Former WWE wrestler back in Carbon jail

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A WWE Hall of Fame wrestler is behind bars in Carbon County for violating parole on multiple DUI convictions. 

Tamara Sytch, known as Sunny during her WWE career, pleaded guilty to three separate counts of DUI in Carbon County Court in 2016. She was sentenced to five years maximum, but got immediate parole because she sought rehab. 

This week she was extradited from New Jersey for violating parole in one of her DUI arrests.

It is the second time she has been jailed here for violating parole. She served eight months in Carbon County Correctional Facility last year. 

Sytch reportedly violated her parole when she was arrested for DUI in New Jersey on Feb. 26. 

According to, Sytch was arrested after a traffic stop where an officer found her with an open container of alcohol. She was also driving with a suspended license.

She was extradited to Carbon County for violating terms of her probation from the three DUIs she pleaded guilty to in 2016. 

According to an order from Carbon County Adult Probation, Sytch missed a scheduled drug test on Feb. 11. The terms of Sytch’s probation from her DUI arrests included zero tolerance for missed urine screens. 

Adult probation said Sytch does not have a stable residence and failed to report her whereabouts.

Sytch pleaded guilty to three separate DUI charges in Carbon County Court in 2016.

Officially the judge in the case sentenced her to a maximum of five years in jail. However, she received credit for 95 days in rehab and got immediate parole. 

The terms of her sentence also included $2,100 in fines, a two-and-a-half year license suspension, 125 hours of community service, zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use, and court fees. 

The first arrest occurred May 30, 2015, on Route 443 in Mahoning Township. 

Two days later, she was stopped by police for crossing the double line on Route 209, and officers found an open bottle of beer. 

The third arrest occurred after a crash in Towamensing Township on June 20, 2015. 

In February 2018 she violated her parole and served eight months in Carbon County Correctional Facility.

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