving under the influence of cannabis because the state's crime lab does not conduct that test. Illinois law ... Normalizing marijuana makes it difficult for Colorado police to make judgments on whether a person is impaired during traffic stops.
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from Rocky Mountain Collegian
Beaulieu: Marijuana and alcohol DUI's should not be treated equally
Rocky Mountain Collegian-Oct 23, 2017
“While alcohol concentration (BAC or BrAC) is an accurate measurement of alcohol impairment of driving, the presence of THC in the driver's body has not been shown to be a reliable measure of marijuana impairment of driving,” reads the report. It's funny then, that to get a DUI in Colorado, there's an ...
Will 2018 be the year marijuana takes over?
Washington Examiner-Oct 22, 2017
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Driving under the influence of weed colorado from MERRY JANE
Lyft Will Discount Colorado Cannabis Users' Rides From Now Until ...
MERRY JANE-Nov 6, 2017
According to Denver's ABC affiliate, the extension of the 320 Movement will hopefully dissuade even more Colorado residents from driving under the influence of cannabis, a concern that has intensified under legalization, with scientists and researchers still trying to perfect a roadside cannabis intoxication ...
Lyft Will Offer Discounted Rides to Marijuana Users in Colorado
Civilized-Nov 6, 2017
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Meet the 'drugalyzer': Can it tell if you're driving while high? 15, 2017
... at Summit Recreational Retreat in Parker, Colorado, near Denver, using four subjects: one who was high after smoking marijuana, one high after eating it, and two people who were sober. The results were revealing. In most states, if a driver is pulled over and suspected of being under the influence of pot, ...
Don't fall for the scare tactics of anti-legalizers
Brattleboro Reformer-Nov 15, 2017
Anderson also testified that data shows drivers under the influence of marijuana have been involved in more crashes since the state decriminalized the ... the drug, a study published in the American Journal of Public Health found there was no increase in vehicle crash fatalities in Colorado and Washington.
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from Reason (blog)
Are Stoned Motorists Driving Amok in Post-Legalization Colorado?
Reason (blog)-Oct 25, 2017
In other words, even the minority of "marijuana-positive" drivers who exceeded the five-nanogram THC threshold were not necessarily impaired at the time of the crash. Because of wide variation in how people respond to marijuana, there is no scientific basis for a rule that equates any particular THC blood ...
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from Observer
GOP State Senator: Legal Weed Is a Road Hazard
Observer-Nov 14, 2017
A Denver Post analysis from August found that Colorado saw a 40 percent increase in the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes in Colorado from ... a lack of field sobriety tests for marijuana could force the state to employ more Drug Recognition Experts in order to combat driving under the influence.
Pennacchio: Not So Fast Legalizing Weed
Parsippany Focus-Nov 14, 2017
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Marijuana Legalization Discussed at Nutley Planning Board Meeting hours ago
But what's the enforcement, age restrictions, driving under the influence...' Carol ... If the bill passes, it will allow Nutley and other towns statewide to decide if they will allow marijuana sales. ... Scutari's bill contains tougher restrictions than Colorado, the state on which he modeled the New Jersey bill.
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from Westword
Amendment 64 Co-Author Brian Vicente on Colorado Legal Pot's ...
Westword-Nov 1, 2017
"When you talk about regulating marijuana like alcohol, people instantly know what it means, to a large extent," Vincente explains. "You have to be 21 and over, it has to be produced with government oversight to make sure it's safe, people can't drive under the influence. Then we looked at the state alcohol ...
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from The Fresh Toast
Lyft Wants To Keep Coloradans From Driving While High
The Fresh Toast-Nov 8, 2017
Through April 2018, the 320 Movement is providing monthly discounted Lyft rides to marijuana users and will send users to to obtain the discounts and learn about the dangers of driving high. According to the Colorado State Patrol, 17 percent DUI arrests in 2017 involved marijuana.
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from MERRY JANE
Michigan Cops Will Use Mouth Swab Tests to Weed Out Drugged ...
MERRY JANE-Nov 9, 2017
Like the use of cannabis-specific breathalyzers and other similar mouth swabs, Michigan's pilot program is the newest in a series of initiatives around the country, trying to find a scaleable solution to the often-undetectable issue of driving under the influence of drugs. In Colorado, fears from highway safety ...
Driving under the influence of weed colorado from The Cheat Sheet
Driving While Stoned: The Penalties and Gray Area in Marijuana Law
The Cheat Sheet-Nov 2, 2017
Just as edible pot users may not appear to be high, regular marijuana users may exceed that limit even though they did not smoke any weed before driving. A 2014 Colorado case showed how that could happen. While on her way home one night, Abby McLean stopped at a DUI checkpoint and was ...
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