MTV condemns Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards after scene of him driving under the influence

When viewers tuned in on Monday, they witnessed Edwards at the steering wheel with fiancée Mackenzie Standifer in the passenger seat on the way to their elopement. But instead of seeing the happy couple beaming with joy en route to their nuptials, audiences watched Standifer question his sobriety.

Following an outpour of criticism on social media questioning MTV about why it did not intervene, the network has issued a statement.

“MTV does not condone driving under the influence,” an MTV spokesperson said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. “Ryan’s erratic behavior was due to actions that he took without anyone’s prior knowledge.”

On Monday’s episode, as Edwards was behind the wheel, Standifer looked visibly worried and tight-lipped. Keeping on eye on him, she had to tap him several times to get him to focus on the road; his eyes visibly looked dazed and slightly shut. At one point, she took the wheel in her hand from the passenger seat to straighten their car on the road.


Turning toward the cameras placed inside the vehicle, she began to shut them off. Although the cameras were turned off, the audio continued to roll and caught what she asked her soon-to-be husband.

“Did you take Xanax again?” she was heard asking.

“Um, I don’t … I don’t have any,” he responded with a mumble.

“You did,” she stated.

“I put that on my kid’s life,” he answered, denying he took any form of drugs or medication. (Edwards shares 7-year-old son Bentley with Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout.)

While watching the episode, one Twitter user wrote, “@MTV you guys need to hold ryan edwards responsible for driving while intoxicated. @TeenMomog.”


MTV condemns ‘Teen Mom’ star after scene of him driving under the influence

Stephanie Davis has been arrested

Stephanie DavisThe alleged argument comes just a week after the 28-year-old Irish hunk – who spent six weeks in rehab earlier this year – fell off the wagon again and was seen sleeping rough on a park bench following a boozy night out in London.

A source said at the time: “Jeremy was in high spirits when he arrived and started drinking. He didn’t seem to care who saw him and knocked back a lot of booze.

“He was pretty worse for wear by the end of the night.

“It’s sad really because most of the people around knew he was clean and had been trying to stay sober. But it seemed nothing would stop him having a few drinks.”

His relapse at the end of last month came shortly after he had a blazing row with the former ‘Hollyoaks’ star at her home in Liverpool but admitted recently that it was his fault because he can’t control his drink and is terrified of losing the brunette beauty.

He said: “It was totally my fault and there are no excuses for what I did. I relapsed. When I pick up a drink or put up a tweet it’s self-sabotage, it’s self-harming.

“When I sense fear I tend to strike out instead of being able to deal with things.

“I’m very insecure. I’m scared of people leaving me. If I felt like Steph was going to leave me I would do something out of anger, like in the past. There’s no excuse, but a lot of my behaviour is irrational and I am working hard to change that.”

The ‘Beauty School Cop Out’ star’s friends and management are now desperately trying to get him to return to rehab in order to beat his demons once and for all.

Stephanie and Jeremy met last January while taking part in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ but their controversial relationship came crashing down just weeks after they left the abode when they locked horns and had a scrap during a holiday away.

The pretty star then found out she was pregnant with her now five-month-old son Caben-Albi but Jeremy refused to believe he belonged to him until he was born.

After a paternity test confirmed he was the little one’s biological father, the pair decided to give things another go for the sake of their child.

The 24-year-old actress has reportedly been detained by police on suspicion of Grievously Bodily Harm (GBH) after she allegedly attacked her on-off boyfriend Jeremy McConnell during a late night spat at a hotel, according to the Mirror Online.

Walks Into a Bar… Free Drinks

A man walks into a a bar, drinks a couple of beers, and prepares to leave. The bartender tells him he owes $8.”But I already paid you. Don’t you remember?” says the customer.”OK,” says the bartender, “if you say you paid, then I suppose you did.”The man goes outside and tells the first person he sees that the bartender can’t keep track of whether his customers have paid or not. The second man rushes in, orders a couple beers, and later pulls the same stunt.The barkeep replies, “OK, if you say you paid, then I suppose you did.”The customer goes outside and tells a friend how to get free drinks. The third man hurries into the bar and begins to drink highballs.The bartender leans over and says, “You know, a funny thing happened tonight. Two men were drinking beer, neither paid, and both claimed they had. The next guy who tries that stunt is going to get punched in the — “The man interrupts, “Don’t bother me with your troubles, bartender. Just give me my change and I’ll be on my way.”

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Darren Carrington suspended after hitting drive-thru pole

Oregon Ducks top wide receiver Darren Carrington has been indefinitely suspended by the team after he was arrested Saturday morning.The 22-year-old junior was arrested early Saturday morning for driving under the influence of intoxicants after he hit a pole in a McDonald’s drive-thru in Eugene, Oregon. Carrington was also cited for careless driving and making an improper right turn, Eugene police spokeswoman Melinda McLaughlin told The Oregonian.Horn defeats Pacquiao via controversial decisionStephen A.: Judges’ decision on Pacquiao-Horn ‘bogus’Iguodala returning to Golden StateStenhouse Jr. wins in DaytonascCarrington’s bail was posted at $590. He is scheduled to appear in court on July 21.The 6-foot-2 receiver averaged 14.1 yards per catch for the Ducks last season, including five touchdowns, and he led the team with 50.5 receiving yards per game.Through a spokesperson, Oregon’s new coach, Willie Taggart, told The Oregonian that the program is continuing to gather information, but Carrington is banned from “all football team activities” due to the arrest.Carrington made waves off the field last season, as the team internally handled an issue with the wide receiver. At the time, The Oregonian reported that Carrington has been accused of pushing a former student near campus after a game. The former student was injured.As a freshman, Carrington was not available for the national title game due to disciplinary reasons, with sources saying that the wide receiver had failed a drug test.

