Man accused of knocking down utility poles with car charged with OUI |

Man accused of knocking down utility poles with car charged with OUI: Worcester police arrested a man on Main Street Wednesday afternoon after he crashed into two light poles while allegedly driving under the influence of drugs.Police responded to 1140 Main St. around 12:09 p.m. for the reported motor vehicle accident. When police arrived, they observed that two vehicles were involved in the crash.One man was already being treated for injuries when police arrived. Witnesses told police that the man, later identified as Robert Kniskern Jr., was the driver who struck the two aluminum light poles.The driver was near Park Ave Auto when he suddenly swerved into one of the poles, the impact of which forced his vehicle across the street into a second pole, police said. After striking the second pole, Kniskern crashed into another car, operated by a 56-year-old man.Police said witnesses observed Kniskern slumped over the driver’s wheel prior to the crash.Before Kniskern was transported to the hospital, police spoke briefly with the driver. Based on their conversation with Kniskern, witness reports and evidence from the scene, police ascertained that he was operating under the influence of narcotics.A background check also showed that Kniskern was wanted for two outstanding warrants. Kniskern was placed under arrest and charged with operating under the influence of drugs, operating a vehicle to endanger and operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license, his third offense.Police received a search warrant for Kniskern’s vehicle and discovered a hypodermic needle and syringe with a bottle of 50MG Natrexone Hydrochloride.No other injuries were reported at the scene.Kniskern is expected to be arraigned in Worcester District Courthouse Thursday.

Source: Man accused of knocking down utility poles with car charged with OUI |

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