Should I Request A Hearing?

I am wondering if I should or should not request a hearing. I just received the paper in the mail. I did submit to a chemical test. BAC was .271. I am not sure what the hearing is going to do? Please help?

In almost every case you should request a hearing. There always is a possibility that you may not lose your license under this law. It could save 20 months on an interlock license. We offer free consultations. Please call.

What is en banc?

In law, an en banc session (French for “in bench”) is a session in which a case is heard before all the judges of a court (before the entire bench) rather than by a panel of judges selected from them. The equivalent terms in banc, in banco or in bank are also sometimes seen.

Class 4 felony

My son received a DUI on 8-16-2006, DWAI in July 2017 and again 7-17-2017 which has not gone to court yet. If convicted does the Class 4 felony apply?

Yes, if he is prosecuted and convicted as such.

How long does it take to get arrested

  • Family member was recently in an accident , hitting a tree . She had pretty bad injuries , and we found out she was drunk . From what her daughter told me ( my Neice ) this is her 5th or 6th DUI. She was also on probation , and had her license revoked . She thankfully didn’t have anyone else involved in the accident , and is still alive herself . She was able to walk

    out of the hospital , hasn’t received a ticket or anything , and thinks she is going to be okay after her newest offense. How long can it take for her to get a ticket , or arrested ? How does this process work next ?

    It varies. There is a three year statute of limitation.

No Blood Results Yet, DUI & Miranda

My son was pulled over in Arvada co for a tail light not working — they decided 2 charge him with a DUI they took him and took his blood he had a court date today but no one had his blood test so he pled not guilty he also was not read his Miranda Rights

If your son set his case for trial, there are more rights he may be missing. Miranda rights can apply in certain DUI arrest incidents. He needs to consult with a DUI defense lawyer immediately!

Probationary License

Hello I plead guilty to a DWAI and refused a roadside test. I wanted to know if I am able to get a probabtionary license as my job is far away and I wouldn’t want to take a bus for 3 hours.

It is not possible to advise you about your license based on this limited information. If you call 303-205-5600, DVM will let you know what you need to do to get a license.

I was charged with dui a couple days ago for marijuana

I was charged with dui a couple days ago for marijuana I’ve been having my medical marijuana license for like 7 years have a wife and three kids I keep my weed in my pipe in the car because I don’t want it around my kids and I was involved in the accident they have no proof that I was under influence for marijuana which I wasn’t at the time they just assumed That i was because it was in the car so what should i do thanks for your time

It depends if you took a blood test or not. If you refused, they would have taken your license and you would only have 7 days to contest the revocation. Whether you took it or not, you should meet with a defense attorney as soon as possible.

3rd dui-what can I expect to pay if I hire a lawyer?

Leaving the scene of the accident. I refused roadside or breath/blood tests. I understand it’s mandatory jail but what can I expect to pay if I hire a lawyer? Just in hopes of shorter jail/work release.

You should possibly hope for more. The attorney fees we charge are minimal if we settle your case without trial. They depend on how far the court is away from our office. We have traveled to Rifle, Burlington, Greeley-Ft. Collins, Trinidad and courts in between. Since you refused all testing you may want to go to trial if you have chances at an acquittal.

How Do You Find Out BAC Before Arraignment?

My daughter got a DUI . She had nothing to eat and worked 2 8 hour shifts, She had a Drink 4 hours before she was stopped. Is there a way we can find out her blood alcohol level before her arraignment?

If she took a blood test, she can have the second sample retested. Otherwise neither she  or the prosecution may  know the result before the arraignment. This is a preliminary stage to advise her of the charges and her rights. It is usually best to consult with an attorney before.

Refusal to Take Test.

Hello, I have been charged with a dui but I refused to take any tests. I was parked and the police officer was inexperienced. It was his first dui arrest. I was fully aware of everything that was going on and wasn’t drunk. Just scared to take any tests because I have never been in trouble before. Would love to hear from you, thanks.

I can see two possible defenses already. Please call to set a consultation.