Source: Darren Carrington suspended after hitting drive-thru pole – ABC News

Nevada state senator’s wife admits 3rd DUI, gets treatment

CARSON CITY (AP) — A Nevada state senator’s wife with two previous drunk driving convictions was sentenced to alcohol treatment after acknowledging to a judge she was driving under the influence when she was stopped and arrested in January.The Gardnerville Record-Courier reports that if 52-year-old Sherese Settelmeyer completes treatment within five years, her driving under the influence conviction will be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor.If she fails it, she will face one to six years in prison and fine of up to $5,000.Settelmeyer was previously convicted of driving under the influence in 2010 and 2013.Defense attorney Ron Cauley says she is legally qualified and a classic candidate for the sentence reduction program.She is the wife of Sen. James Settelmeyer of Minden, south of Carson City.

Source: Nevada state senator’s wife admits 3rd DUI, gets treatment | KSNV

A panda walks into a bar…

A panda walks into a bar. He asks the bartender how he can get a little action for the night. The bartender motions to a young woman. She talks to the panda, and they go back to her place. After having sex, the panda abruptly leaves.

The next night, the woman goes to the panda’s house. “You owe me money,” she says.

“For what?”

The woman rolls her eyes and explains, “I’m a prostitute.”

The panda pulls out a dictionary and looks it up: “Prostitute: Has sex for money.”

The panda says, “I don’t have to pay you. I’m a panda — look it up.” She is about to protest when the bear hands her the dictionary.

The woman looks up “panda” in the dictionary. It says, “Panda: Eats bush and leaves.”—-randy-panda

Cortland man pleads guilty to OVI crash that killed jogger

Brittany Szwedko was walking on the side of Ridge Road in Fowler Township when she was hit by Lauer last year.

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – The man accused of hitting and killing 27-year-old Brittany Szwedko pleaded guilty to the fatal crash in a Trumbull County courtroom Monday morning.

Szwedko was training for a half marathon when police say Russell Lauer III hit her along Ridge Road in Fowler Township and took off. She later died as a result of her injuries.

Monday, the victim’s family heard the word they had been longing to hear — “guilty.” Szwedko’s mother, Mary Kay, said she’s happy to finally hear Lauer say it.

The 43-year-old pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident, and OVI.

“Emotionally, this is a tough case. I know that Brittany’s mother struggled with this case and it’s understandable,” said Assistant Prosecutor Mike Burnett.

Police said Lauer was extremely impaired behind the wheel, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, at the time of the crash in February of 2016.

Lauer left the scene but a witness followed him, eventually getting him to stop and holding him there until police arrived.

“We are thankful to that gentleman who doesn’t really want his name mentioned, but we are thankful to him for doing the right thing and stopping Mr. Lauer,” Burnett said.

Prosecutors said he has two prior convictions for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as well as a prior reckless operation charge and seven prior suspensions on his driving record.

They’ll be asking that Lauer serve eight years at sentencing — a hearing that will be scheduled at a later date.

This, as Szwedko’s family continues planning for her second memorial 5K in September.

Cortland man pleads guilty to OVI crash that killed jogger

My wife is chatting up a cross-dresser – Red Deer Advocate

Two months ago, I was looking at my wife’s cellphone because I needed a new one and wanted to see if hers was better. I was not looking for anything. Isn’t that always the case?ADVOCATE STAFFFri Jul 3rd, 2009 3:03pmLIFE Dear Annie: Two months ago, I was looking at my wife’s cellphone because I needed a new one and wanted to see if hers was better. I was not looking for anything. Isn’t that always the case?I ended up on her mobile Facebook site.I knew she had become reacquainted with her longtime high-school boyfriend, and I was cool with it. I am friends with a bunch of women from past relationships.Well, I stumbled upon a conversation that went from normal to questionable very quickly.She told him to call when I was not around. He responded, saying he was going to send her some photos.I confronted her in an easygoing way, and she told me they barely spoke and I’m crazy to think otherwise.When I told her I saw their conversation, she freaked.Then she showed me the photo he sent – it was of him in ladies’ underwear.I asked her to “de-friend” this guy and she refused, saying she didn’t want him to feel she was judging him.A month went by and I asked whether they had been in contact. She said “no,” but acted oddly, so I checked her phone again. Sure enough, they are still talking.She won’t go for counselling.I have asked many times because we have communication issues.I wish I could find a way to articulate how this situation has made me feel without looking like a jerk. – I Wear Boxers in MassachusettsDear Boxers: The fact that this man is a cross-dresser should be irrelevant, but sending intimate photos is out of bounds.Most cross-dressers are straight, and such communication could be a way for this man to get some sexual thrills.Your wife should not be encouraging it or doing it behind your back.Since you already have communication issues, counseling is a good idea, and as always, if she won’t go, go without her.Dear Annie: My husband used to be nice to have a conversation with.Now he gets angry and loud, and has a sharp answer for everything.He yells at me in public and his comments are very hurtful. He refuses to celebrate holidays.Could he be going through some health problems, or is he just changing as he gets older?He comes from a very angry family, and I wonder whether this is genetic.His sister is hateful toward her husband, and his father treats his mother shamefully. Everyone tells me to leave him because he is so verbally abusive, but I love him and want to help. – Need Guidance in OhioDear Ohio: There could be a genetic component, although it’s just as likely it’s learned behavior from growing up in such a dysfunctional family.Still, a change in demeanor can indicate a medical problem, so it would be wise for him to get a complete checkup, and you should suggest this for his general health. Before the appointment, alert the doctor to the behavioral problem because your husband is apt to stay mum on the subject.Annie’s Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please e-mail your questions to

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